What are you playing this weekend?

The last episode of this, at least

Probably on this after that

cho cho!!! all aboard the ticket to ride game now boarding for awesome time.

Hoping to get some more of Far Cry 3 done, maybe even finish the main story (hopefully?).

Will probably get dragged through some more World of Warcraft with the wifey, for that "quality" time. Probably more leveling some more alts up to 85...she's on a kick to get more of our characters to that level before finally getting to 90 on her "main" (which isn't on the GWJ server, char's been on the backburner since we came back).

And then maybe some more Hotline Miami/FTL/Mark of the Ninja interspersed and sprinkled in if I have time/need a break.

RE: McIrishJihad & ClockWorkHouse
I appreciate that McIrishJihad. I expect to be out of the game for a while, but I'll go into details about that in the boogle memorial dating thread at some point this weekend, as to not sully this fine thread.

Back on topic:
Hopefully I'll get around to some more Dark Souls this weekend.

BassMadMadoo wrote:

Magic The Gathering Gatecrash Pre-Release, go Boros!

Gruul is the biggest! Smash!!!!

Also, I can't seem to stop playing Dark Souls.

Well, Anno 2070 got me back!

I never got a SimCity key, so on PC I ended up playing some of The Witcher 2. Near the beginning of chapter 1 and finding it just as enjoyable as the first game.

Also just reached the start of summer vacation in Persona 4 Golden. Still enjoying the game quite a bit! Polished off some side quests and trying to buff up the social links I've been sort of neglecting.

Heading back into The Cave for a second group of characters and probably some New Super Mario Bros. 2 while Demyx plays Ni No Kuni. Also, board games.

Huh, not sure yet. Maybe some more Dangerous, maybe some Skyrim, maybe some Wreckless, maybe some X3: Albion Prelude.

More Dark Souls. Aside from DLC areas, I'm near the end. I may get back to playing other games, too. Keep in mind, DS is a game I almost gave a pass, and was completely uncertain about.

Some more P4:G, maybe some more Dishonored or Skyrim.

Definitely some Persona 4 Golden. Possibly Skyrim or Witcher 2. Won't be near my PC for most of the weekend so P4G is the most likely one.

Ni No Kuni is finally out this week here (and I grabbed the last non-preordered copy in the shop - phew!) so I'll probably make a start on that at some point. Also, I'm about 40minutes into Antichamber, so I'm all over that at the moment.

Providing completing that game doesn't accidentally generate enough strange non-euclidean angles to open a gateway to Y'ha-nthlei then I'll press on with Tales of the Abyss on the 3DS.

*Oh and Devil May Cry as well. Probably over 2/3 through it at this point I suspect.

Dead Space 2 multiplayer tonight, followed by Resident Evil 6 and Paper Mario: Sticker Star

TempleCon in Warwick, RI tomorrow for some Warmachine/Hordes and boardgaming action. The rest of the time will be Skyrim.

Mostly this


Maybe a bit of this also


All weekend. ALL. WEEKEND.

I planned to make some progress of my backlog this weekend, between Amnesia, Legend of Grimrock, and Witcher. But I just found out about the new Chivalry content update and it look SOOOOOOOO GOOD. I can't wait to check out the new maps and Duel Mode. That could wonderfully usurp every minute of my available weekend gaming time.

Oh, and rock-climbing

I'm back in the throes of Saints Row: The Third, so I'll be plowing some more hours into that. I also need to find some new players for my AFC Wimbledon squad that has been promoted to League One in Football Manager 2013, and I find myself currently re-enamored with MLB 2K12, where my fantasy draft KC Royals are currently first in the AL Central. Not to mention that I want to give the new The Republic DLC for Crusader Kings II a spin.


Oh, plus I'll probably jump blindly into Victoria II, which radaxian kindly gifted me last night.

Yikes. I better get started.

Looks like some posse Red Dead Redemption tonight, and tomorrow I'm doing my first Magic Gatecrash draft!

But as for single-player games, I'm without one right now. Hoping to be inspired soon.

Tonight: face to face gaming. Tomorrow, kicking off my online, PbF Apocalypse World game on rpol.net. After that? Playing with my kiddo

Finally Ni no Kuni!


Sleeping Dogs

Finishing up


Making videos of


Playing Star Wars: Empire at War again. Dunno why, but I suddenly got an itch to blow things up with Nebulon-B frigates again. The game has held up pretty well actually!

Unknown Soldier wrote:

Playing Star Wars: Empire at War again. Dunno why, but I suddenly got an itch to blow things up with Nebulon-B frigates again. The game has held up pretty well actually!

You got me to install this. I've surprisingly never played it.

I played Dominion and Lords of Waterdeep earlier this evening, but now my weekend is consumed by the games "Work extra hours at midnight" and "Screw up your sleep pattern"... followed by that super bowl thing.

I'm planning on starting up Ni No Kuni this weekend. I figure it would be a good game to play between football commercials.

Played some XCOM last night -- loving the new randomization options! -- as well as some Planetside 2. Tonight will see another round of Call of Cthulhu; my first attempt at a nearly entirely improvised game (albeit, of Pathfinder) went incredibly well, and while I have a plot to work through tonight, I'm going to continue to open up my GM style and see how well I can do at winding my way through the story with a stronger emphasis on storytelling.

Torchlight is my first choice this weekend. Dead Space and possibly Saints Row: The Third will get some action if the Super Bowl Big Game doesn't meet expectations.