Macbook Air gaming?

While we're going down this road, how do people feel about the Win8 secure boot, which needs a signed bootloader for the UEFI to actually load an OS. Apparently this is mandatory on ARM systems and I imagine will be there on a fair few OEM/corporate systems.

It's seems like one piece of a puzzle, of which app stores are another similar piece, that could be assembled in a way to essentially make a PC/Mac into a closed console.

DSGamer wrote:

Like I said earlier, they're heading towards a world where someday you won't be able to install things on your Mac in the usual way. That's my biggest worry. Once that happens, as Malor alludes to, they become the gatekeeper for everything including a filter for massive censorship. I don't say this out of any bias. There isn't a Windows PC or Linux PC in my home after 12 years of running only Linux. I completely drank the "it has to be free" kool-aid and I still believe it to some extent. Eventually, though, I just needed to get stuff done on my computers. I hate the thought of going back to Linux or giving up my iPhone, but Apple is pushing and there will come a point where I say "no".

You and Malor both talk like it's a foregone conclusion that the Mac App Store is the way of the future, and that a time will come when it will be the only way to install software on the OS. Honestly, I find that idea incredibly hard to believe; Apple knows it has a good business selling machines to both technical people and creative people, and it's not going to sacrifice both of those markets, full of the kinds of people that advocate their platform of choice to others, just to lock down the OS even further.

If Apple does go down that path, against all logic, wisdom, and common sense, then I'll be right there with you, pitchfork in hand. I just can't see it happening.

Anyone have a late 2020 M1 Air who can comment on casual/indie gaming?