What are you playing this weekend?

On the menu this weekend:

  • Persona 3 Portable (PC)
  • Gravity Rush 2 (PS4)
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PC)

I also started playing Wolfenstein: The New Order (PC) earlier this week, we'll see if I can spend some more time with it.

Basically just Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and that will be the case for quite awhile, unless I feel the need to mess around with something short on the PC.

Late to the party, but I've finally given Hades a try. After putting about 3 hours into it, I sensed I was reaching that inflection point where either I was going to bounce off of the game forever or get utterly hooked.

Another two or three hours later, and I can pretty confidently say that it is the latter. It's really scratching that Binding of Isaac, Dead Cells, Rogue Legacy, "one more run" itch.

Loving the shield, ping-ponging my way around the battlefield, although I think I'm actually better with the bow. Loving the gameplay loop of figuring out your build on the fly, finding some neat synergies, etc.

Ran into a bit of a wall with Megaera, the first big named boss. Took me four or five tries to defeat her. Love the context specific dialogue from the npcs. My skeleton training dummy buddy saw that I had run into trouble and gave me a little pep talk. Lots of cute little touches like that.

Finally got past her, and every time I've faced her since then has been an exciting touch and go battle that I've squeaked past with enough life to do some decent exploring in the next section. Gotten to the Bone Hydra twice, got my ass kicked the first time, squeaked past him the second time.

Loving how leveling up the trinkets you get from gifting nectar to the NPCs means I'm always making progress even on an otherwise lousy run, although I'm having trouble seeing a reason to ever use anything except for the one I got from Skelly that gives another death defy.

Like the random Darkness bonus that encourages switching around between weapons instead of always going for one or two favorites, although I've seldom found Darkness to be much of a bottleneck. The real bottleneck has been keys.

Yeah Hades is something else. A lot of roguelikes out there now but it ties the repeat runs into the story like no other game does. Referencing previous victories and defeats, it's a thing of beauty.

For me, I'm traveling so focusing on Switch instead of PC this weekend. Deaths Door is getting most of the attention but we'll see what else I can get into.

I was really into Hades for a few weeks when it came out on Game Pass for Xbox and haven't touched it since. I think I beat Hades twice and then decided I didn't want to grind anymore for meta currencies.

I'm sure it will reach a point where I am sick of the grind, but typically once a game like this gets its hooks into me I don't reach that point until long after the point where I have gotten much more than my money's worth out of it.

They have the Far Cry 6 free weekend going on so downloaded that last night but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I'm guessing its more Far Cry. The last one from the series I spent any time on was Primal.

But have been mainly playing Might and Magic X: Legacy. Played this way back when the full game got released in 2014 and loved it. Was a throwback to the earlier M&M games (e.g. Xeen) with the grid based movement but this time using 3D assets. Very simple game. Just put together a decent party, kill monsters, complete quests, do some simple puzzles and level up.

Only dislike I have is once you choose your party members you are stuck with them. I have a scout that is somewhat useless. Would have loved to trade them in for a pure spell caster but to do that you have to start the game all over. So going with what I got.

Update: Well Far Cry 6 was short lived. There's some odd fps bug where once a cut sequence completes and I drop back into the game my fps is like 15. Normally I'm at 85 fps on ultra. I noticed cut sequences drop to 30 fps automatically and don't look smooth to begin with. Tried a few things without success. Game is uninstalled. Glad for the free trial.

I was maybe going to push through and maybe finish Death Stranding, but then I got ambushed, lost my packages, and rage quit a couple of times. So, we'll see.

Just installed Hard West 2, so I shall be giving that a go.

I might also start a new FM22 save, as the Premiership season starts tonight.

I'll continue with Child of Light. And hey, don't sleep on it --it's really good!

X X X E E E N N N O O O B B B L L L A A A D D D E E E 3 3 3

I've just bought Inscryption in the sale so I may get to that this weekend, but I've decided to go back and play Daniel Mullins's first game Pony Island. While I'm at it I've got his second game - The Hex in my backlog, so perhaps I'll play that right afterward and make it a triple bill.

