DCUO New Frontier GWJ League Hero Roster

Serengeti has started a hero league called GWJ on the New Frontier. If you're interested in joining please post here and look for guild members for invites.

For New Frontier we currently have

Azreal (me)
Habanero (Serengeti)
Natural (Gdawg27)
Dread Knight (SpyNavy)
GreatLeap Forward (Trashidawa)
Bubbles (Wakim)
Glorigoth (Arovin)
Spud (IUMogg)

We'll update the post as more people join.

is this a hero league?

IUMogg wrote:

is this a hero league?


Also, I started the league, but if someone else has the inclination to be the league leader, by all means let me know. I'd be happy to pass the reins.

After an evening of experimenting, it looks like my main is going to be Glorigoth. May I get an invite?

I would appreciate an invite. my character's name is Spud

I would also appreciate an invite if possible. I will try to make myself available if there is a testing phase. Name is Wayes.
Thanks for your time.

I had rolled two characters on the PVP server Public Enemy. So far I had been ambushed and knocked out once and managed to do the same to another; still not sure if I'm sold on the open PVP yet.

Thus I just created a new one on New Frontier named Ivanna Ravenous (IV for short), a Bow, Nature Hero with a focus on healing. Hope to see you guys in the League.

As far as I can tell, there's no "/who GWJ" equivalent command in DCUO, so the best way to get an invite is to add all the people in the OP to your friends list until you see someone who's online, then ask them.

I've been promoting everyone who joins to officer status, so everyone should be able to invite people into the league.

Players who can currently invite (Looks for one of these online):

Roland Deschain

Add Dread Archon to the league please. Still in Scarecrow land, but should move on later tonight.

FYI, we can only add people to the league while you're online, so to make sure you're added to the league, be sure to find an existing member in-game.

Is anyone going to start a PS3 guild? Is there enough people even?

hello, I am just starting the game and this is my first post. I am looking for a DCUO league to join. 81ruben on steam just ruben in DCUO new frontier.

Hey guys, I'd appreciate an invite when you get a chance. Hero is Jimbbob. Thanks!

The League and chat functions blow. However game play rocks.

I just wound up purchasing this on PC. Will come back and post once I get everything set up and a toon on New Frontier.

Glorigoth has been remade as a villain. Mummy's just don't make good heroes.

My New main Hero is Grim Inquisitor.

Amuk is the only toon i made so far. Fire/meta/brawling

Umm how do i get a different costume/do a custom costume?

Rainsmercy wrote:

Umm how do i get a different costume/do a custom costume?

Hit escape or bring up your inventory. Click the little mask icOn at the bottom menu bar. All the bits are listed and can be clicked on to show what styles you have unlocked to date. Recommend you equip all gear you find in order to gain that style. Then reequip the better piece. There are some pieces that are just for show like the super boy hoodie I found.

You can add me to the list, I rolled up a toon (Ironsight) this afternoon. I'll try to hit one of you up for a league invite soon.

I restarted my guy on New Frontier: BlasterofParis. I'd appreciate an invite when someone sees me.

Ok, have these toons:
Amuk - level 9 meta/fire/brawling/superspeed(running Amuk....)
Splat - I don't remember but only level 1

I created a character on New Frontier:

Frost Smite -- ice/martial arts/superspeed

Also have a character there:

Xeropoint -- Gadgets / Acrobatics

I finally settled on a rifleman named Vold. Will look for one of you guys tomorrow.

I broke down and bought this today on Steam. Hope to see you guys tomorrow.

Hypatia - Magic/Sorcery/One-hand/Flight. Will have to look people up.

P.S. Having the downtime happen while fighting the end boss in Area 51 sucks.

You guys are going to make my buy this....

Started another hero last night

Mental/Matial arts

She is kinda a geeky goth hacker girl. Her name is "Parity Panic"

Just started as Mister Napalm. Will look for someone in game, if I figure out how to do that.

Skippy1997 wrote:

Just started as Mister Napalm. Will look for someone in game, if I figure out how to do that.

You can add friends by typing "/friend name" or by going through the social tab. To bring up the social tab, you can either press O on the keyboard or hit escape and select it from the menu bar. Then on there right there's a select box that by default says something like "Nearby People" -- change that to "Friends" and you can see your friends list and add new friends.