What are you playing this weekend?

Final Fantasy V
Nobody Saves the World
Crusader Kings 3 with the strategy club

Right now just Crusader Kings 3 with the strategy club, since I'm having a nice little run on newbie island.

Elden Ring! Apparently I’m approaching the end. Just another fleeting 50 to 60 hours and it’ll all be over.

It’s kinda nice to know where the finish line is or at least the start of the long run in to the finish. After all, I have a log jam of stellar games waiting to be experienced or returned to once Elden Ring loosens it’s grip. At the same time it’s a little melancholic to be reminded that, at some time in the not so distant future, I’ll have no new lands to marvel at and no intimidating bosses to beat for the first time.

Well what does one do post Elden Ring? I am downloading warframe to give it a blast tonight. Does anyone play on ps5 here?

This weekend will be spent playing some Daemon X Machina and Ooblets.
Japanesey Mech RPG and Super-Cute Dance Battles.

Debate me!

Demon X Machina is a great Armor Care style great. Wish for more silly stickers and customization options.

As for me going to play more Elden Ring and Triangle Strategy. So for Ser the MC is the least interesting character in the battle portions of the game.

The main game for this weekend will be Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster (PC). Side games should be The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS), some Monster Hunter Rise (PC), and small progress in SMT Persona 3 FES (PS2).

I haven't been able to play much this year, but I found some time yesterday to play Final Fantasy VII Remake, and I love it so far (I'm about three hours in). Hopefully, I'll be able to play some more this weekend. If not, I might do some quick games of Islanders and Puyo Puyo Champions.

bbk1980 wrote:

Well what does one do post Elden Ring? I am downloading warframe to give it a blast tonight. Does anyone play on ps5 here?

Aww man I'm kind of playing Warframe again but I'm on PC. Cross play can't come soon enough.

Peglin!!! If you liked Peggle this is where your weekend should go lol

Donan wrote:

Dune: Spice Wars (early release on Steam). Very promising.

+1 & The Evil Within 2 on my Steam Deck.

Hooked on Two Point Hospital on the Switch. Am sure it'd be easier to play on computer but still good fun.

More Monster Hunter Rise (PC) with the Friday evening GWJ group, some Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster (PC), and probably some Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS) as well, although I will admit I got very close to dropping this one yesterday.

For some reason I kinda want to load my old Monster Hunter Freedom Unite save and see where I was at.

Fifa 22 is on PS Plus so probably trying my first football game in 20 years and hopefully some co-op on Operation Tango.

I'll be dipping into a little bit of everything below:

Young Souls
Psychonauts 2
Fantasy Life
The Messenger

It's going to be a big ol' gaming weekend.

Burned out on Elden Ring, so I'm giving myself a break by diving in to another huge RPG, Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Still hooked on Dishonored so I'll be playing more this weekend. Otherwise leveling Summoner and playing PVP in Final Fantasy XIV.

I would really like to start digging into Road 96.

Elden Ring and Persona 5

More Final Fantasy VII Remake, if I can find the time.

Working my way through Amnesia: Rebirth. I imagine I will watch credits roll sometime this weekend.

Elden Ring. Likely with quite a bit of co-op. Unbelievably the areas in the game continue to top each other for how visually arresting they are. My Confessor character has 80 hours played, my Moonveil and staff Samurai has 117 hours.

I’ll also be playing Wordle.

I’ve been crazy busy lately, where when I do get gaming time it’s hard for me to play anything that takes concentration or focus. Well, it’s finally slowing down a bit so this weekend I’m hoping to finally get into Disco Elysium

I’ll probably also dabble in other stuff like Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, Power Wash Simulator and Rogue Legacy 2

Can’t stop playing Horizon: Forbidden West.

Probably not much on my end. Some Star Fleet II for playtesting, some Diablo III on the Switch.

Redherring wrote:

Can’t stop playing Horizon: Forbidden West.

I intend to get to that game sometime soonish. Good to hear so many folks are into it.

More Ghostwire Tokyo for me. It's at a point where it's kind of mindless, but in a good way. Like, I'm still really enjoying it, but I'm at a point where the gameplay doesn't seem to have too many new surprises and I've levelled up enough that most things aren't particularly challenging.

Won't have time for much else, aside from gazing longingly at Xenoblade Chronicles 2, unfortunately.

Finished prepping my Steam Deck for some hard core emulation. I have already installed RetroArch, Steam ROM Manager, EmuDeck and any other emulators that I will need for now. Time to play some games.

Final Fantasy V
Crusader Kings 3

and fiiiiiiiiine I'll try it

Elden Ring

Agathos wrote:

and fiiiiiiiiine I'll try it

Elden Ring

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