I'm looking for a DS(maybe psp) game case solution

Hello, I don't believe I do this often, I figure for this kind of question this would be a great place to turn to.
I have been using this bag as a kind of geek bag/man purse. This is it here http://bit.ly/etGmNw
I have more games for my DS and PSP (It is more important for me to hold more DS games) Than I can hold in my current DS game holder. Which is this thing http://go.ign.com/h5uaBX I would like something that maybe holds something like 9-12 games and can fit almost as easily, at least, as this case does.

If you guys could recommend something to me along the lines of a DS/(Possibly something that will also hold UMDs with a similar convenience) or maybe a gadget bag that may work better for my purposes, that would be greatly appreciated.

This Bag would typically hold the following;

Zune HD and headphones
B&N Nook wifi
HTC Hero
Moleskine notebook
post-it notes
that game case
some disposable lens cleaners
facial tissue paper

I have already done a bit of searching on the interwebs and this site and will continue to do so.

I would appreciate any help.