Is my network adapter dead?

So my network connection stopped working yesterday morning when I turned on my computer. Since then I've tried the following:

-Hooking a laptop up to the cable that runs to my computer. It accesses the network no problem.

-Re-installing the driver. No effect.

-Booting into WinXP-32 (I normally run Win7-64, but have xp on an old harddrive still.) Same issue, no network connection.

This the intergrated network adapter in my Nvidia motherboard. They have a reputation for problems, but usually only during the installation.

So, have I missed anything before I go and buy a new network card tommorow night?

You're plugging into a soho router / gateway / switch, I assume. Are you getting link light on the device? If no, then it's likely time to buy a new card.

Does Windows still see the network interface in the device manager? If so, you can try manually assigning an IP to it and trying to ping yourself. If you're able to ping the address you manually assigned, I'd try pinging the gateway next.