APOX Catch All

I noticed that there is a new RTS on Steam called APOX. I have not seen a demo, but it appears to be a Mad Max like RTS for only $10.

Last night, I hit the wall with COH, and I am looking for something different.

James Allen has a review of it on Out of Eight. He seemed to like it OK with a few caveats, but read his review.

I must say, I bow to your allegiance to CoH. You've played over 400 hours of the game. That blows me away.

That said, I haven't touched APOX, but you might give Men of War a look. It's more tactical than CoH ... and I've only ever played the sp campaign, so I can't speak to how the mp plays out.

400 hours....I need an intervention.

My ideal RTS is one that has multiplayer comp stomp features. I find it interesting to see my partner's strategies.

It is my version of TV. Good Mindless Fun.

I have DOW II that I bought last year, but thought it may be too similar to COH.

I will check out Men of War. Thanks for the suggestion.

I may pick up APOX based upon the review and the fact it is only $10 right now.

Nightmare wrote:

James Allen has a review of it on Out of Eight. He seemed to like it OK with a few caveats, but read his review.

Yes, he gave it a 6. Out of 8. 6/8.

Well, I put in the $10 for APOX. It is priced right at $10.

I will probably get 10 hours worth out of it and not much more unless the online community becomes a lot more interesting.

I am registered as GregGWJ, if anyone wants to give it a go.

I totally forgot and should probably be shot for it. If you like coop comp stomps and are willing to play something scifi then AI War is totally for you.

Here's the thread from around here.

After 4 hours of play...

Interesting game in that resources are important and are represented by actual buildings.

Gas can be mined from gas stations and refineries. Gas is moved in pipes that are built to connect buildings.

I really like the concept of Ammo. Ammo runs out, but it can be shared among units regardless of their weapon type. In one offensive, I had to use to troops to ferry ammo to the front lines. That was one small highlight of the game.

The tech tree looks interesting at the higher levels of play, but I have been unable to reach them. The T1 tech levels are generic...Peon, infantry, motar, MG gunner, sniper. Sounds like COH. Harder to tech up and some maps will not allow high tech weapons. Only the high tech weapons give the feel of a wasteland like army.

The graphics and sound are acceptable. The ambiance is not the best.

The killer though is the multiple server issue. I am sitting on a New York server waiting for a game, and I am bored to tears. The server population just isn't high enough to have multiple servers.

I want to like this game, I really do. But I have a feeling that I will be playing DOW by Friday night.

And I am done...

Games against the computer are not fun...

Quickly build riflemen...
Take over expansion buildings first because you deny your opponent resources and they make excellent hard cover
Cut off their gas station...
Send in mortar teams....
Optionally send in snipers...
Be the first to build cars...
Swarm remaining CPUs with cars...
Optionally load RPG solders in cars...

Maybe games against humans would be better, but not what I was looking for.

Picked it up with a buddy to do comp stomps. Fun little game once you realize that you can't turtle.....AT ALL. Lost almost every round when the comp would roll a dozen mortar guys and a hand full of machine/flame cars through my forward line, then proceed to walk mortar fire back through my base until it was razed.

One little annoyance: Not all the maps are unlocked at the beginning, you earn credits to unlock by winning games (fair enough). The annoyance is, the computer needs to say the game is balanced; for us that was us verse two CPU's (has to be equal to number of humans) 1 hard, 1 normal. We got stomped everytime. Played a couple of games to start with verse 2 easy but those don't count as fair. Guess it is their way of getting people to play, instead of farming credits to unlock things.

It is a fun little distraction though and worth the $10 I paid. (Funny story: I bought it at 1pm for $10, my buddy bought it after work at 4pm and paid $15; both on Steam.)