Kingston RAM card won't fit in my laptop UPDATE: NEVER MIND

Okay, so I've got a Compaq Presario R4012 laptop. It takes PC2700 SODIMMs for RAM. I located one using Newegg's RAM finder, and I ordered a Kingston one from Amazon because it was cheaper.

When I tried to install it, it wouldn't fit. The keying tab in the memory slot doesn't match up with the keying slot on the card.

WTF? Aren't these things supposed to be industry standard? Is kingston screwing me, or Compaq? (My money's on Compaq, since it was built after the HP/Compaq merger)

Is there anything I can do to make this thing fit (any safe hacks, etc)? If not, how do I identify whether a RAM card will fit in my laptop?


Never mind.

It looks like I thought I ordered a PC2700 card, but actually ordered a PC5300 card, because apparently when you search specifically for a PC2700 SODIMM card, Amazon thinks that you mean "AT LEAST 2700."

Now I get to look like an idiot. Yay.

Other than telling you to flip it around and try again, can you link us to the Amazon product page? Might be something we're overlooking.

As long as it is the same generation RAM (ddr, ddr2, or ddr3) it should fit. My guess is that it isn't.