What are you playing this weekend?

Gloomhaven Digital campaign cooperative with my brother, but boy is this a lesson in pain, and what we'll do for an otherwise good game. Mostly this works, but when it doesn't, it hurts a lot.
- it takes about 4 minutes to load into a coop game. We assumed it wasnt working and tried for a day to figure out why, only to finally just wait and get in.
- We got to the end of a mission and lost without warning. On reload we could see there was a strange lose condition we had to avoid, so we had to redo the end of the battle, cost about 30 minutes
- At the end of that battle, on the last round, bro used a skill that tries to Push an immovable enemy. He didnt care about the push we just needed the good attack associated with it. The game bugged out and gave ME the controls to push the guy, but none of the confirmation actions. To 'solve' it I quit the game and the control did go back to him and he was able to finish
- when I rejoined, he had finished the battle while waiting (4 minute load time remember) so he was in town but the game reloaded me at the last round. It proceeded to do this again no matter what else we tried. 6 hours later we did file surgery to find the bugged save state and kill it.
- later on his own, my brother runs into a mission breaking bug where killing an object is supposed to kill a boss. It doesnt, the boss is invulnerable, no way to win. There's a mod that fixes this, but to run a campaign with a mod you have to START the campaign with it! He's 14 missions in. That's not an appealing option considering everything above. Are we going to need another mod to fix a bug 40 missions in?

All this and we're still playing, because there's basically nothing else like this. (/venting)

Crawley wrote:
Balthezor wrote:

My problem with ESO is that there is so much content, it is overwhelming. Like I have no idea where to start in the story.

With a new character you start in the tutorial area - which is different, and much better, from what I remember from way back when. Then you have access to a hub like system where you can choose whatever expansion/zone you want to start in.

With Morrorwind and Summerset you're dumped off in an area where the main quest for those story zones begin. Then you just pick up side quests as the main one takes you throughout the zone - each expansion is basically one large map with a bunch of dungeons or small side areas.

It sounds like they keep to this process for each of the expansions. I was planning to go to High Isle after I finish up Summerset and then work my way back through the expansions.

I might need to go back. I played this a lot before my kid was born. Not the story but the dungeons. They were a lot of fun as a necromancer healer.

Stalker Anomaly - so good and so free!

I've gone early on the 'Weekend' thread this week, because I'm excited about having something to actually report.

This weekend I'll be playing:

Collar X Malice (PS Vita)
The Order1886 (PS4, via the PS5)

I'll be trying to finish Episode 3 of Death Stranding and trying not to slide too deeply into another Skyrim run.

Making some progress in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Loving it so far. I like that it's formed the full party relatively quickly. And they've significantly dialled down how annoying the Nopons are. Also wildly speculating on where this game fits in the broader series, given some possible clues that have already been dropped.

And continuing to have a blast with Hi-Fi Rush.

Just starting Hogwarts Legacy, which is such a beautiful game. As someone that read the books and watched the movies, I have to say that the game was made with passion and love of the world. I'll put some time into Marvel Midnight Suns.

Fire Emblem Engage still going strong. Feels like I'm getting close to the end but that's usually when one more twist happens

I’m realising I have two things that are throwing my game selection game off at the moment: firstly I’m awash in games I want to get to and, secondly, the fun co-op sessions are largely sating my desire to game each week. Neither could really be described as a problem but are influencing how I priorities which games I choose to play or not play (lots of TV series and movies being watched instead right now.)

That said, Ghost of Tsushima.

I should be continuing my playthrough of The Legend of Grimrock for the cRPG club, or my playthrough of Baldur's Gate for the cRPG retirement home. What I'll probably play instead is Dwarf Fortress, and it's starting to feel like that's going to be a theme this year.

Elder Scrolls Online. Still working through the Summerset expansion. They really did a good job on the scenery for that one. There's still a ton of side quests I'm running in to but may just focus mainly on the story quest for the weekened. I want to get to High Isle expansion where I can pick up a companion NPC to help with any fights.

Also caved and picked up the Metroid Prime remaster. Figure that's a good side game to play. Only did the first tutorial area. Game plays great and looks really good too.

I know I finished that one and think I got a fair bit through the second game. But never played the third one. So I really hope they remaster 2 and 3. Would be nice to play those before 4 comes out.

Sundown wrote:

After having done a few rounds of Old World with the Strategy Game Club, I'm mixing it up and finally starting to put some time into Monster Sanctuary, which has been on the pile for awhile. It's this interesting little monster-catching metroidvania, which seems to place a bigger emphasis on team composition and buffs/debuffs than straightforward damage, plus you need different monster abilities to access different areas. I'm only a few hours in but it seems really fun so far.

Much deeper in Monster Sanctuary now, so I'm still plugging away at it.

Finally dived in to Yakuza LAD, so that should keep me going for a few weekends. I'd been putting it off after suffering a bit of Yakuza/Judgment burnout.

