What are you playing this weekend?

I finished The Last of Us Part 1 and I'm going back through to get the collectables I missed.

I also started the remake of Resident Evil 2 so hopefully I'll make some progress there.

Diablo 4 and likely nothing else.

Same as last week, and the week before that: Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Agathos wrote:

Another Tears of the Kingdom here, but the interesting question is how long before I return to Octopath 2? Things were getting interesting.

Octo 2 is back in the rotation. Zelda continues.

More Zelda. Two more temples down, but still huge swaths of the game left undone and just waiting for me to glide over it.

A little bit of Shining Force III Scenario I, some Valkyrie Profile: Lennet, some The Touryst, a bit of Crimson Shroud and a sprinkling of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Sundown wrote:

More Zelda. Two more temples down, but still huge swaths of the game left undone and just waiting for me to glide over it.

Same, 2 down

Starship Troopers : Extermination

Saints Row
Ridiculous weapons? Check. A mission arc where you don cardboard armor and go on ridiculous LARP missions that the entire populace takes serious? Check. Do I wish the entire game could be played with that premise instead? Check.

Veloxi wrote:

Diablo 4 and likely nothing else.

Me too.

Breath of the Wild
System Shock

Goonch wrote:

Breath of the Wild
System Shock

I’m now imagining a game that pits Link against Shodan.

Not sure. I want to do more of my puzzle games like Humanity and The Talos Principle. I really enjoy Life is Strange: True Colors but it can be tricky to get myself to start playing. I must get over that hump. It’s worth it.

Hopefully also some more co-op/team play.

Dark Souls 2 just went on sale on PSN, so I picked that up and have started dipping my toes into the depths of Drangleic while getting caught up on the Waypoint/Remap pods from the last few days.

A little bit of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, a little bit of Endless Space 2, and then--because I cannot stay focused on one thing--dabbling in some turn-based strategy with XCOM 2 and Darkest Dungeon.

Higgledy wrote:
Goonch wrote:

Breath of the Wild
System Shock

I’m now imagining a game that pits Link against Shodan.

I would pay to see that

After wrapping up Immortals Fenyx Rising last week, I tried a few "new" games this weekend.

Haven - maybe the most genuine depiction of a young couple living together that I've seen in a game. Unfortunately, the rest of it is kind of repetitive and sometimes annoying, so I dropped it pretty soon after seeing the main loop of the game.

Humanity - clever and super polished puzzle game. Oh yes this will be on rotation for a while.

Death Stranding - don't know why I started this on a melancholy Saturday night, but I did, and huh, the stones on these guys. Such original and striking imagery, scene setting and what is this game?? And I'm only up to chapter 2. I can't look away now, though.

Because I am a fool I bought Rogue Trader over the weekend. I know I prefer games when they are finished but I wanted to try it. I assume I will play it for a few more hours before waiting for the final release.

I can see that. We’ll see if I build either, but right now I have 2 more buildings in development - the covert ops one and I think the one that leads to skulljacking a guy (7 days away on both) - and I’m also at capacity for power. So another engineer to dig out into level 2 will be essential, and then a power plant.

Did a mission to stop the Wild Hunt and also am about to undertake my first Advent black site operation.

Diablo 4 for the foreseeable future.

Yep. Diablo IV. Maybe a detour into Inkulinati for the new update.

It's a goal, and it may not be realistic, but I would like to complete the Star sci-fi biathlon. (Finish the story in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor and start Stat Trek Resurgence).

I started Tinykin a couple of days ago, and it is delightful. I'll keep playing it through the week and weekend.

I...haven't burned out playing World of Warcraft yet. I'm amazed, Dragonflight really is something special. I'm usually hate-playing by this point

I'm mostly having fun leveling up my crafting professions and doing some light raiding with a chill bunch of (mature!) players. The community, in general, seems a bit older than other online games I've played which is refreshing. Currently mixing my time up between restoration druid healing, demonology warlock DPS, and some PVP on a havoc demon hunter for that sweet mobility.

Wanting to play a bit more Diablo IV, but I'm not as hot on it as others. I just hate level scaling, which is making it feel far less satisfying to play than other ARPGs. Still chunking away at it in the hopes that I feel different by endgame.

Likely Diablo IV but I want to finish Life is Strange: True Colors and keep picking away at my puzzle games including Humanity. It’d also be good to finish off Ghost of Tsushima: Legends’ co-op campaign and play some more Uncharted multiplayer that I’m really into again.

I think I’m going to need a bigger weekend.

Not being particularly original this week: I'm still going to be playing Tears of the Kingdom this weekend.

My weekend will likely be more of Shining Force III: Scenario 1 , Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and Crimson Shroud. There may be some other games in between, but this is the main set I'll be going with.

Hopefully finishing a campaign of Endless Space 2! And, maybe, a little bit of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

After finishing up Dead Space remake I didn't have the heart to move on to System Shock and delve into another game on a deadly space station.

So playing Hogwarts Legacy, which I picked up a bit ago while on sale on GMG but hadn't played. I know there's backlash against anything Harry Potter right now but the game is pretty amazing - they definitely went all out in recreating this world. The game does chug though. On a 3070 ti I'm having trouble finding a sweet spot for performance - suspecting due to the 8GB memory on the card. It is running great on Ultra and ray-tracing everything on my wife's 4070 ti, which I'll be swapping into my computer this weekend.

Still poking around in The Last of Use Part I and cleaning up collectables, and hopefully making some more progress in Resident Evil 2.

Still on Tears of the Kingdom; three temples down, and moving steadily towards what can be called the end. I would expect to be done by the end of the month, but it still feels like there's a ton of stuff left to do.