What are you playing this weekend?

Garth wrote:
Forlorn Hope wrote:

I plan on streaming Shadow of the Colossus Remake on discord for friends. Started it a couple weeks ago and I had forgot how jank the controls are even in this newer version. I still love it though.

I played (and loved) the original and have tried the remake twice. Both times (in the remake) I couldn't get past the controls. I'd love to play this one again. But those dang controls are a lot to deal with. To the point that I am wondering if it is a me-problem.

Switching to the classic control settings helped a little for me but I do find myself cursing them a lot more than I remember.

Playing away at Rage 2 again, now that the Amazon Prime giveaway is working properly. I never understood the hate this game got. The gameplay action and progression systems are way more fun than other big open world shooters.

The story is kind of jank and trips over its own feet.

From your last sentence, I think you do understand the hate.

I played that all the way thru. The action and open-worldyness were excellent. The story and dystopia were so forgettable I couldn't tell you a single thing about it.

Gonna keep playing EA WRC and hopefully finish Jusant. Then maybe I'll have time to play something new...

God of War (2018) - already put in a few hours today thanks to a sick day. Leaving Helheim atm.
Guacamelee - music and controls are just so, so excellent.
Vay - nearly 30 years ago I made it to the final boss and got totally stuck. Something inspired me to start over and try again two days ago. Perfect to play on the side when listening to podcasts or watching football games.

myself a week ago wrote:

I started thinking about trying out Borderlands 2 at work today for some reason. That game (+DLC) is crazy long and I'd only be playing single player. Why would I do that to myself?

Well, I did that to myself. But "only" lost an hour and a half to it.....so far.

And another hour trying to figure out why it kept locking up the PC during the character select. Apparently setting Physx to anything other than "low" is not a good idea.

More Far: Changing Tides which, surprisingly and to my continuing delight, I’m very much into then back to Disco Elysium. Hopefully, also, some more Sniper Elite 5 and Uncharted multiplayer.

I'm still stuck in the Halloween mindset, so probably a bunch of Resident Evil 4 Remake and Siren. I hope to cut the tension a bit with some 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim for the JRPG Club and some retro gaming, such as Harmful Park (PS1) and Soulblazer (SNES).

Wanted to give a quick shout-out to Stronghold Definitive Edition.

Despite growing up on RTS games and really enjoying colony management/base defense (Rimworld, Caesar 3, They Are Billions, etc.) I've never played Stronghold. I jumped on the Definitive edition yesterday since it was only $20 AUD and looked like a good time.


It's really pleasant! The mechanics haven't aged much at all, and the crisp HD visuals and modernized controls make it feel great to play. It strikes a nice balance between managing population happiness, simple supply lines, and defending against waves of enemies.

I love that you can zoom in and see your workers working.

I watched my farmers bring wheat to the stockpile, and then start milling. The bakers walked over, brought the flower to their bakery, and are now baking bread.

It's the little details that make it shine


Definitely recommend!

If I play anything this weekend (which is not a given), it will be Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Which I think is fine, but not amazing.

I started Lost in Random a couple of days ago, but something happened and I lost all my saves for all my games, so yesterday I started Little Nightmares II, which I am looking forward to playing this weekend.


I'm really enjoying it; very happy with it's "spiritual successor to Dirt Rally" status, albeit that there still a couple rough edges that will get patched up over the next few months.

I’m interested in Oxygen not included.

Just had a brilliant session of Sniper Elite 5. It feels like a significant step up from previous games.

I was scouring my dusty CRPG backlog for something to play while I wait for W40k: Rogue Trader...

I restarted Divinity: Original Sin 2 for what must be the 3rd time now. I...just can't get down with how that game feels. I don't like how it starts. I don't like the tone of the writing. It is probably a game I need to sink 5-10 hours into before it grabs me by the collar and won't let go. I've yet to reach that tipping point and it makes me a little worried that Baldur's Gate 3 won't be my cup of tea since it shares so much DNA with OS2.

Landed on picking up Pillars of Eternity again... on the console! Very good controller support and overall a faithful port from what I can tell. Pretty much played all of Sunday an got myself out of Gilded Vale. I took the game's advice and started on Easy... and rather glad I did. There's so much to learn and I'm probably goofing my character's development big time. Need a more forgiving intensity to make up for all the mistakes I'm making along the way.

