What are you playing this weekend?

Probably just more Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for me. I'm a decent chunk into Chapter 3, but it's so easy to get lost exploring.

I also kind of feel like starting something new tonight, so maybe Signalis? I only recently discovered that it was on Game Pass after hearing so many positive things about it last year.

Making a push to finish Saints Row IV Re-Elected, and maybe a mission or two of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.

Possibly some Star Wars: Episode I: Racer, which I fired up for the first time in 20 years again on a whim 3 weeks ago. Was really enjoying it until I kept getting stuck inside floating rocks a few tracks in.

Seems my kid burned out on Zelda: Link's Awakening after 5 dungeons in 5 days and is back to Roblox. He did want to play some TMNT: Shredder's Revenge co-op again yesterday, so we did that.

Got Season: A Letter to the Future on sale for like $22 USD. Going to check it out hopefully.

I've gone back to Mutant: Year Zero after a four-month hiatus, and I am having a wonderful time. Hopefully, I'll get to play some more tomorrow.

Diablo IV beta

This morning, I ran 8 miles as part of a training program for a 10-miler (in 2 weeks). So this afternoon, I have a date with my couch! It's going to be a long afternoon of Old World and Ys IX: Monstrum Nox for me.

I bought 3 copies of Sun Haven and played a whole morning of co-op with the kids. It's Stardew Valley with a whole lot of quality of life improvements and way too many NPCs. At 20% off on release it's well worth it!

Warhammer 40k: Chaos Gate - Daemon Hunters (PC)

What an odd game. I knew it was supposed to be like "Warhammer + X-Com", but I wasn't expecting Warhammer X-com; from the UI to the movement animations, it feels like it could be a mod for X-Com (the "spotted" animation the enemies do is almost frame for frame).

Only 40-60 minutes into it, but it's bizarre. Visually it's stunning, but it seems to rely on effects more than raw design skill, so it often shifts between looking high budget, then looking very low budget. The contrast between 3D models can sometimes be comical, with hulking grimdark warriors juxtaposed with cartoony-looking daemons.

At 50% off it was still a little pricier than I was hoping for, but I'm excited at the idea of one of my favourite styles of games (X-Com) merging with my favourite sci-fi setting. Started on normal + permadeath, and I'm hoping it's not a bad idea given the reviews slamming it for difficulty. We'll see.

Dead or School (Switch)

Another oddity. Very low budget, runs like complete ass on Switch but seems to have a lot of heart. It's a linear Metroidvania diablo-style hack N slash game with guns. I initially ignored it based on the high-school girl + zombies aesthetic (torn clothes granting you bonuses, *groan*), but It was cheap, and a reviewer I enjoy recommended it. It's been a nice surprise.

Agathos wrote:

Octopath Traveler. The first one. I'm definitely going to play the sequel, but first all the buzz is reminding me that I have unfinished business with some optional endgame bosses.

It's done, and without delay I jumped in to Octopath Traveler II.

Most likely The Last of Us and/or Diablo 4 beta.

Still plugging away with Tyranny.

I also hope to start a new seamless-coop run in Elden Ring, as the mod apparently supports up to six people now. I dread to think how much health some of the bosses will have, though.

Oh, and I've just started a multiplayer campaign of Barotrauma, which is one of those deep-sea-meets-Lovecraft experiences that seem to be quite popular at the moment.

Veloxi wrote:

If I can get past the queues, hopefully the Diablo IV beta. If not, likely Grim Dawn and Last Epoch. On an ARPG kick.


I started playing Tchia earlier this week. Not sure I like it, but I will give it some more time this weekend. I also plan to start Final Fantasy IX for the JRPG club.

Also Spring cleaning.

If I get to anything this weekend, I'll probably boot up Cities: Skylines to figure out where the buttons are with the Strategy Game Club.

Just got past the Floating Continent in FF6 T-Edition, which keeps me current with the Resonant Arc podcast playthrough, so I'm going to put a pause on that and boot up Final Fantasy IX for the JRPG Club.

Resident Evil 4. Haven't started it yet but will most likely be dominating my weekend.

Resident Evil: Revelations. Started playing this earlier in the week to get hyped for RE4. But probably won't put any more time in to it until I finish RE4.

This is the episodic RE that's a bit old school. It mainly takes place on an ocean liner. I remember really enjoying it and guess I finished it since I had a New Game+ waiting for me when I started playing.

