What are you playing this weekend?

Robear wrote:

Definitely want to hear more! I have not cracked this open yet, but I will.


The breakthrough for me was when I realized the weapon customizations are REALLY deep, regardless of the fact that in the first missions you only have access to gatling guns and basic seeking rocket launchers. I am still not clear how much difference the pilots' skill stats make and how they play out, but it seems to me, at least at this initial stage, that as soon as they lay their eyes on ANYTHING alien, they just keep spraying indiscriminately until they either kill the enemy, empty the weapons or overheat the mech reactor (whichever comes first), last two of which takes them out of action for 3-6 seconds (an eternity when the chocolate pudding hits the ventilator).

So, what you want is to set things up so that they at least don't overheat so much (and keep overheating) every single instance they encounter anything more than a couple strays. Several ways to do that: for example, on any given mech you can configure maximum firing range for one weapon to match the minimum range for the other, effectively preventing them from ever shooting both at the same time. Or, you can set maximum range for only one of them so they only shoot both when the enemy comes too close for comfort. Then, you can tweak each weapon for needed balance between precision, fire rate and damage/armor penetration output, usually having the weight as the main constraint (I guess energy expenditure will become more and more relevant as we go down the research tree). And then, there are the mods that can drastically change the nature of the weapon. For example, gatling cannon can be modified for much higher fire rate and projectile speed (plus weight), or make it into low-damage but gaining a major slowdown effect on the enemy (so you can effectively lock it down for others to take out more efficiently), or you can install the mod which makes it fire multiple rounds at the same time at the cost of fire rate and precision, effectively turning the gatling into a shotgun that wrecks chocolate pudding up in a wide arch at close range - tweak minimum/maximum range and profit.

The combo that finally worked for me was to turn a couple rocket launchers into effectively snipers - super slow firing, but super high precision and damage, then install them on mechs whose pilots were instructed to prioritize that specific type of enemy. First time I did that, they relatively easily took out the big feller that I could not even chip the paint off until I put in the brainwork. The rest of the team was tasked with taking out the Zerglings (never-ending stream of basic killer bugs that can be cut only by killing all the spawners) with a variety of standard and shotgun-like gatlings to cover all ranges. Ended up with no casualties and only minor mech damage (mostly regular wear and tear due to firing and overheating) - magic.

So yeah, you definitely want to play with that weapon tester device. Lots.

Good stuff.

As of late, I have been busy with RL and work. But my intention is to keep up my FFXVI adventure. Which I must say, has been pleasant and enjoyable.

Thanks el_dino!

I beat Ocarina of Time on Monday, and started playing Majora's Mask since, which I will definitely play this weekend.

I have no idea how it happened but apparently I enjoy fighting games now so some Street Fighter 6 practice and hopefully a bit more Tiny Tina's Wonderland in coop.

Busy weekend ahead, but hopefully making progress in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and doing some leveling in Final Fantasy XI

Assassin's Creed Nexus: This is the VR only AC game that's a bit over ambitious for a Quest 3 game. You get to play as Ezio, Kassandra and Connor in their game eras. It has the AC hallmarks of parkour, assassinations and stealth all performed in first person.

The parkour does work in VR, but where you're normally just holding down a button to do everything in the regular games, here you have to use your arms to physically climb a side of a building, or swing yourself over, along with holding down a button whenever running/jumping. So its a bit of work and sometimes satisfying.

The enemies, so far, are dumb as rocks. So stealth and assassinations are not too difficult. But you can get overwhelmed if you get detected and the guards just swarm you. So running and hiding is also a thing. But I do love climbing up a ledge and then grabbing a guards leg and pulling them over the edge - very satisfying.

The game isn't open world (so far). You basically get large chunks of a city to explore in the characters eras. They added a lot of details, such as a bunch of different items you can manipulate. But there is no point in all that as you can't do anything with them but throw the items to distract guards. So they could have done away with all that.

Also, there's a bunch of chests, drawers, etc to open but really nothing to do with the majority of the stuff in them. Once in a while you'll come across an animus object but that's it.

The game looks ok but can tell its hitting the limit of what the Quest 3 can do. I'm also playing at a higher resolution than normal using Quest Game Optimizer. But event with that the graphics are a bit lacking, particularly all the NPCs, which don't look great. Instead of going with the pure realistic look they may have had better luck making everything look stylized cartoonish.

In any case I am having fun with it, but only about 5-6 hours in. The game hasn't quite opened up yet and still hitting some tutorials every once in a while.

If I have time, I'll probably play a mix of Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor and Diablo IV.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy -- I have never played any of these games, so I am giving them a whirl on PS5. So far it is proving a bit sillier than I expected, still, it is very fun regardless of how silly it is. But I am only on the first real case, so maybe things change (I won't hold my breath).

