What are you playing this weekend?

Yeah join us in spaaaaace!

It's so fun

Going to try to see credits for Yakuza 3 Remastered this weekend but that's only if I don't get too distracted by side content...

I'm steadily working through Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I'm also a few hours into Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix. I also decided it was a good time to start Dark Souls. So hopefully one of those will get some playtime this weekend.

Already rolled credits on Toem (PS5) yesterday, but will play some more this weekend to get the platinum trophy. And then tackle the DLC.

Probably some more Tomb Raider III too. And maybe Persona 3 Portable if I feel like it.

Elder Scrolls Online. Been playing the Greymoor expansion, which is western Skyrim. Fem Shep and I are working on stopping a vampire incursion.

Expansion seems like it's smaller than the others. I'm about 5 hours in or so and have covered most of the overland area. I did watch a review and apparently a large underworld area exists that I haven't gotten to yet. So a little disappointing as I really wanted to spend more time in the Skyrim overland with the snow covered hills.

It was nice seeing Solitude again though. I didn't recognize the city until I turned down a street where the Bards College was located.

So far the side-quests are not wowing me. But the main quest seems good.

I just played the Resident Evil 4 demo, which is fantastic, and it’s put me in the mood for a prettified older game. I’m thinking Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Edit: I ended up playing more Ghost of Tsushima. The Iki island content really is a step up in visuals, gameplay and story. I’m also downloading Sekiro. No idea if I’m going to get on with the game or not but I do adore my human scale sword fights.

I'm going to spend some quality time with Company of Heroes 3. I'm really enjoying it so far between the time I've spent with the campaign and time farting around in Skirmish mode against the computer.

Highly recommend.

Octopath Traveler. The first one. I'm definitely going to play the sequel, but first all the buzz is reminding me that I have unfinished business with some optional endgame bosses.

Phantom Brigade.

Happy to report it's not as easy as some of the reviewers would suggest (or maybe I just suck at simultaneous turn based strategy).

Lots of loot pinata as well, which makes every battle fun.

Scooting back into Total War Warhammer 3, loving playing goblins! WE'S DA BEST, WE'S DA BEST!

And here we are again!

Straying out of my comfort zone a little to play some Apex Legends with a couple friends. Rest of the weekend will be trying to finish the "Plan B" stages of Streets of Fury, practicing GRAND CROSS: ReNOVATION and plugging away at the final missions of my Wanted: Dead hard difficulty run.

It's been a week as well: is a nice hard drink considered a game I'd be playing?

Probably a lot of Last Epoch.

Good to hear Bfgp!

Some more LOTRO, I think. Having helped some proto-hippy (Radagast - bunny powered sled NOT included), I've now been sent off to help some scruffy blokes who look like hipsters with swords call together a Council of the North.

The wildlife is a bit 'sporting' up here, and there appears to be a lot of heavily armed football hooligans (Orcs apparently, who might be linked to A_Unicycle's friends from the post above, so apologies for the slaughter I'm wreaking on them) - they are getting in the way.

PuzzleBound wrote:

I'm about halfway through Outer Wilds and am


desperate to learn what is going on with those giant anglerfish!

I’m so excited for you, that game is truly something special.
When you’re ready, if you want, you can drop by the game’s thread and swap stories. We’re pretty good about using spoilers (and I saw the same on Reddit), we’re all so tight lipped about it because it’s truly all about the journey of discovery. Enjoy!!

This weekend… I finished Case of the Golden Idol last night, so I think I might stream Haven next. Will still be playing Pharaoh: A New Era on my own time. Hopefully Coffee Talk on my Deck.

I'm kind of all over the place.

Last night I played a little Forza Horizon 5, then picked up the iPad version of Star Traders: Frontiers. Somehow along the way, though, I discovered that the iPad port of Spaceward Ho! still works, so I started up a game of that for a multi-layered nostalgia experience.

Yay more Star Traders. Enjoy it. That's what I'll be playing

Metriod: Samus Returns! And the new DLC course for Walkabout Mini Golf VR, Upsidedown Town.

Lots more Saints Row IV Re-Elected, and apparently I'm reading all the text and looking up what to do for my oldest as he plays through Zelda: Link's Awakening on the Switch. He is absolutely obsessed with it.

Some Xenoblade Chronicles, some Pokemon Violet/Scarlet raids with my daughter, and a dollop of Return to Monkey Island.

I forgot, Dead Space Remake. More of that, yeah.

Doing my taxes. It's an RTS. Nobody wins.

Wandered into The Forgotten City. So far it's clicking with me better than other time loop games I tried.

Budo wrote:

Doing my taxes. It's an RTS. Nobody wins.

I rolled the credits in H&R Block 2022 Deluxe. Now it's on to the post-game of calculating 2023 estimated taxes.

I also pulled the Wii out of the box for some Wii Sports Resort with my wife. She's the champion of slicing but I got her in wakeboarding.

It's going to be a busy weekend, but I'm hoping to get some more time with either Dark Souls or Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, depending on time and my mood at the time.

Well, I will be playing some Return to Moneky Island, mostly likely finishing it. Then play some Legend of Grimrock. Will probaly dabble in a few other games here and there to figure out what I would like to focus on for April.

If I can get past the queues, hopefully the Diablo IV beta. If not, likely Grim Dawn and Last Epoch. On an ARPG kick.

More Company of Heroes 3 for me. I restarted the Italy campaign because the 'Normal' setting was too easy (and I'm not good at CoH). You can't change the difficulty once you start which sucks...so, starting again on Hard this time.

Spring cleaning If I have some time left, maybe Persona 3 Portable.

Sekiro (I’m just starting out), trying not to fall off high ledges, blow ourselves up or listen to any quest dialogue in Dying Light 2: Stay Human and hopefully more attempts to climb the leaderboard rankings in Orcs Must Die 3’s Scramble mode.