Picked up Surviving the Aftermath yesterday from the Epic store for 0$ and played a couple hours, enjoyed it quite a bit, doom-gloom post-apocaliptic survival City/Camp simulator, gonna keep playing this weekend to squeeze all the goodiness out of my 0$

Lies of P. Another Dark Souls type game. This game is a bit different in that it focuses on mastering perfect blocks/parry. I can't do this and have given up trying. I'm mainly dodging attacks and it's made the early game somewhat more difficult. Thankfully some dodging abilities have opened up and has made the game easier for me now. I haven't had as much problem taking out the last few bosses. So am having a better go now.

I do wish the level design was as creative as the look of the game - the look is stellar. But it's pretty basic (flat and angular) and a bit of a letdown.

Talos Principal 2. Playing this in tandem. It makes a great game on the side to play when I get frustrated with the other. Looks like I have 5 more main puzzle areas to go through. Plus all the puzzles locked behind the golden gates. So like the original it's a pretty large game.

Loving the story and the characters of the game too.

May give the original games DLC another try after this. Those puzzles were so difficult and gave up after awhile.

Raiding in Final Fantasy XIV, exploring Hemwick Charnal Lane in Bloodborne, and entering Baghdad in Assassin's Creed Mirage.

Teardown. The voxel art is impeccable.

AUs_TBirD wrote:

God of War (2018)

Same thing this weekend. Getting a bit fed up with Atreus' power-trip in GoW. Hope Kratos rights that attitude asap.

A little bit of The Last Faith - it's great, you guys! -, a little bit of Luigi's Mansion, a good chunk of 13 Sentinels, some DOOM 2016 (gotta see if I can put it down before November ends) and a bit of the original Super Mario RPG as I wait for the new one to get delivered.

I am about 40% of the way through Spider-Man 2 and absolutely loving it. There is a part of me that just wants to take as much time as possible and enjoy it. What an absolute achievement on just about every level--assuming it doesn't just fall apart in the last half.


Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun
Robocop: Rogue City

There's also Trepang 2 on sale now and we're both giving each other the side-eye.

I can't tell if I'm actually going to play Final Fantasy V or if I'm just enjoying the exercise of figuring out the best way to play it. I went from:

1.) Loading up the GBA version on my Ayn Odin Android gaming handheld, but finding the presentation a little rough, to,

2.) Thinking about the Pixel Remaster on my Steam Deck or Switch, but neither is as portable as I wanted, to,

3.) Looking into the native Android version on my Odin again, only to find that it doesn't have controller support, to

4.) Trying to get Switch emulation working on my Odin, only to find that it resets the game every time I put the device to sleep and wake it up again, and without save state support that made getting back to my place a PitA, to

5.) Back to the GBA version on the Odin, realizing that some of the presentation problems might have to do with the GBA's color balance and sound processing and there might be a fan patch to fix that, to

6.) Researching which fan patches might work with Retroachievements, realizing that the SNES version has MSU support meaning I could patch in an entirely remastered soundtrack, and while that should theoretically work with Retroachievements, not being able to make that part work.

So I think I've settled on English patched, orchestral soundtrack patched SNES version emulated on my Odin but without Retroachievements because I can't be bothered to do any more troubleshooting. We'll see if I actually play it, or move on to tinkering with something else.

JohnKillo wrote:

Probably too much to count

Goodbye Volcano High
Heretic Fork
Dave the Diver
and Card Shark

PS. Super Mario Wonder as well…

So Colony Ship and maybe Super Mario RPG R.

But I still have FF7 remake as well. Could I clone myself and play more games?

I didn't expect to be playing the Half Life 1 this weekend, but it looks like I might not have a choice

Probably more Tears of the Kingdom should time permit. Otherwise, another round or 2 of Pokemon TCG Live snuck in from atop the porcelain throne.

I might also get Far: Changing Tides finished. I’m enjoying the game far more than it’s predecessor (Far: Lone Sails) despite it being effectively the same game only at sea rather than on land.

Edit: And done. It’s going to be further up my GOATY list than I could have anticipated going in.

Pushing on with BG3 and for some reason Parrappa The Rapper remastered ( I don’t know why either but it’s still a fun game)

Some more 40k: Gladius for the Strat club, fresh outta the box Backpack Hero, and I'll put some more miles onto WRC.

Jonman wrote:

Some more 40k: Gladius for the Strat club, fresh outta the box Backpack Hero, and I'll put some more miles onto WRC.

Dark elves are coming out soon too!