What are you playing this weekend?

bobbywatson wrote:

More Persona 3 Portable, hoping to get to the end of December...

Made good progress last weekend, and hoping to do the same this weekend!

Been trying to find what to play next after Midnight Suns.

I put an hour in to Cyberpunk 2033 and it's not really grabbing me yet. Still kinda at the hand holding part so will play until it opens up more and see if I want to continue.

But while playing that was thinking maybe should just do Witcher 3 with all the recent upgrades. Never did finish that game and it's been long enough where I don't recall much from what I did play.

Some Solatorobo and some Xenoblade Chronicles. That about sums it up.

The first-person festivus continues...

Alien: Isolation for the stream and off-stream as well
Metro 2033 Redux - I'm really warming up to this. Shooting could feel better and the stealth is bleh but I love the atmosphere
Fallout New Vegas - Finally loaded up the "everything edition" on Steam. Yeah, this will keep me busy for a while

More Persona 5 Strikers for me. I am close to the end... and by that I mean I have a jail and a half left, so I'm still several hours away from seeing credits roll.

Sailing Era just ate my Saturday.

It's an anime-style character art trading rpg where you travel port to port mapping the world and trading goods. Steam reviewers likened it to Unchartered Waters 2, I somewhat liken it to Sid Meier's Pirates with less emphasis on swashbuckling and more on spreadsheet trading.

It doesn't question colonialism nor set out the horrifying details of human exploitation. It's probably best described as a romanticised goods trading sim in the age of sails with lots of anime waifus and anime husbandos. I'm not sure which exact time period it sits in but I'd say around the 1600-1800s.

It really does have that "one more trade run" hook to it - once you figure out which ports like to consume which goods in conjunction with booming / recession price volatility you can make a ton of gold - compare that to my foray into south east Asia where I wasted trade after trade unprofitably.

It really does drive home the vastness of the world and just how adventurous humans were to send wooden ships across vast distances for trade.

Mario_Alba wrote:

More Persona 5 Strikers for me. I am close to the end... and by that I mean I have a jail and a half left, so I'm still several hours away from seeing credits roll. :P

I was stunned by that game. It bored me at first with the inevitable over-tutorializing, but once it grabbed me, it didn't let go.

It took me a while to get into it as well, but when it clicked, it clicked.

Red Redemption II on PC! It's feels like a remake of the PS4 Pro version. Looks so good. I was playing Ghosts of Tsushima, but mostly finished it. I'll come back to it when I'm in a samurai mood again to mop up the remaining trophies on PS5.

Tales of Arise has failed to grab me at all thus far, so instead I shall be finishing my Outer Worlds second run through (just the final two planets and DLC to do).

Playing more Ixion. This game has just eaten every minute of gaming time the past week. Will also this weekend. Not sure there is replayability here, but it's been engrossing ride so far.

Alina of the Arena A cool little rogue like deck builder with arena combat. So many adjectives with that description and I think it’s neat. The color system of left and right to use weapons is a little strange but the concepts are there.

Finished God of War: Ragnarok. It surpassed my expectations.

The New Super Auto Pets pack is a lot of fun and taking up most of my weekend.

More Cyberpunk 2077. I think I'm liking this the more I play it. I'm pretty sure I'm in the latter half, maybe third, of the game although lately I've been leaving Takemura waiting for me while I do side jobs with Panam, Judy and River. Doubt the name 'Judy' will be terribly popular in 2077 though.

I'm hoping to maybe play a little Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but I also started Wildermyth yesterday, after putting it off for around a year. Related to this, I'll also be spending the weekend resisting the urge to buy the new Fire Emblem.

Mostly Death Stranding as well as a bit of Final Fantasy XIV if I can fit it in.

Downloading Monster Hunter Rise and I can’t wait!

Going to be doing some raids and co-op with my daughter in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet, some Solatorobo (which I think might be a mistranslation/romanization of Sora to Robo, which would be Sky and Robots or something in Japanese...) and Xenoblade Chronicles. Might play other things here or there, but this is my focus for the weekend.

