RIFT Mage Calling

Here's a thread to discuss RIFT mage soul builds.

I've been toying with a soul tree calculator and I found a combination that makes me giddy. I can't wait to try it out and see if the promise of it really lives up to my expectations:


It seems to me to be an awesome high utility build. It can dps well (both single target and aoe), has a pet for added crowd control + independent dps, and has decent group healing to help out with overall party hp situation. The only dps item it's really missing from the pyro DPS category is the 51 point mega-nuke. But I think it more than makes up for it with all of the other elements it brings along.

I've been struggling a bit with mage builds. But I think I am going to go with chloro/necro/something. That something will most likely be pyromancer or stormcaller.

I will see if elementalist will work better than necro too. There is a talent that reduces the damage that the earth elemental takes by 10% for just 10 points in the tree.

I tried a lot of mixups up to level 18, and I found Warlock really useful for the combo of the ability that turned life into mana, then the ability that turned charge into life. Basically full health and mana after each fight made questing very efficient. My favorite combo was with necro and dominator just for the zero point polymorph squirrel spell - even at a 2 second cast it came in handy quite a few times, since the game seems to love gangbanging you with adds and multiple pulls at every opportunity.

I played around with Stormcaller, Warlock, Necromancer, Chloromancer, Elementalist, and Dominator. The Necromancer pet seemed kinda lacking in comparison to the Elementalist, especially in aggro-holding ability, and while there's great synergy between Warlock and Necro it's just too samey with a WoW Warlock for me. Chloromancer/Elementalist/Dominator was my favorite combo; the 6 point convert charge to mana spell in the Elementalist tree is great and the Chloromancer mechanics are really fun in a group. It's a bit slow for soloing but not painfully so.

By the end of Beta6 I had a level 23 Warlock(3)/Elementalist(10)/Dominator(17).

My first soul was a Warlock. From preliminary glances at the tree I thought it would be a really good durable class. Kind of reminds me of a WoW Warlock which I liked very much. But after putting 3 points into it, I had to choose my second soul. Having a pet is always cool. And Elementalist looked somewhat more appealing than a Necro. In retrospect that's kind of silly since, clearly, death magic of Warlock goes hand in hand with that of Necro. But I was going for utility. But by the time I got my third soul, I went with Dominator for the crowd control aspects. And then I saw the mana-fill channeling attack. And then I saw the instant mez. And an awesome DoT. And pretty soon all my points were going into the Dominator tree.

So much for playing a Warlock.

In the end, the character was a pretty good glass cannon. Emphasis on glass, not so much cannon. Because most of my damage came from various DoTs, order of casting was very important. But my survival depended 100% on the life of my pet. If he died, I died (just about). I had no means of escape from bad situations. No way to control aggro between me and my pet. I guess it was a good first character, but nothing to write home about.


What I'm hoping with the above build, is to be able to nuke the mob to death before he even gets to me, rather than have to handle aggro or wonder about durability.

The build I am happy with now that is actually quite sturdy is chloro/elem/pyro. The pyro is actually really good at dps but is only marginally effective with 0 points. It is a 0 point soul right now and pretty much I only use it for some burst dps with its insta nuke.

I am focusing on at least 12 points into chloro for life giving veil, the single target heal, the veil boost and 3 points for the extra 6 second dot to my life based nuke.

I am also putitng a minimum of 10 points into elementalist because the charge to mana spell is very handy, the armor buff helps and my pet takes 10% less damage.

Its a struggle but life giving veil, the pet, radiant spores and the lifetap dot are enough for me to handle small groups. Even if I lose my pet, I can nuke and heal through 2 attackers. Its just pretty slow going. I am going to have to keep researching another mage soul that has good 0 point abilities. (dps prefered) I really like the storm caller but its 0 point abilities aren't great, or aren't helpful to my build's spell rotation.

I'm primarily looking forward to having Cinder Burst nuke from the pyro tree. It would be an amazing opener. 6 second casting time. That's insane.

I made it to 27 in beta and I had 3 roles unlocked. Necro27/ warlock8/ archon0 was by FAR the easiest to solo with (Soul Purge is overpowered) but it was awful in pvp. Pyro27/elem8/archon0 was alot of fun in pvp and soloed well. Stormcaller27/elem8/dom0 was fun in pvp but not as strong as pyro and not very good solo.

