Portal 2 Catch-All

I'm playing it! Woohoo! Though one thing I never expected from a Valve game: "Now Saving. Please do not turn off your console."

I feel like those homely people that get left out in the cold at the really cool nightclub while the doorman points at the beautiful people and waves them in.

Eh, I'm going to go to bed and play solitaire on my ipad. At least I know that works!

Night all, have fun. P2 will be here tomorrow.

incomplete install

FedoraMcQuaid wrote:
Mex wrote:

Gee it was released a whole 20 minutes before 12am, amazing work on those indie games guys : p

You shut your whore mouth!

Hey, just sayin' n_n

demonbox wrote:

Guess you've never played a valve game at launch. Generally it's afternoon the day of launch before people complain that stuff ain't working.

Man I played TF2 when it was released in beta, stayed up until it was finally released at like 3am... This is an incredible launch compared to that.

Forgot to pre-load it, but oh well. As excited as I am, it's not a game that I feel I'm missing much by being a bit late to the game.

Yeah I'm getting the incomplete installation and no amount restarts and verifying the files is fixing it

The incomplete is a "server busy" error..

I've being trying servers all around, but I bet its a single machine @ Valve for this portion...

They've still got it. Two serious laugh out loud moments already, and I'd already watched the spoiler of the intro bit that was around.


"We have a lot of tests to do."


ragin_redneck wrote:


incomplete install

Also, you're adopted.

No offense meant if you are actually adopted. Portal reference and all.

Hypatian wrote:

They've still got it. Two serious laugh out loud moments already, and I'd already watched the spoiler of the intro bit that was around. :)

Just hit Chapter 3 and there have been many laughs. Pretty darn easy thus far...

FedoraMcQuaid wrote:

Looks like 36 potato holders also get a complimentary Valve complete pack

And of course, the Valve Complete Pack includes a copy of Portal 2. The amusing part is that most of the ARG completionists are big enough fans of Valve that they already have most of the games.



And now I'm off to bed.

Edit: But first, I must show this (1am central)


Mogg and FridgeGremlin, for shame.

Got through the first 10 test chambers and decided to call it a night. If I still can't sleep I might play more.

I'm a little disappointed that only 6 of my TF2 hats transferred over. I do have an extra Tyrant's Helm though. Assuming trading works, the first person to play coop with me is going to get a free hat.

My god. Just got to Chapter 3 solo, and I am LOVING IT! Huge kudos to


Mr. Merchant. Brilliant voice acting. I had the hugest grin on my face as soon as I heard his voice. Had no idea he worked on this. Hilarious.

Getting ready to play some Co-op in a few minutes. I have no idea how long I will be up, but it isn't going to be an early evening by anyone's estimation.

I finally got it to complete installation and played through to chapter 3 and its extremely funny and the graphics are quite impressive. But I have to work in a few hours so off to bed. Also if someone wouldn't mind inviting me to the group that would be appreciated.

Yeah, awesome so far. Lots of room animation. Gotta hit the sack though. Hope to play some co-op tomorrow with someone.

Echoing the same sentiment. I've laughed so much already, and I'm only at test chamber 10 (chapter 3 i believe). This is going to be incredibly awesome. Got an extremely early meeting tomorrow, so I gotta go hit the sack, but this will probably be played to completion tomorrow. I have no restraint or self control.


RPS Wot I think.

Wot I think is that I'm cracking.

It's awesome. I've lost count of the number of chambers I've done to this point, but it's starting to get pretty devious.

It's so hard to stop playing

Goddamn, game of the year

To bed as as well the first 2 chapters in co-op where great fun.

Up to chapter 3 as well, and if not for the fact that my wife is sleeping soundly next to me, I'd have busted a gut as well. Brilliant writing, Wheatley rocks and GLaDOS hasn't changed a bit

Got to chapter 5, right where


they turn the lights off.

Just brilliant so far. Really incredible; even more polished than the first, and the new concepts they've added have been great (so far). I got an enormous smile on my face in the first room they introduce


the launch pads, where you have to catch the cube in mid-air.

Couldn't wipe the grin off my face, for some reason. Now off to bed. It's going to be torture sitting through work tomorrow...not playing.... *sigh*

Still not unlocked for me; ah well, that will be a nice reward after finishing the yard work tomorrow. First mow of the year! And man, it's a jungle out there. A nice cold drink after a day of yard work, spring breeze rustling through the lattice (always liked that phrase for some reason) and some Portal 2; yep, should be a nice evening tomorrow. Yep, not thinking even one little bit about those bastards playing it right now, no sir.

Look at you, sailing through the air. You're like an eagle... piloting a blimp.

I love GLaDOS so goddamn much.

Part way through chapter 5. This game is golden.


From Chapter 5: "I'm not defective this isn't faaaaiiiiiir!" I can't stop listening to all the turret responses. :)

I think it's really good, don't get me wrong, but I'm not feeling the exclamations I'm seeing here. I just entered Chapter 4 before I stopped. I think Chapter 1 is well done, but since then it has been on a plateau except for the gradual increase in puzzle mechanics and/or difficulty. The narrative isn't progressing--and this is obviously subjective--but I've had only a few laugh out loud moments. In Portal, outside of puzzles, I was laughing a lot. I decided to head to bed after the


surprise was nothing. "Oohh, I'm gonna get something to progress the story (finally) and call it a night!" Nope.

Oh, and a Portal 2 store. Yippee.

Edit's not working so I'd like to ask if the Super 8 ad is a pre-order bonus, or did Valve spread the love around?


Yay! I finally get way they did the potato sack thing. :)