What are you playing this weekend?

Stele wrote:

Just put me down for Zelda the next 3 or 4 weekends probably.


Dying Light 2: Getting in to the flow of this now and basically just switching to Night and moving around the city then to get the extra experience. Have made some bone headed mistake and lost most of my experience from Night due to a deaths. But yeah this game is so fun once you get a bit more powerful.

But that will likely get put aside. I gave in and ended up ordering Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Apparently it is now arriving Saturday instead of Monday. Once it arrives Dying Light won't get much love.

Also picked up the Capcom collection from Humble Bundle. Has a bunch of the Mega Man games, Monster Hunter Rise, Street Fighter Collection, remasters of Strider and Bionic Commando and a few others games I hadn't played for $30. Did install the Mega Man games and played a bit of Mega Man 11. Figure I'll go back to those for a quick break from Zelda. But most of this stuff will end up in the pile for who knows how long before I play them.

Continuing to fight the good fight in Mass Effect. Man, I can't believe I never got more into these games previously. So good!

Skelattack is just too difficult for me, so I'm moving on to Yesterday Origins.

All gaming time will be going toward Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for the foreseeable future.

Based off of how my tidbits of time have been spent this week, current weekend forecast says:

Vampire Survivors: I think I might be getting close to the end? Just got the Yellow Sign during the week and have found more layers to peel on this onion than I anticipated.

EDIT: FF14: oops I reinstalled the free trial oops

Bravely Second: At Ch. 4 by now, but I may have to swallow my pride and set it down in favor of FF9 if I can't get the ball rolling by this point.

I have some persistent vertigo at the moment. It feels a lot like sea sickness. It seems to be responding to medication but I’m finding that it’s aggravated by quick moving, in game cameras, ruling out many of my usual games.

After some thought and testing I’ve found that Slay the Spire and Life is Strange: True Colors don’t make me feel like my head is adrift in the North Atlantic. Looks like that’s what I’ll be playing, which is actually a nice change of pace (and I’ve been meaning to get back to Slay the Spire.)

Edit: I’m having a great time with both games.

bobbywatson wrote:
Stele wrote:

Just put me down for Zelda the next 3 or 4 weekends probably.


Missed gif opportunity.



Yeah, it's a good time so far.

Another Tears of the Kingdom here, but the interesting question is how long before I return to Octopath 2? Things were getting interesting.

I’m going to force push a droid off a very high cliff.

Is it weird I’m now playing Poker at the inventory 1 - 2 for the TF2 unlocks?

JohnKillo wrote:

Is it weird I’m now playing Poker at the inventory 1 - 2 for the TF2 unlocks?

A bit late, sure. But there's no other reason to play those games, so go for it.

I really enjoyed PN&tI back in the day.

Right now a mix of Midnight Suns (it's so good), Divinity: Original Sin (I'm on the edge of abandoning it but still sticking to it), WoW, and Total War: Warhammer 3.

I don't know what Firaxis put in the water, but whenever they release a game I just look forward to the next time I get to play it.

I'll be picking away at Shining Force III: Secenario 1 (thank the gods for emulation since my ancient Saturn died) and possibly continuing to suck at Zelda: TotK. There will be other games, but this is the gist of it.

Humanity I played the prologue last night and I am looking forward to seeing how the mechanics grow.

Dead Space: Was not expecting to be playing this. But EA just made the 1st hour of the game playable for free and after that ended I immediately purchased the game - which thankfully was on sale. I had played the first 3 games multiple-times and didn't see any immediate need to purchase the remake when it came out. But yeah it sucked me right back in after I checked it out.

Although the jump scares are no longer scaring me I really enjoy exploring that space station and the action oriented game play. The remake looks and sounds great, Issac moves around with a fluidity that wasn't in the original games which makes navigating and combat fun, and while it doesn't seem as difficult I'm having just as much fun playing.

Do have to say the game is running hot. My case fans kick in to high gear and the CPU temp gets a little hot (GPU is fine). I've been able to correct it by turning down the monitor refresh rate (in game) and turning on v-sync. Problem is each time you restart the game it ignores both of those settings so you have to reset them again.

Otherwise loving the game.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: My wife has completely hogged this one and spends all of her waking hours playing it. So it'll be awhile before I can get back in to the game and get to that third shrine.

Dying Light 2: Also likely on hold until I finish Dead Space which has my complete attention right now.

Got Zelda tears of the kingdom working on pc and it's basically been consuming all my free time.

Kena didn't land with me last weekend, so I'll be grinding Skybuilders' Scrips in Final Fantasy XIV. Gotta get in on the new patch hype next week anyway.

Time to open up a chest and find a new haircut. And maybe s beard style. Or maybe a lightsaber endcap.

Life is Strange: True Colors is beautifully written and animated so far. Also, Humanity, despite looking utterly bonkers, it turning out to be precisely my kind of puzzle game.

Hopefully there will also be some Uncharted and Dying Light 2 multiplayer.

Edit: Oh and SP!NG on Apple Arcade (free month. Whoo!) It’s a phenomenal one button game involving swinging and momentum.

Stele wrote:

Just put me down for Zelda the next 3 or 4 weekends probably.


I'm hoping to finish Yesterday Origins, which I've really enjoyed so far.

Now that I'm over the hump of Bravely Second, I think I'm gonna try to go full steam ahead to see this one through before the end of May.

Sundown wrote:

All gaming time will be going toward Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for the foreseeable future.

Still true.

I'm hopelessly addicted to Satisfactory right now.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has also been an absolute delight. They've fixed a lot of the issues I had with the game and have added so much to make this expansion feel alive and worth exploring. I'll probably dip in for a little bit, but have already cleared my weekly goals so don't feel the pressure to log in daily (which is a really good thing for this game! Lol!)

When I've played too much Zelda, some Honkai Star Rail, then putting in my time for the Racing Dorks Dirt Rally league and maybe practice for the next track race.

JohnKillo wrote:

Is it weird I’m now playing Poker at the inventory 1 - 2 for the TF2 unlocks?

More Poker 2. I’ve finished 2 out of the five items.

Trails from Zero and Trails in the Sky SC.

Playing Deliver Us Mars. Traveling and this seemed perfect for my under utilized steam deck.