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I need some runes for my level 40 rogue: Spike. So dex/str/end, attack, hit, crits are all good, parry is ok as well, assuming there is nothing else for that slot. I can craft up bunch of greens if necessary (I can work with compound cloth and exotic leather at this point). I also have a purple dagger I can provide for destruction as payment (assuming it doesn't sell on AH for 2.5p). I can also provide potions as payment.

Talk in guild chat tonight, we have plenty of people that make tuned.

Hi all! I'm working on crafting now and since I am, I figured I'd do some research. I found some valuable tools that can help everyone (crafters and orderers). I'll list them below, and I think we should update the OP with them.

I'm a Runecrafter/Outfitter, who will be 300ea soon. They really don't take long to level up when done in combination.

Here's the info. If you want particular items, I suggest you identify them then talk to the crafter. Common stuff (like flickering powder/shards/crystals for runecrafters) you probably won't need to provide. However, especially the high level stuff, you need to make sure the crafter has the recipie, and then help them with the mats. Since you can see what you need, you can check the AH for the prices and figure out the "investment". You can even plug the costs from the AH into the tool and figure out the total cost.

Runecrafting / Outfitting / Armorsmithing / Artificing / Weaponsmithing / Apothecary

300 Runecrafter / 300 Outfitter

So, now that I am 300, I am compiling a list of recipes I think I need to support guildies and where I can get them. This is also for my reference, but I would like you to add to it if you want something that isn’t on the list (for instance, do you rouges want me to try and get crafted leather armor, if so, what?). If I cross it off, it means I have it.

Also, this is the "special stuff" - special recipies, and it's all for lvl 50s. Anyone not level 50 and want a set of cloth/leather armor and/or runes feel free to contact me. Especially now, since I have a ton of non-lvl 50 materials (they won't last forever!) My best advice - check the links above and email me a specifc request. Nothing that requires marks or plaques to buy (because I didn't buy any of them), I only have the standard level stuff.

Cloth Armor:
Robes of the Flowing Dark - 3 plaques
Hood of the Flowing Dark - 2 plaques
Darkcloth Shroud – DD Drop
Darkcloth Leggings – IT Drop

Leather Armor:

Brilliant Tough Rune Shoulders & Legs End +7 Dod +7 1 Plaque Dashnai Batu
Blazing Tough Rune Shoulders & Legs End +9 Dod +9 2 Plaques Dashnai Batu
Blazing Intelligence Rune MH OH Ranged Int +10 1 Plaque Dashnai Batu
Blazing Intelligence Runeshard 2H Int +19 1 Plaque Dashnai Batu

Radiant Sharp Rune Helmet Legs Foc +18 SP +5 58Marks Dashnai Batu
Radiant Unrelenting Rune Shoulders Int +7 SCr +5 48Marks Dashnai Batu
Radiant Dominating Rune Chest Int +5 SP +6 58 Marks Dashnai Batu

Blazing Indomitable Runeshard Chest Tgh +15 Drop IT (T1)

Blazing Precise Rune 2H Hit +17 Drop LH (T1)
Blazing Precise Runeshard MH/OH Ranged Hit +9 Drop LH (T1)

Blazing Savvy Rune 2H Foc +17 Drop KB (T1)

Blazing Savvy Runeshard MH/OH Ranged Foc +9 Drop RotF (T1)

Incandescent Savvy Runeshard MH/OH Ranged Foc +13 Drop RD (T2)
Blazing Recondite Rune 2H SP +17 Drop RD (T2)
Blazing Recondite Runeshard MH/OH Ranged SP +9 Drop RD (T2)
Blazing Enduring Rune Shield End +11 Drop RD (T2)

Blazing Deflection Rune Shield End +9 Blk +19 Drop CC (T2)
Incandescent Precise Rune 2H Hit +24 Drop CC (T2)
Blazing Insightful Rune Shoulders Chest Int +13 Drop CC (T2)

Incandescent Indomitable Runeshard Chest Tgh +20 Drop AP (T2)

Incandescent Savvy Rune 2H Foc +24 Drop DM (T2)

Incandescent Precise Runeshard MH/OH Ranged Hit +13 Drop Unk