Win 7 x64 SCSI card with drivers?

I have a need for a SCSI card that runs on Windows 7 x64 with actual x64 drivers, but the one card we found is at the end of life from Adaptec. Has anyone seen, know of, or heard of a SCSI card that works in Windows 7 x64? I know SAS is where it's at these days but the legacy product we have to connect to is running OS/2 (still!).

They don't list Win7 drivers on the web site, but I suspect both the Adaptec ones you've been eying and this LSI adapter from Newegg will probably work. Win7 probably has built-in drivers for most SCSI products, since new ones aren't exactly coming out in volume anymore.

I'd suggest contacting both Adaptec and LSI, but I think they'll tell you that they're fully supported by the OS directly.

If they say there are no Win7 drivers, you could try installing the ones for Vista; they may work fine.