What are you playing this weekend?

Tycho the Mad wrote:

Bosco is awesome!

The best. I want my own Bosco.

A friend surprised me with a copy of Project Zomboid. After a bit of a rough learning phase, I'm utterly addicted. It's such an interesting, richly detailed zombie simulator! So much to learn, but each run is new and exciting.

I really wish more games treated zombies like threats and not just bags of meat. In this game, I'm terrified if I have to fight more than 2-3 of the damn things. One bite and a multi-hour run could be over!

I have beat Halo 3: ODST (FAN-F*CKING-TASTIC game), Halo 3 (less fun story, but the maps were solid), and am now onto the first actual game in the series I've not played... Halo 4.

And, uh, first impressions are not kind. The story feels very tacked on (i.e. "Hey we need a reason to make another game and not have it just be more Covenant you fight"), and the actual new enemies are not that fun.

Also, making Cortana sexualized feels weird and creepy. I don't care about her that much, so stop making this some sort of pseudo-love story with a blue AI lady.

Are my first impressions wrong? Does it get better? I still need to play Halo 5 before I start Infinite, and I worry things continue to trail downhill.

Halo 4 is not good

I kind of need to go back and play 4 and 5 again. I have played through 4 twice (once on 360 at release and then later on Xbox One via MCC) and I have only played through 5 once and neither of them left much of an impression. I do remember a level from 4 I think involving a giant mobile command center vehicle thing and defending it from waves of Covenant (I think) that was fun. Mostly I remember 4 being kind of meh and 5 being worse.

Though there was a story beat in 5 I was hoping would be picked back up in Infinite that hasn't been.


The Librarian I think implied that The Forerunners had done something to the humans to limit their potential and she undid the change in the Master Chief while also making him immune to the effects of The Composer or something.

I don't really play Halo games for the story but sometimes they hit on a neat idea (and usually sweep it under the rug before the next game comes out).

Likely a mixture of Wattam, MH: Stories, Psychonauts 2, Echo Generation, and The Darkside Detective 2.

I'm a bit under the weather and intend to stay in the entire weekend.

A pretty Mario obsessed weekend again - 3D World & Bowser's Fury, NSMB U Deluxe and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I kind of feel like I need some of the ol' ultraviolence to balance things out. But I think I'll just stick with these and try to keep the super happy vibes only.

Plugging away at Mass Effect. I'll also be doing... something in multiplayer with my son. We'd been having daily sessions of Embr, the wacky firefighting game, and having a decent enough time with it. But the servers were down yesterday, so we booted up Sea of Thieves again instead, and I suspect that'll be his new "thing" for the next week or two.

Hello guys!! First of all, good start of a weekend!

I will be most likely playing

1. ffxiv
2. Mario Party Super stars (with the family)
3. Nier Automata
4. hopefully restat lost odyssey

Been watching too much Roguetech on Baradul's channel. I am going to fire it up in the hopes that I can finally get some of my money's worth for Battletech.
Looking forward to all the mech and zany weapon systems (like heavy MRMs) and an open campaign system.

I'm near the end of Disco Elysium. I think.

I also got Tropico 6 in the sale so I've been dabbling a bit in that... I have a few days and half an hour of play before I have to decide whether to ask for a refund.

Plans for this weekend:
1. Try to get the two missing gold crowns I need in Monster Hunter World (PS4) for the trophies (which, for the record, is a stupid endeavor, and I asked my friends to slap me if I ever attempt something stupid like this again)
2. Monster Hunter Rise (PC)
3. Trails in the Sky the 3rd (PC) - Just starting chapter 3
4. Maybe Xenogears (PC) if I feel like it

That's way too many games.

Bounced off of Monster Hunter Stories 2 pretty hard so will likely be spending more time with Geralt in The Witcher 3.

I’ll be leveling Reaper, as well as crafters, in Final Fantasy XIV.