Tchia - This will probably suffer from RE4. But man this game has so much love put in to it. Only got to play a bit more this week. Solving puzzles in this game is pretty fun. Found an underwater cave opening but couldn't hold my breath long enough to make it through. So grabbed a fish and threw it in there. Then possessed the fish which allowed me to explore the cave. My exploration was rewarded by getting a "spell" for underwater breathing. Nice! Now I just have to find where to get keys to open the treasure chests I found.

Also the ukulele freeplay is fairly complex with strumming up + down, plucking, picking, changing octaves, and bending notes. I spent a fair bit of time just relaxing and playing with it.

This is a very chill game.

Elder Scrolls Online - The Greymoor expansion has become my second favorite now. I was a bit disappointed initially as it was such a small slice of the Skyrim. But while exploring I wandered into a mine that opened up in to a massive underground cavern - about the size of the over world area, complete with at least one town. There was a real "WOW!" moment when I turned a corner and that cavern just opened right up. Great job from the designers and artists for creating that.

The main quest line for the expansion is pretty great too. Got Fem Shep and a likeable vampire as a companion for most quests. Now have some werewolves in the mix. With some lite puzzle solving thrown in this quest line has become quite enjoyable.

Will be doing a little bit of Kirby: Planet Robobot, since I'm heading out of town to visit family. Taking my Switch as well, so some Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, since Future Connected won't complete itself.


Still having fun with Star Traders Frontiers. And then usual Rocket League Saturday night games.

But I bought Kenshi for the cRPG club. And installed Skylines on my PS5 for the strategy club. And installed FF IX for the JRPG club...

None of those officially start until April but I fired all 3 up today and played in the options menus so I'm ready to go. Might jump into one or two early.

What I should be playing: Finishing up Grimrock for the cRPG club. Starting Kenshi for the cRPG club. Hell, I still have to finish up Baldur's Gate for the cRPG retirement home.

What I will play: Dwarf Fortress

I've started Shadowrun: Hong Kong, which is 10/10 for story vibes so far, I want to dig a little more into 40k Gladius which is playing out like a game of Civ but War Everywhere All At Once.

And maybe have a little poke at Cities: Skyline to see if i want to dig deeper into it for the Strat Club.

And try the demo for RUINSMAGUS, which is some kind of VR waifu RPG?

After two weekends illness hoping to crack on with Monster Hunter Rise

More LOTRO, where my LM has now hit 43, and is taking a minor diversion into one of the new small areas (the Angle, just after the Last Bridge) where they are assisting the Rangers getting ready for a secret expedition...somewhere. And killing trolls. And much other wildlife, which I'm surprised that a group called 'Rangers' doesn't have more of a problem with, but hey ho.

Finishing Ys IX: Monstrum Nox for the JRPG Club. Then, trying to progress in my game of Old World!

Diablo IV Open Beta

Veloxi wrote:
Veloxi wrote:

If I can get past the queues, hopefully the Diablo IV beta. If not, likely Grim Dawn and Last Epoch. On an ARPG kick.


Yep Yep.

Also Resident Evil 4

Also Tchia

Busy weekend.

Finishing Scarlet Nexus, and then, time to dabble!

Chipping away at Breath of the Wild after starting it for the first time in December, then restarting it a few weeks back to rebuild core competencies, now beyond where I was in the 1st attempt. Got 2 Divine Beasts down, hoping to make it to the flying beast or at least light up the last few Sheikah Towers I have left.

In Sekiro I’ll be exploring atmospheric tropical islands, gliding down from mountain tops using my little green parachute and employing my innate ability to possess other animals to canter across the land or swim through the sea only stopping to collect a woven bangle, play some random but heartfelt chords on my ukulele or admire a beautifully rendered vista.

In Tchia I’ll be stalking the rooftops, halls and alley ways of a gloomy shogunate castle delivery bloody death to my unsuspecting foe. With my trusty rope grapple I’ll flit through outlying areas facing off against armour clad samurai generals who, being, as they are, way more skilled at this whole sword fighting business than I currently am, will undoubtedly mop the floor with be.

Wait… that’s not right…

Final Fantasy IX for the JRPG club and Chained Echoes.


A friend of mine passed on his HOTAS to me due to upgrading and needing to declutter...Microsoft Flight Sim is just a phenomenal experience in VR with this hardware. Still trying to find the right balance of graphics/frame-rate because it's a bit of a difficult one to run, but DAMN I can't see myself doing much more this weekend.

Edit: I should mention I'm very much not a flight enthusiast, I just think planes are cool. Therefore, I'm completely overwhelmed and am having a silly amount of fun just pushing levers and watching planes go boom