AUs_TBirD wrote:

The plan:
Try to reach the quarterfinals and get past them in Rollerdrome.
Start and hopefully finish Breakout 13.
Make progress in Pandora's Tower.

Let's try this again, since last weekend was a fail. Not too hopeful though, tbh, as the weekend is full of school functions and I've been too worn out every evening this week to do much of any gaming.

Disco Elysium (I’m finally hooked) and hopefully some more Elden Ring clear up and DLC prep.

Forlorn Hope wrote:

Was going to play Yakuza 6 but my computer gave up the ghost. So probably some new Switch games like Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door or 1000xRESIST.

Same for this weekend. Having a new PC built so with any luck, I'll be back to Yakuza 6 next weekend.

Dave the Diver will be my main course this weekend. Will likely dabble in other stuff, like Haiku the Robot and SMT IV. Maybe retake my The World Ends With You playthrough, which I haven't touched in a couple of months, I think.

More Grindstone, most likely.

As of late it has been mostly Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy and a replay of the first Alan Wake.

I gave up on the final boss battle of Dead Island 2. I am really done with these stupid boss battles.

Gotta keep on that grind to 100 in Diablo IV. I've also recently fired up Skyrim to try my hand at a pure spellcaster/conjuration dude which I've actually never done before.

Will try to pop off another mission or two in Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters for the channel.
Maybe some Diablo 2 Resurrected? I've gotten the hankering for that again. There's too many games, not enough focus...

I'm level 90 as my necro in D IV.
I thought the boost to minions would effect the druid as well as the necro. That does not seem to be the case. I am having more fun with the druid this season though. I raced to level 22 I think. Pulverize is pretty satisfying!
May look up a guide as I have no clue what legendary properties to pursue aside from the necro's and sorceress's.

Last week, I started a new run in King’s Bounty: The Legend, as a mage. Maybe I’ll actually make it to the end of a game this time! Also playing Dave the Diver, and I’m in Chapter 3.

With barely any time for gaming, I've been trying to catch up on Persona 5 Royal to get my in-game calendar caught up with our real-world calendar (currently on June 7th or so, right before the TV Station field trip), though occasionally a round of Balatro may get played here or there. Finding it hard to give 1000xRESIST it's proper due, I just need to give it a full day at some point.

Lies of P NG+: I found a random weapon I've never found and want to play with it.

When I am not clearing Terminid nests for Managed Democracy, I will be traversing the Koronus Expanse.

I'll be mostly traveling and exploring the land of shadows in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. Might play something else here and there to keep variety going.

Trying to keep the momentum going on Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance HD so that I can possibly finish it next week!

Only Elden Ring DLC every day until completion. I'm only an hour in and it's already epic.

It's almost Friday again already?? Sheebusss...

Well, I own Elden Ring and I've already told myself to hold off on the expansion because I still haven't uncovered 50-70% of the base game, easily. That leaves me with the same old n' busted games from last weekend! Diablo IV, Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters and maybe some Doom 2016.

Once again, Dave the Diver and King’s Bounty: The Legend. In Chapter 6 of the former, so I’m nearing the end; just got to Kordar in the latter. Maybe will mix in a little something else, too.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree and hopefully a little Disco Elysium.

bobbywatson wrote:

I beat Ocarina of Time on Monday, and started playing Majora's Mask since, which I will definitely play this weekend.

More Majora's Mask this weekend, which I am not enjoying as much as Ocarina of Time.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, started Witcher 1, and Diablo 4.

Probably going to spend most of my free time playing with the AI music generator Udio like I did a fair bit during this week. But probably give these a go too:

Assassins Creed Nexus: Got to Connors time and the game looked a bit better with the Boston harbor and all the longships. But while I'm trying to like the game the assassinations are just not that much fun, nor is the combat. Everything about the game is all just slightly clunky.

I think it could all be ironed out in a sequel, but sounds like low sales scared Ubisoft off from trying any more VR.

I'm still interested in finishing the game but it's no longer a high priority.

Vampire The Masquerade: Justice - Quest has their Summer sale going on so picked this up last night. Another game with stealth and assassination that does it much better than AC Nexus.

And it looks a hell of a lot better than AC. In fact the game also begins in Venice. And here they did a much better job with the visuals and atmosphere. I actually stood in place for a while just taking it all in it looked so good.

But I am also using the Quest Game Optimizer, so am able to pump the resolution up to 183%, which makes it look like a PCVR game. But wow, that sucks up the battery life. After about 30-40 minutes of playing my external battery was down to 75%.

Will see how the game goes. Only had the one session but it's apparently the closest thing you can get to Dishonored in VR.

Still probably spend most of my time in Udio. Figure that's going to get sued or get a cease and desist as it looks like they may have trained the AI with copyrighted music. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.