I also tried a bunch of different Chloro builds. It's not an easy healing style to get used too.

I have not really played much since before Beta 1. I am trying not to spoil too much of the game before launch. When I did play in Alpha I got my Necro to her mid 20's. I have been keeping up with the patch notes and been playing around with the Skill Calculator.

Here is a build I have been playing around with:

Solo this build focus on the Knight (tank pet) with the endurance and health buffs from both Warlock and Archon to get the most out of Consuming Flames (damage shield that scales with casters max health) and the necro pet heals (also scale with max health)

In a group this build would switch to the Zealot (rogue pet) for DPS, allowing it to die for the explosion ability. The main focus for the caster would be debuffing. The health buffs would still help for off healing and the damage shield on the parties tank.

I am also been working on a Dominator/Stormcaller/Elemetalist but the planner has not been updated with all the changes to Stormcaller so I cannot post a worthwhile link to the build right now. The focus is on AOE from the caster and Air pet as well as spell crits and crowd control. Also looking at dropping Dominator for Warlock sacrificing CC for more spell crits and survivability.

Here are some more Builds I have been playing around with:


The main focus of this is party buffing. Pyromancer's Armor which gives a chance for a fast cast of Cinder burst on every fire spell cast will offset DPS. Most of the Archon attacks are fire based so it should go off enough to increase Archons low DPS. Mana should not be an issue with Smoldering power and exhilaration. Warlock is there for the self healing, charge management, chance for fast casting and the Fear for CC. Warlock is one of the best souls for a mage for spending few points and getting a lot back.


This build will probably be my main for go live. I love necromancers in most games so I always roll one when I can. Being able to party heal on top of it with Chloro makes the build even more fun. I find 24 points is the sweet spot for chloromancers to get everything you need to be a decent healer. Any less and you miss out on single target heals for the tank. This is probably the most balanced build I have played so far. Again, Warlock wins out on getting the most with the least amount of points.

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Dominator. And dominator/warlock/(anything-else) rocks.

My beta main was warlock/elementalist/dominator spec, for about 25 levels. I think the point distribution was 5/10/15 or something like that. I picked a different role and speced pyro/elementalist/chloro because the dominator/warlock was just way too slow and complicated to play. And whenever I fumbled with my 30 keys even for a second, I died. Adding pyro for damage, chloro for self- and pet-heals, and elementalist for pet made the class a bit more gifted in DPS and survivability areas. But even that became moot once I rolled the cleric.

When i get home tonight i'll do some digging, but can you elaborate on too slow and complicated?

Reason i ask is i noticed a surge mechanic attached to spells, but dont know what benifit it has or what it does.

I've played up to lvl 14 with a mage and it seemed to be on the verge of OP because of the burst dmg available along with life drains. Now with the new changes and having the 3rd soul available early now gives you extra CC which is a bonus. So that was my thinking on the matter, but didnt know how things played out.

The slowness comes from the DoTs. Pretty much the majority of my damage was inflicted by the DoTs of various kinds, unless I spammed the single Elementalist DD spell. My opener was the Dominator lightning nuke since that took the most time to cast. The rotation then followed up with the DoTs. Depending on the mob some of the DoTs were left out. I often found that mobs would be dying with several DoTs in the process of damage. Which seems very wasteful on mana/damage conversion.

My main problem is the great range of DoT durations. It's almost like the duration of the DoTs forces certain order in the rotation, but that is often not the order you wish to cast them in. I found the number of options in various DoTs to be slightly overwhelming.

If the mob ever made it past my pet and my polymorph, I was generally dead. I think I may have survived maybe twice out of 30 times that it happened in 25 levels. I can't say with certainty, but it seems to me that the polymorph is on a bit too long of a timer. I find that my pyromancer's root spell or the shield on my cleric are much more useful in getting away with my life in tact. I basically respecced into pyro/chloro spec because I was getting severely tired of corpse runs.

Now if you spec into Necro instead of elementalist you can tank mobs for your pet. I think the best I did was 6 mobs at once. Dot em all up and soul purge. I found necro to be the easiest solo spec but chloromancer with elementalist was also very good.

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