I started Dead Island: Definitive Edition last week on XSX and I can't stop playing. Booting zombies into blood-filled swimming pools as they're trying to stand up or lopping off their arms with sickles has not gotten old yet. And I hope it doesn't anytime soon because I'm only a fraction of the way into the campaign despite putting in a number of hours already. So far though this is definitely in my wheelhouse as a "high quality" and "surprisingly good" 6/10 video game.

I also put some extra time into Alien: Isolation. I think I've finally acquired all of the tools and gadgets available - including the flamethrower - and I feel a lot less helpless now. It's still tense as all hell but now I have a number of options at my disposal aside from the "hide and hope for the best" gameplay loop that nearly sank the early game experience for me.

Firing up Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for the twitch stream because...well, why the hell not? It's awesome, I never got around to completing it on the X360 a decade ago and I have a criminally small number of hours logged on the Steam version.

Veloxi wrote:

As much Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor - Martyr as I can. So addicted right now.

But I also need to break it up with some Star Fleet II playtesting.


Continuing my Baldur's Gate game. Decided to leave the city for a while and check out some of the Tales of the Sword Coast content. Then if I have time, maybe some Old World or Dwarf Fortress.

I was going to say The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe but I’m pretty sure I’ve finished it. I’ll probably play a bit more Days Gone. Co-op wise we’re closing in on the end of Divinity Original Sin 2 (120 hours of co-op played) but fights can last a whole session so it might be another week or two. Could be more Orcs Must Die 3 but I have my eye on a bit of Returnal co-op action.

Edit: DOS2 finished. On to Dying Light 2.

I've been playing The Case of the Golden Idol. If you enjoyed Return of the Obra Dinn, then I encourage you to check this one out. It's 2D scenes and a series of discrete mysteries, but it scratches the same itch, and resolving the mysteries is very satisfying.

Steam World Dig 2. It’s been cozy.

Fire Emblem Engage!

JohnKillo wrote:

Steam World Dig 2. It’s been cozy.

Love it. Love all the Steamworld actually. Think they have a new game coming soon.

JohnKillo wrote:

Steam World Dig 2. It’s been cozy.

One of my favourite Metroidvania's of all time. It gets so creative the further you get into the game with the abilities, the dungeon design facilitating them beautifully.

Stele wrote:
JohnKillo wrote:

Steam World Dig 2. It’s been cozy.

Love it. Love all the Steamworld actually. Think they have a new game coming soon.

I really hope it's Steamworld Dig 3, I've been a bit disappointed with their other titles specifically SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, which was good but not great.

Into the Radius (VR)

I've waffled on about this long enough in the VR thread, so I'll save some words here. S.T.A.L.K.E.R in VR? Perfection. *chef kiss*

Compound (VR)

Just look at this, that tells you almost everything you need to know about Compound. Retro-themed roguelike shooter that just feels wonderful to play.


Divinity Original Sin 2

Okay, so when I'm back in meatspace, I've been on a bit of a cRPG kick. Loaded up my old save from 2 years ago (yikes) and am about half way...(?). Level 12, finally getting my footing with some skill synergies and making progress. This game is HARD. The dual magic/armour system is still giving me some trouble, but it makes for varied encounters. I just love how it gives you the freedom to progress in whatever way you like, even if it feels like you're breaking the game at times.

The fact that they give you gloves of teleportation in the first hour speaks to how confident they are in letting the player experiment; I'm sure I broke sequence with these multiple times by finding weird angles to teleport my party past encounters or through gaps in the terrain, but it all ends up working out despite this.

Love love love this game, and can't wait for Baldur's Gate 3 since it's the same studio. I'm keen to play DoS1 after this, but I also haven't touched Baldurs Gate 1 or 2 yet! I feel like I should fix that soon

Compound is, so far, my favorite VR game. It just does everything right.

It's truly wonderful. I'm looking forward to playing more, but have to do so in short bursts. It makes me sicker than most other shooters, which is odd considering how clear and smooth it runs on Quest 2.

But I'm sure my VR legs will improve with time