Sundown wrote:

I'm deep into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with the CRPG Club, and I'll try to finish it this weekend if I can. And if I do? IDK, I've been eyeing Monster Sanctuary which I have on my Switch. I'll probably fire that up. It's a mashup of monster collecting and metroidvania.

So I did finish Deus Ex last weekend, but instead of Monster Sanctuary, I decided it was time to start up Assassins Creed Odyssey, and I'm giving myself basically the whole year to finish it in pieces rather than try to marathon it. I just got off the starting island, and now I have a boat. And I've also started a Nuzlocke run of Pokemon Fire Red, so while that won't be the focus it will probably get a bit of time.

Some Star Fleet II playtesting plus more Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Martyr and Diablo 3 on the Switch.

More Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark. Got the strategy hooks deep in me right now.

Also been dabbling at Children of Morta on Switch. Very fun in small doses but have to take breaks from grinding the same levels.

Pushing through my full replay of the Halo series, currently in progress with Halo 2: Anniversary on the MCC. Also, I plan to include some "palate-cleansers", with Street Fighter V, DariusBurst: CS, and ... Copy Editor: A Regex Puzzle? Yeah, I'm a programmer nerd.

More Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. 74% of the map uncovered and level 38. Trying to cook as many recipes as I can. Permanent fast mana recharge (thanks to various drinks) is pretty great in combination with a lightning attack that strikes enemies anywhere on the screen.

Aside from that, no clue what I'll play aside from my daily round or 3 of Quake Champions.

Might return to Paper Beast VR though.

More Tainted Grail: Conquest both offline and on the live streams. Continuing on with W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr's current season. It's been a couple weeks now and I'm itching to play more W40K: Battlesector.

Oh and hopefully come Aliens: Fireteam Elite co-op with a buddy on Saturday night.

It's been a couple weeks now and I'm itching to play more W40K: Battlesector.


Probably the most underrated game this year. They are making a new DLC with a sandboxy open campaign. You can play as nids, the new race and space marines.
I really hope they add most of the races. I want a separate sisters army, adeptus mechanicus, hell every race in Dawn of War would rock!

I'm holding out for the new campaign mode and DLC for Battlesector before returning to it, but yeah, it is great. Love Black Lab.

Still playing through Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Still amazed at how beautiful the game is. During the game you get a spirit mask and have to find three "memories" related to the person that wears the mask. At the end of that you get this nice 3-4 minute, really well produced, and touching, cinematic that shows what happened to them. Great stuff in the game. Have two of the masks complete and judging that I have no more upgrades to my character to do the third mask is the last one.

Sharing some more in-game photos I took with the photo tool.





Continuing with Divinity: Original Sin 2. Still on the first island at ~14 hours. Given how little time I have to play games, this is gonna take me half a year. That's alright, though. I'm enjoying it so far.

Still on the Escape From Tarkov grind. I think this may be the longest I've stuck with it after a wipe. I'm guessing another week or two though.

Playing a lot of Persona 5 Strikers at the moment. It's great! I'm on to the third location, and looking forward to that this weekend. Yusuke is shamelessly stealing the show so far. The new cop Zenkichi is pretty good too.

Continuing on with Halo Infinite, with some Dragon Quest Builders 2 mixed in.

This’ll probably be me for a while: Ghost of Tsushima and Deep Rock Galactic.

Spikeout out and I are still trying to get five skulls on riftlord difficulty on Orcs Must Die 3’s last map. It’s soooooo tricky. Often you can build to a good solution but we seem to have a good run then the next runs are disastrous. We’ll get there. I think we are close.

I've also started Persona 5 Strikers. I'm only about an hour and a half in, but I've already met humanity's companion. Liking it so far.

kstress71 wrote:

DariusBurst: CS, and ... Copy Editor: A Regex Puzzle? Yeah, I'm a programmer nerd. ;)

Let us know what you think! I can imagine a regex puzzler being fun and somewhat educational if done well.