A serious blow to democracy

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I feel we're getting all this information about Harry Baals second-hand.... Hopefully it all has a happy ending

If the building doesn't pan out, there's always the Hollywood option.

Harry Baals, ridiculed from kindergarten all through college, went on to become the most popular mayor in his town's history. After chasing the cute cheer leader, who snubbed him all the way through high school, he finally marries his long time girlfriend Fanny Shaved.


If Hollywood says no, there's always the hardcore porn route of course.

For a touchy subject such as "Harry Baals", I think we've handled it very delicately, when the media just wants to get a rise out of it.

Sorry to wax sentimental but a few warm chuckles like this make a rough day go down smooth.

Just be sure to swallow. Spitting will only enlarge the problem.

I. Have. Nothing. You have made me laugh, and tomorrow when my mind randomly jumps back to this thread and I laugh, I am going to have to explain Harry Baals to my co-workers, and that's just the tip of it.

Why don't you just show Harry Baals to your co workers?

Wow, this is still going? I thought it would have blown over by now. This Harry Baals guy sure does have stamina.

If he had come from Russian and Chinese loins, he'd be a regular Jackov La Wang.

Doesn't he go by his middle name, Blue, anyways?

In mother Russia, Harry Baals stroke you! - And there was this one time I showed a co-worker Harry Baals, now I got a kid, and a wife.