What are you playing this weekend?

I loved Shadow of the Tomb Raider as well, but that was a while back. This weekend I'll be playing more Bramble: The Mountain King. I started it a couple of days ago, and I'm really enjoying it.

93_confirmed wrote:

I stumbled into Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Gamepass last week and I've been hooked to the point where I haven't played anything else. Its easily the best game in the series and it checks just about every box for me with combat, visuals, inventory management, stealth, performance and exploration.

Shadow was my favorite of the survivor trilogy: less combat, more puzzles.

I will have to give it another try. I was put off by the gross climbing over the bodies section. Never got back to it

My sister is visiting this weekend for my birthday so we are going to play Luigi's Mansion 3 co-op. Only 4 more floors to go.

Finished up Tales of Kenzera: Zau this morning, so I'm going to see if I can make some good progress in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and/or Drudge.

I installed the total conversion mod Legends for Battle Brothers a few weeks ago.

It is wild. It unbalances the game but adds so much content and variety it's hard to really fault.

One really cool addition is battle sisters. No difference in male or female units except pixel art and the voice assets. What a great addition to the game; the devs suggested they might make Battle Brothers 2 after their current project, hope they take notice of this feature.

Another awesome addition is the armour system revamp with multiple layers of armour possible, for example, a gambeson overlayed with chain shirt and scale mail on top plus a tabard for style points (gotta look stylish on the battlefield).

So, about that HOTAS...

I tried it with Project Wingman and I came to a startling, somewhat terrifying and profoundly sad realization: I may be too old and jaded to enjoy flight sims.

I mean, joysticks were the first gaming peripherals I used back in C64 days - they were the original all-purpose controllers.

On the Atari 520, I played F-16 Combat Pilot until I got callouses on my hands. Privateer 2, Freespace 2, the original Elite, Freelancer, X-Wing Alliance and Rogue Squadron, loved them all. Never since played a serious military sim though...

And today, as the flight sims are effectively photorealistic and at the level of detail and complexity we could only dream of 30 years ago I realized I have a bunch of them but haven't actually played one in literal decades. And I think now I know why.

I spent an hour to figure out how to get the damned thing to work with Steam (mapping joystick and throttle axis and buttons to a console controller, WHAAAAT!?!?!?) and loaded the first mission.

Finished the first mission.

And then it hit me:
1. A wild enemy appears
2. Turn toward the enemy
3. Get the enemy into your radar cone and close in to missile range
4. Lock and fire
5. Pick the next enemy
6. Bank hard left/right until enemy is in the radar cone
7. Lock and fire...
8. Rinse, repeat
9. Optional, if inbound missile detected: drop flares and fly in random directions for a few seconds. Revert to step 6.

Yes, the graphics are great, yes there is dramatic radio comm/banter, yes it's butter smooth and works like a charm, but it's just really hard to stay engaged when it is almost identical in pretty much every game. Did not play since that first mission. I'm off this Friday, I'll get some more hours in and try some other games. I may try Elite Dangerous, I was putting it off long enough by now, I think. If Elite doesn't light back up the ancient ember, the HOTAS may end up catching dust...

Elden Ring. Returning to it after all this timeI feel like I’m appreciating it even more than I did. Also, I’m realising that there were lots of late game areas where I was just beelining through them and didn’t explore much at all because I wanted to get to the end boss (who I didn’t beat thank heavens.)

el_dino, Project Wingman is an action (read arcade) game that does not attempt to sim aircraft. That's probably where your dissatisfaction is coming from. You might want to try a more detailed sim (like Elite Dangerous, if space is your thing, or X4, or MS Flight Sim/XPlane for civilian flying (at whatever level of operations detail you enjoy), or DCS World, the IL-2 series, or even Rise of Flight if you like fabric covered airfoils shooting it out over France). The thing to bear in mind is that you will need to *study* these games, and practice, and gain proficiency over time. It goes well beyond memorizing the 30-odd keys you map onto your controller, into learning how the systems work, what the performance envelopes are for the various planes, power curves, etc. That might be what tanks you, but it won't be repetition lol.

I intend to play through the The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak demo. it is quite fun for the 15 minutes I have played so far.

My weekend looks like some Elden Ring - Mohg isn't going to kill himself, now, is he? - and some Dave the Diver for that cozy counterbalance.

I'm fully hyperfixated on Final Fantasy XI, the first MMO from 22 years ago. So I'll be putting more time into that.

el_dino wrote:

I tried it with Project Wingman and I came to a startling, somewhat terrifying and profoundly sad realization: I may be too old and jaded to enjoy flight sims.

As Robear eloquently put, Project Wingman is far on the arcade side of things.

I'd recommend something older and easier to get into like MicroProse's F-117A. Something like that could really help rekindle one's love of flight sims, I feel.

My Gamepass membership expires in a few days so I'm working on finishing Shadow of the Tomb Raider (best in the series imo). I've been checking out The Ascent, which is a twin stick, birds eye, Cyberpunk and it's incredible. Nice change of genre from what I usually play.

Once GP is up, I'm all-in back to my 150+ hour Elden Ring playthrough to get prepped for the DLC. It's my greatest game of all time so in a weird way, I'm hesitatent to play it because I'm afraid it won't be as good as I remember but seeing bits of the trailer reminds me that it's going to be awesome and potentially even better than the base game. I'm pumped.

I am still goofing off in the wild West and replaying the revamp of Red Dead Redemption that came out not that long ago. I will likely roll credits over the weekend.

