Engadget Reader Meetup Feb 25th - Bay Area Mini-S&T?

Hey there Bay Area goodjers. Engadget is having another reader meetup on the 25th at the Metreon. There will be loads of tech and games related goodness there, hopefully a few devices not on market yet, giveaways, food, music, and the chance to geek it up with some of the geekiest people around. Doors open at 6:30p and there's only 1,200 tickets to get in. I'll admit that asking people to meet up before 6p on a working day might not be the best of ideas, but I was wondering if any other bay area goodjers are planning on attending. I'm definitely planning on going and was wondering if anyone wanted to meetup before or afterwards.

I know this is the second Bay Area S&T in a month, but i'm sure this will interest some of you.

Engadget reader meetup post.