Dead Island

I'd be up for some low level play. Just got to the first new location with all the side-quests.

I gave up as soon as I got to the town. I thought I was doing good, but then two infected would always show up behind me and I'd be dead in 2 seconds. Also my quests kept disappearing which was frustrating. I was having a lot of fun, but lost interest very quickly as soon as everything started to fall apart.

Another new owner here. Add me if you're looking for coop in the evenings.

I never did find a mod to restrict the auto-leveling zombies. Let's see how long that annoys me!

Thanks to this game, if I'm ever in a situation where there are bodies on the floor, I'm sure I'm going to walk around and kick every one of them to be sure ...

A friend and I are just starting a playthrough- we are both about level 10. Would love for anyone else to join in but note: UK times and we are on the 360.

Usually when randoms join they don't talk but when they do I wish they didn't.

I played a bit of the Jack Ryder stuff and is was okay but seemed to suddenly get ludicrously hard when you enter the


quarantined zone


Hey, all: this game is on sale now for $10 on Xbox Live. How is the 360 version of the game? Buggy...playable?

firesloth wrote:

Hey, all: this game is on sale now for $10 on Xbox Live. How is the 360 version of the game? Buggy...playable?

Very playable. I encountered a bug on the final boss, but a reload fixed that.

A buddy and I grabbed Dead Island during the Xbox Live sale. I have to say I'm very happy with the purchase! Very little to quibble about so far, and quite enjoyable. I like the melee-driven combat. Lots to explore around the world. As someone else mentioned, it does feel like Borderlands with Zombies. And that's okay with me!

You guys and gals are the smartest in all the Internets.

OK. I'm playing v 1.3 something and my character just achieved a challenge of finding stuff. Cool. Then I noticed I jumped seven or eight levels. Crazy.

What gives?

EDIT: It's the PC version.

I know I'm waaaay late to the party on this one, but just checking if anybody else grabbed this on the 360 during the free "Games with Gold" and was looking to try out the co-op?

I could be persuaded.

Necro! Well, first time ever to finish the first act. Hooray!