Stray which, at the three hour mark (half way it sounds like,) is shaping up to be a lovely adventure/puzzle game with a phenomenal atmosphere. It’s delightful how much they’ve incorporated basic cat activities into the solutions for puzzles. Flynn, my cat, is, of course, entirely oblivious to the game’s existence and no amount of me hitting the ‘meow’ button, whilst looking at him expectantly, seems to change that.

Also, apparently, Into the Breach. I don’t know if you guys have heard of this game (/s) but it’s rather good!

If you like Pony Island and Inscryption, check out Frog Fractions and Glittermitten Grove.

Robear wrote:

If you like Pony Island and Inscryption, check out Frog Fractions and Glittermitten Grove. :-)

Thanks, good call. I've played Frog Factions and I remember getting Glittermitten Grove in one of the big charity bundles from itch.io. I've bumped it up my to-play list

I played a little Destiny 2, which I grabbed a few weeks ago and kinda spent a decent amount of time in. I love the art design and the worldbuilding, and find myself inadvertently grinding by just hanging around patrol zones in the Cosmodrome (or EDZ on occasion). I've done some Crucible, some strikes, and some story quests (e.g., "The Arrival", the first main quest in The Witch Queen), but am sometimes kinda treading water spoon-wise and I get a lot of enjoyment just flying all over a map shooting aliens.

The other day, after having watched a few videos about it, I downloaded and started playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly. This is a free stand-alone mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with some updates by the mod team. I've never played a game in this world, so I'm late to the party, but it's been "fun".

Only one goal this weekend: Finish Illusion of Gaia. It's not that long, and I think I'm 75% of the way through, I don't expect to take it too long.

I'm kind of impressed with the performance of SNES emulation on the Chromecast with Google TV so far.

Elden Ring, which I've discussed in the thread - check it out.

Also, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. I received it as a gift last Christmas, but didn't want to play it until I finished the 3DS one. Trouble is, I never play anything on the 3DS. It's too small for my old man my eyes (especially in a game as visually busy as this), not to mention that mine is falling apart. So I figured that I ought to start playing Tropical Freeze regardless. I'm so glad I did. It's just such a good game. It really highlights how grossly underrated the Wii-U line-up was too (and that's coming from someone who never bought one).

I'm leveling Monk in Final Fantasy XIV (along with throwing myself against the current event's insane jumping puzzle), and hoping to finish Metro Last Light. If I have time for anything else I might try to finish another floor in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.

Looking forward to a little Fell Seal, a little Xenoblade Chronicles, and some Young Souls, which has turned out to be a little bit grindier than I expected from an RPG/Beat'em Up.

Time for some Cult of the Lamb, methinks.

One story campaign left in Wildermyth. I'll be a little sad to finish and call it done for the pile. But I'll probably keep playing the randomly generated campaigns to check things out.

I plan to whittle away as more of Horizon: Forbidden West . That game is fantastic and huge. I also hope to play around with Two Point Campus on gamepass.

Fist Forged in Shadows and Cult of the Lamb game. Both are pretty fun and will try to finish Fist at least.

PS Cuthulu DLC on switch is free for a little bit

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
I *will* finish it this month!

....I hope.

EDIT: and staying with the ancient Greek theme, I just started Hades last night, so I'm almost certainly going to play a bit more of that.

billt721 wrote:

Wife and kids are gone for the weekend, so I'm finally going to sit down and finish Horizon: Zero Dawn. I've been playing off and on for over a year at this point and every time I get into the story I ruin it for myself by going off and doing pointless side stuff and getting bored and stopping for several months. But this weekend, I'm just going to power through.

I did not end up finishing Horizon last weekend, but I did put about 20 hours into it over the course of the 3 days. I'm at the point of no return now, so I'm hoping to finish it up tonight and then start in on the Frozen Wilds DLC. I could go do the DLC stuff first, but the thing really driving me forward at this point is the story of what happened in the past, and I feel like I'm gonna get more of that in the last few main quests than I will the DLC.

Sundown wrote:

Basically just Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and that will be the case for quite awhile, unless I feel the need to mess around with something short on the PC.

Still this.

A mix of:

Sims 3 which I just reinstalled.
Combat Mission Black Sea
Mass Effect 1 Legendary
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the PS4

...or maybe just nothing. Since I finished my replay of the Last of Us Remastered on the PS4, nothing seems to be holding my attention for long.

More Stray.