Mostly Mass Effect 1 on the PC and Silent Hill emulated on my Steam Deck.

Probably Tomb Raider III. I think I can finish it this weekend.

The usual: Dead Space Remake and trying to wrap up my Maximum Security run of The Callisto Protocol. I'll probably jump back into Dead Island and... I've found myself enjoying my casual replay of Dante's Inferno. What a crazy game and a bit underrated if you ask me. I may try a fresh playthrough of hard difficulty for the stream later this year.

I'm revisiting a classic: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

ComfortZone wrote:

Finally dived in to Yakuza LAD, so that should keep me going for a few weekends. I'd been putting it off after suffering a bit of Yakuza/Judgment burnout.

I did not parse "LAD" for a moment, and I imagined Kiryu and Ichiban running around town with their buds.

That was my evening yesterday, just me and the yakuza lads!

More cleaning up the mess I left after Ragnarok.


Head cannon: Kratos is macking on Freya after killing her kid a game ago.

Messing around with Tainted Grail: Conquest. I know I'd be enjoying this a lot more if I hadn't already played Slay the Spire. I prefer TG:C's grimdark setting, and I'm looking forward to unlocking all the many character classes, but I can't shake the feeling of this being an edgelord reskin of StS.

Well given all of these UFO and UAPs over the US, I'm going to have to download XCOM2 for training purposes. Maybe some Mass Effect 3.

Budo wrote:

Well given all of these UFO and UAPs over the US, I'm going to have to download XCOM2 for training purposes. Maybe some Mass Effect 3.

I've been playing the remastered version of Destroy All Humans.

Diving into Episode 6 of Death Stranding!

Also been itching to try something new, so may pick something smaller from the backlog if I have the time.

Long weekend here in Ontario, so on the menu:

  • More Tomb Raider III (I failed in my goal to finish the game last weekend)
  • See if I can get a Wiimote and Super Mario Galaxy 2 running in Dolphin on my PC (and possibly Primehack and Metroid Prime Trilogy as well)
  • I might try beating the boss that kicked my ass in Persona 3 Portable a few weeks ago, and see how far I can go before I hit another stumbling block
  • I have Titanfall 2 installed on my PS5 and it's been a while since I've played an FPS, so I might give this one a shot
  • I also started playing around with Blender this week, and I expect to continue to do so this weekend

Spikeout and I are now in the top ten rankings for Orcs Must Die 3 Scramble mode. We’re tenth but aiming to get higher. We’re hoping to get as high as second but we’ll see.

Also, more Ghost of Tsushima. My journey with the game has been fascinating. I wasn’t particularly attached to the game in the early stages but I absolutely adore it now. I love feeling like I’m playing one massive Kurosawa movie. The art design is incredible and the combat could have been designed specifically for me.

It has a lot of options in the way you tackle enemies and fight after fight seems to have it’s own unique flavour. I could be fighting in the cramped interior of a house whilst trying to block my opponents repeat attempts to kill their hostage, facing down and defeating a dozen opponents as we raid a fort or being locked in an exciting, tactical fight with a mogul hunting party as their hawk circles the snowy hillside.

On top of the incredibly well thought out controls what really makes it are the animations for Jin and his enemies. Their reactions to blows and parries are beautifully done. Fights often have a low key cinematic feel that ties them into the general aesthetics and the feeling that I’m playing in a classy samurai movie.

Also some Dying Light 2 if I’m lucky.

I'll be giving Agent 47 in Hitman 3 a rest this weekend as Marvel's Midnight Suns is currently free to play for the next couple of days. It sounds right up my alley, mixing turn-based tactical battles with deckbuilding. Time to give it a try!

I'm also still playing Death Stranding, so perhaps I'll make a few deliveries if I feel the urge.

If I get lucky, I may finish GoWR. If I get real lucky, I may start Tales of Arise or get back into Chained Echoes.

Now that I've finally escaped Hades once, I may take a break (or not) and focus on Catherine: Full Body - just survived the 5th night in that.

Thinking about starting (and probably finishing) the FMV game The Complex.

And a few daily rounds of Quake Champions as always.

Elder Scrolls Online still. I "finished" the Summerset expansion. The main quest chain for that area had a really nice epilogue quest. A bunch of NPCs from some of the side quests I finished come back and explain how I helped them and vouched for me. Very nice touch.

And again there's so much bonus dialogue to this game. After that quest finished I spoke to each of the returning side-quest NPCs. A few of them had quite a bit to say. I wonder how many people actually go out of their way to speak to the NPCs that are not highlighted by quest markers.

In any case looking forward to moving on to the High Isle expansion and getting an NPC companion.

Metroid Prime on the side. It's been perfect for playing 30-60 minutes a pop and still feeling like I'm getting a enough done. Finished off a few bosses. Hoping to come across the suit power that allows you to travel up those little railway areas I keep passing up.