Anybody know about older Jeeps?

My wife has a 1980 Jeep CJ7 that we just don't use any more, it's just taking up space in the driveway. We're thinking of putting it up on Craigslist this weekend to try and sell it. I'm not really sure what to ask for the thing, though. I'm wondering if anybody on here might have some knowledge that can help me put a value on it.

I don't recall many of the details, but here is a general rundown of it:

1980 CJ7
Has a chevy 350 in it, don't know much else about the engine. It runs decent, but could use a tuning up. We've had some issues of the choke not kicking off after it warms up.

Has a lift kit, 4" I think. Not positive on this. Could be 6"
Big BFG mud tires that aren't in the best shape.
Has the stock axles, etc. The seals need replacing at some point. Leaking, but not badly.
Has an aftermarket fuel tank
the interior has been coated in rhyno liner.
Has aftermarket exhaust
Does not have a top
Has one of those Tuffy locking consoles and a Tuffy locking glove box.

Paint is not in great shape. I think whoever owned it previously took it to one of those $200 paint job place (or did it themselves).

Basically I think it's a good foundation for a nice trail vehicle, it just needs some attention.

So, with the fairly vague info I've listed above, could anybody maybe help me out with a general idea on where I might list this thing price-wise? I'm not having much luck looking online.