What are you playing this weekend?

More X-Com if I have time. Beyond that, Running Errands and Going Into Work on a Saturday So Boss Doesn't Yell Next Week.

I have all these hot new Vita games to play, but what am I currently playing on it? The original PSX Metal Gear Solid. I can't believe how primitive it looks!

Coolbeans wrote:
BlackSabre wrote:

Battlefield 3 again. Actually feels pretty good. Also, Xcom and Mark of the Ninja.

Mark of the Ninja has been an absolute blast so far. Really enjoying it.

I really should at least finish Battlefield's campaign. If other cooler games would just stop coming out...

I have over 258 hours logged with Battlefield 3 and haven't even touched the single player campaign


More Mark of the Ninja, more Guild Wars 2. Really those two games are where it's at for the moment.

Turns out some Dragon Quest IX. There's content for miles and miles...

Well I was going to try and finish Alpha Protocol, but then "let me try FTL" happened, and well there goes my weekend.

It's possibly going to be some Tokyo Jungle or perhaps some more ME 3 multiplayer Man, I don't know what it is about Tokyo Jungle that has me hooked...

SKYRIM. I'm still playing this game with almost the same enthusiasm that I had nearly a year ago when it was released. I still remember standing in line at it's midnight release, and texting a picture of it to my brother as an indication of what I'd be playing until the wee hours of the morning.

I succumbed to the Target buy 2 get one free sale. This afternoon, my kids played Lego Batman 2 while I played NFS: Most Wanted. Now I'm installing Assasin's Creed III.

A little bit of Crusader Kings, a little bit of Borderlands, maybe some Mice and Mystics.

Ended up getting back to my now top o' the pile The World Ends With You after a full two months away. Once I got in to the groove of it again it's been a blast. I'm looking to finish it before November is out and then playing a few shorter games. I also played some Mario Galaxy 2 with my wife, which seems to be getting better. I'm enjoying it much more than the first. I also have been grinding through 10000000 which is far more addicting than I want it to be.

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They just want to hug you!...with plasma

My weekend unexpectedly starts tomorrow due to server problems.

Persona 3 on my mind. Maybe I can finish it in time for Persona 4.

MrAndrewJ wrote:

My weekend unexpectedly starts tomorrow due to server problems.

Persona 3 on my mind. Maybe I can finish it in time for Persona 4.

I was very confused when I saw this thread near the top of my favorites. Have a great early weekend.

AI War and I'm continuing to code for personal game projects in order to get the "Avoid the inlaws" achievement.

Super Paper Mario and a bit of Dragon Quest IX.

Halo 4, Pokemon White and El Shaddai.

I got a friendly little beta email in my inbox this morning =)

I have BL2 and perhaps RIFT's (I redownloaded the client this morning) free weekend.

Going to be interesting in between rehearsals...

Mice and Mystics, but largely I'm going to be playing host & party guest and various homes

Reformatted the computer so hopefully no BSOD. I will play some more Xenoblade and Borderlands 2.

Walking Dead: Chapter 4, MGS: The Twin Snakes, Need For Speed: Most Wanted (Vita)!

Borderlands 2, Kirby's Adventure, Android: Netrunner, and a whole lotta pinball.

SPAZ, KOTOR, DOTA2. Maybe some NFS:HP. Nothin' too flashy! Definitely in a "gaming lull".


My first attempt at playing Dragon Age: Origins when it released 3 years ago didn't go so well. I started a game as a dwarf, but the beginning didn't really grab me. Add to that the fact that the game was having issues with my PC - either my subpar video card or my newly-installed Win7, or both - so I uninstalled DA:O and moved on to other games.

Fast forward to two days ago: after recently playing Borderlands 2, Cook, Serve, Delicious and Cities XL, I was in the mood for a good RPG and remembered that I have DA:O (physical copy, no less). I started a game as a human noble and proceeded to play it until 2 AM that night and last night. This time around, I'm loving it.

Going to clean up some of the Adventure games I have sitting half finished. Already completed Blackwell : Unbound (short but great) and Delaware St John: Curse of Midnight Manor (short and...less great).

Next up are Deponia and The Dark Eye. Should probably press further into Assassin's Creed 3 as well but the more I play of that the more it's various problems grate on my nerves and the colonial setting does nothing for me (ship combat is cool though) so I might just charge through the main story stuff and be done with it.

LittleBigPlanet Karting. My Saturday night will include my girlfriend, copious amounts of cider and this game.

I'm getting darn close to finishing off Dark Souls, but I think I'll take a detour into the DLC first.

Parallelteeth wrote:

LittleBigPlanet Karting. My Saturday night will include my girlfriend, copious amounts of cider and this game.

I'd love to hear impressions after the weekend.

I'll likely pursue some mindless killing in Diablo 3, some mindless driving in NFS: Hot Pursuit, and some mindless bugs in Assassin's Creed 3.

Finally got my copy of Spec Ops: The Line from GameFly. Three chapters in, and quite excited about the experience from what i've heard about it. Mind you, i'm speaking as someone who is firmly tired of CoD and is willing to forgive all the brokenness of Indigo Prophecy for the things it did do well, so, from what i've read, this is absolutely a FPS for me.