Diablo IV, Selaco, Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters

Mortal Sin and OTXO for the live stream on Friday

Veloxi wrote:
el_dino wrote:

I tried it with Project Wingman and I came to a startling, somewhat terrifying and profoundly sad realization: I may be too old and jaded to enjoy flight sims.

As Robear eloquently put, Project Wingman is far on the arcade side of things.

I'd recommend something older and easier to get into like MicroProse's F-117A. Something like that could really help rekindle one's love of flight sims, I feel.

Oh, another good sim to jump back into, if you can track down a copy, is Jane's Fighters Anthology. Tons of planes and content, really easy to get into.

All these new games I want to play, and I can't tear myself away from Civilization VI and old Assassin's Creed games.

Might take the hit and buy Flyout.
If any gwjers have experience let me know.
Apparently it is a more involved Simple Planes but with better physics/aeronautics.
People have built "working" ornithopters with it. That is pretty much nuff said for me

I've been bouncing between stuff since finishing Midnight Suns and none of the games has yet to click. So, probably some Star Trek: Resurgence and Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the steam deck and Tametsi if I happen to be sitting at the computer.

Robear wrote:

...DCS World...

Me: THANKS! I like F-16! Yisssssssss!

DCS be like: LOL!

Me be like:

The plan:
Try to reach the quarterfinals and get past them in Rollerdrome.
Start and hopefully finish Breakout 13.
Make progress in Pandora's Tower.

Trying to finish Gerda: A Flame in Winter.
No idea what to play next. The top of my pile has grown out of control.

Dragons Dogma 2, Lords of the Fallen, Songs of Conquest are the most likely candidates right now.

Was going to play Yakuza 6 but my computer gave up the ghost. So probably some new Switch games like Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door or 1000xRESIST.

Still going good with Super Mario RPG. I just love this game. Beyond that, I'm still finding a second game to play. Been messing around with Symphony of War for now, which could be good.

So I find myself with a fair amount of free time this weekend and all the choice in the world. So, what am I playing?


I think if it had launched in the state it's in right now, it would have done better. It's not for everybody, but it is now a pretty competent open world exploration shooter. The patch that came out a few days ago really does make it a better single player game, with more upgrades and collectables. It's not Dishonored or Prey or even Deathloop, but it does have and Arcane Studios feel to the world and environmental storytelling that isn't available in anything else out there.

I actually liked it fine when it came out but stopped playing because the game kept crashing during vampire nests, I figured I’d pick it back up after it was more stable but just never did.

As for what I’m playing now, goddess help me but Destiny 2. I stopped playing well over a year ago after completing the Lightfall campaign, and swore I was done with the game. Didn’t play any of the subsequent seasons, and had no intention of buying The Final Shape right up to the day it came out, but here I am.

(it’s really good, btw)

Devil Blade. It’s a decent shot em up so far.

So, about Mech Engineer...

I'll recap two last sessions, maybe I can save you a couple hours of frustration.

***Potential spoilers ahead, in a sense of "read only if you prefer to bang someone else's head against the wall to figure stuff out." Apparently I don't, so there.

Session 1

So, I figured out some of the basics - how to put a mech reactor together, how to equip weapons, how to pick and seat the pilots, how to pick a mission, the away team and how to give move orders during battle (not much else you can do really, for now at least). Got through the tutorial mission in a couple tries, no biggie. Thought I got it down pat.

Mission 2 poked its head and said "Hold my beer".

Session 2

After getting curb stomped for 16th or 23rd time in a row, it dawned on me that I may be doing something wrong...

I figured out that I should initially hunt down the medusa-like spawners (duh!), but the big, rotating, shielded canon/fortress thing that seems to be the main target I had no idea how to whack, it seemed impervious to my mechs' weapons. There are some kind of anomalies that are moving seemingly randomly and just blow my mech(s) up. Or not. I still have no idea how they work, so I just pretend they are not there. There are also tornado-like vortexes that can pick mechs up and take them to the Oz.

Anyway, I kept trying with the same four mechs I used for tutorial mission. Pilots did not seem to make too much of a difference. First important thing I realized is that I can send 5-mech team, it's not a problem. I'd send the 6th one too, but I hadn't the required number of service crew.

The second, and much more important thing I realized is that this game is called Mech Engineer, not Mech Warrior or Mech Pilot. The key factor that finally allowed me to win the Mission 2 was that I put in the time to think about what happened to my team during the previous battles and to ponder how to counteract the challenges. The solution was in very specific weapon customizations.

This game is not about fighting, although it's inevitable. This game is a deeply strategic population and resource management sim, intertwined with a tinker toy letting you play with and deeply customize mechs and weapons. There is some, on the surface simplistic, combat that is propped on a bunch of stat spreadsheets in the backend. But the combat is just the cherry on top when it validates and justifies the choices you made in the previous couple hours, obsessing about minimum and maximum fire distances, special modifications, weight vs precision vs damage output vs energy consumption for both weapons on each of the mechs, which mech with which pilot will prioritize which type of enemy and which pilot will take which course for which skill during their downtime. And let's not even get started with the walking city upgrade management screen... I haven't the slightest idea what is doing what over there. And that is just a tiny bit of "whichs" and "whats" in this game...

Once you start getting into the correct frame of mind, which I am only just beginning to do, this little gem starts to show its true depth, value and quality.

I love this game.

Will update if needed. Or want.

Definitely want to hear more! I have not cracked this open yet, but I will.