Magicka Catch-All


Diablo and Castle Crashers had a baby.

Short interview with Game Director:

Troy mentioned this on 3MA. This looks right up my alley. I couldn't find a ton of info on it, but it looks like an XBLA and PC release sometime this year.

Magicka is an action/adventure game set in a Norse mythology-oriented fantasy world. You and up to three other players take on the roles of wizards of a sacred order with the ultimate goal of stopping the evil dark sorcerer that has thrown the world into turmoil as his evil creations besiege the forces of good. By combining elements to cast spells you will wreak havoc and devastation among the lackeys of darkness. Team up with your friends and choose your way through the various levels of the campaign, or test your skill with magickal abilities in other challenging game modes.

Looks fun, the captions of the first trailer are awesome, obviously the company doesn't take itself too seriously, which I think is nice for a change.

It has friendly fire on too. They are going way old school with that.

wow this looks like it can have alot of potential, i would definitely play this when it comes out.... did it come out yet? the guy on the interview was really down to earth too, he explained the game from a good perspective and he made me want to play it.

No, it's not out yet. Fall, I believe. Possibly summer. I don't think they've given firm dates yet.

Finally something new about the game.

Oh, and looks like this has been pushed to Q1 2011.

T-t-t-triple post.

Want in on the beta? Post a pic of yourself wearing a robe to their Facebook page.

Looks rather cool, enjoyed the subtitles on the first clip. Ill look into getting my hands on this game I quite fancy it.

ewing saved me.

Game comes out in 4 days on the 25th of January and for $10. I'm in.

That seems like the right price for what they've shown off.

Bookmarking - I've been keeping an eye on this one since it looked pretty funny (the marketing did anyway). The $10 price tag is icing on the cake.

Spell casting Jawas for $10? Count me in. Should be fun.

That RPS article just guaranteed my $10. Sounds awesome.


Gunner wrote:

Spell casting Jawas for $10? Count me in. Should be fun.

Aw d*mnit, Gunner!
I'm out! I'm out!

garion333 wrote:

RPS preview.

That was great.

Shams[/url]]Hi everyone.

So here's the deal. The Steam version of the game is ready and shipped (steam will activate it on the 25th or 26th).

The non-steam version is not ready yet, we still have a few network issues to resolve.

I won't get into the technical stuff too much but the steam version uses steamworks (game browser , LAN, and direct IP) and the non-steam has another solution for online play (which supports LAN and direct IP).

We decided we didn't want to release the non-steam unless it was as stable as the steam version). We don't think it's fair to you guys to start selling a game unless the online play works fine.

So we offered our partners a choice, wait for the non-steam version (no ETA atm) or take the steam version. Most opted for the latter since that'd mean they'd can be a part of the release.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can with more info. But this week is steam week if you want to play Magicka.

I know this will piss some people off, I'd be pissed too. But I know that a lot more people would be pissed if there was no release at all.



Guess I'll be playing with goodjers in a few days.

I'm in.

I'll be grabbing this tomorrow on Steam, and hope for some GWJ co-op tomorrow night!

I'll be there. The potential variety of ways in which to accidentally set my teammates on fire sounds AMAZING.

At first I was leery of the friendly fire.. now I'm viewing it as a selling point after the RPS preview.

I'm in. $10 is the right price.

Hypatian wrote:

I'll be there. The potential variety of ways in which to accidentally set my teammates on fire sounds AMAZING.

Well... How can I say no now?

Oh god, who let Prozac in? I pray for those who'll play with him.

Burnt, electrocuted, exploded, shattered, squashed.

That's not the heal, nor the revive button!!!

Guess it's time to get off my ass and fix my computer so I can play this tomorrow. Curious how improvisational the spellcasting will feel, or if you sort of know and rely on certain regular combinations.

Looks like fun to me. Got plenty of games lying around, but 10$ is really a must buy.
Interested in the 4-pack as well, if it will be offered and open to co-op!

I couldn't find any info, but anyone know if Steam will be selling it discounted by the 4-pack, like they did with Worms, Borderlands, etc?

Steam Group created

Invites and/or friend requests sent. Shoot me a msg if you were left out or want in.

This game looks pretty cool, toss me an invite.

Ten bucks? I think I'm in.

Tempting, but damn. PC. That Steam "never been played" list is already 30+ strong.