Pondering getting a Mac Mini for GameSalad, Recommendations?

Game Salad is an OSX app that allows you to create 2d games and sell them on the Apple store.


I have played around with a few of these and the main problems I have are there is always some programming involved and the scriptiing languages they use are all over the map. Game Salad doesn't require scripting or programming so I am thinking it should be easy at least to create something simple that could generate some revenue and pay for itself or more.

I am just wishing it was for Windows...

So does anyone have any recommendations on buying a Mac Mini or some other way to acquire a low cost intel mac?

Has anyone tried Game Salad yet? I know it won't be as simple as point click ship. I have worked with many similar game making apps to produce prototypes. I am going to start with realistic expectaions and work my way up from a simple breakout clone or something of the sort. And I know that after a certain level of complexity in the game logic, I will long for the power and flexibility of a scripting language. (trying to do an inventory system is near madness without scripting)

I just downloaded it now, I will take a look.