What are you playing this weekend?

I am really struggling with finding something to play. I am doing another play through of MW4:Mercs because I didn't get a chance to do Solaris on my prior playthrough.

Welp, I played Solaris Jungle light and medium and Coliseum light. Solaris used to be bread and butter for me and I'd earn a lot of cash there. But now? OMG I forgot how hard it is to hit a light mech let alone a Flea. I remember Fleas being tough, but they didn't really have much weapon threat. I reloaded a save because I lost my first light round because the Flea picked me apart before I fought the last opponent. I was playing a Raven which doesn't have tremendous damage potential either but I did win the second round with a lot less trouble.

Jungle medium I experimented with a shadowcat build that worked reasonably well despite something like a ryoken or uziel being my preferred medium for Solaris. However, Coliseum light placed me close to a ppc based Wolfhound that wrecked me in pretty short order once I chased away the damaged Owens I was fighting. Wolfhound was by far my favorite light mech for Solaris with a medium laser boat build. I know people like to use ppc pumas, but they have no twist so they just don't work for me. And I wreck those with my wolfhound.

But the minor mods to salvage in Mektek make missions so much more lucrative than Solaris. In this new playthrough I have earned 6 heavy mechs and 1 assault after 4-5 missions. I have an awesome, 2 black knights, 2 catapults, and 2 marauders. There is no way I could have accomplished that with the 1.5-2 million Solaris prize pool.

I’ll be playing Armoured Commander 2, Drox Operative 2, and one of my newer games, not sure which. Feeling roguelike this weekend.

Mostly a 4x weekend for me, though it's unclear if I'll actually have much time to play. But if I do, I'm in the middle of a game of Civ VI as Egypt and a game of Old World as Rome. This is my first military-focused game of Old World and the orders system has made things very interesting, forcing me to make a decisions every turn about which units actually act as I don't have enough to do everything I want every turn.

Oh, also maybe some Hitman 3 if I get the chance.

Still pirating it up in AC: Black Flag!

Might dip back into Animal Crossing though. That's an awesome patch.

I’m planning on some Back 4 Blood, COD: Vanguard, and maybe some Destiny 2.

Jumping back into Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for the weekend live streams.

I also plan to dabble again in Batman: Arkham Origins and I picked up another indie game on sale called Iratus: Lord of the Dead, which has been described as a more forgiving and less grindy Darkest Dungeon. Sign me up!

Been a while since I played it, so probably time for a New Game + run of Mass Effect : Andromeda.

Might do some mining in Deep Rock Galactic, picked up for half price. I am having trouble finding the mineral deposits in my first real mission, which is proving slightly annoying.

Not good to spend all my time in front of my PC, so maybe a run of solo submarine board warfare in Silent Hunters, spurred on by ZillaBlitz's let's play series. Double duty as well, as I'm the medical officer on his sub!

Going back to Zombie Army 4 for a little while, because even though I'm enjoying Days Gone quite a bit, I've been playing it for way too long and I'm not even halfway through.

I've blown the dust off of Pokemon Picross for 3DS. Turns out I had lots of uncaptured critters running about, which has been addressed. I think I'll go ahead and complete all the missions in Standard Mode, even though that entails just a bit more roster juggling than I care for. From there, I think I'll simply glide into the Alt World (Mega Picross) without too much fiddling.

Stele wrote:

Still pirating it up in AC: Black Flag!

I have such great memories of Black Flag. I've since tried AC2, 3, Liberation, and Odyssey, and Black Flag is still my fav by far. I'm grateful to have it in portable form on the Switch.

Follow my adventures in the Black Flag thread. Trying to update every day or two as I make progress.


Will be traveling, so mostly stuff on my 3DS like Monster Hunter Stories, Puzzle and Dragons, Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and a smattering of other games on it.

Having picked up a few 360 games I think it should be a 360 weekend. Never played ODST but after Idle Thumbs talk about it makes me hope it is my new favorite one.

I'm looking to finish Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend. I'm also driving speedy race cars in Forza Horizon 5.

Shymlark and I have survived for ten days in Stranded Deep. The raft is growing in size and functionality. We’ve started farming and have killed a giant spiney crab without it nearly killing us. We’re not sure if the flare I fired into it’s crabby face helped or not but it’s resolve seemed to waver after that. If we can reliably kill the homicidal spiney crabs we can safely harvest other islands… that’s apart from the boars and snakes of course.

Still going to spend time with the Arcade Legends Ultimate cabinet. Have a usb stick that adds another 7500 games so I’ve basically been spending a few minutes here and there during the week adding games to my favorites list. That’s been almost as enjoyable as playing the games as there are so many I’m coming across that I haven’t thought of in 20 or 30 years. But when I see the demo video of them playing it’s like an instant nostalgic hit.

There was this old shmup Tokio that I played so much in the arcades I had totally forgotten about. Both seeing and being able to play that game again is such a joy. But man my reflexes have certainly decreased since playing a lot of these games.

The Track & Field and Hyper Sports games where you have to bang on the buttons as fast as you can was lovely to see and play again. Can recall in the arcades after a year of use most of those games had broken buttons or the buttons were replaced with ones that just didn’t feel right.

Finding those obscure games I used to play is so neat. Like Pleiades, New York! New York!, Moon Cresta, Boomer Rang’r, Astro Blaster. There’s been so many of those. But of course most don’t hold up - Boomer Rang’r is great though.

In any case spending my time on there getting my reflexes up to snuff.

Omega Race!

I picked up the Grandia Collection for the Switch. I played the first game many years ago, but I dropped it sometime in the first half. I don't quite remember why. Hopefully I'll finish it this time.

So far this weekend I've been enjoying Rocket League. Finally, I'm not terrible at it now, not good, but not terrible! Also jumped back into Warhammer: Vermintide 2 after a long time and had a fun few runs. I've just finished a couple of games of Android: Netrunner on Tabletop Simulator, great LCG that I'm only just getting into.

I've recently acquired the digital version of Wingspan (it's currently in this months Humble Choice bundle), I haven't played the physical board game, so I'm keen to try it out.

I'm also planning to play It Takes Two, as it's recently arrived on Game Pass.

I just beat Inscryption.

It's very, very, very good.

I don't even like card games, but it's really ingenious to call it one. The cards are just half of what this game is doing.

(And yes, I used "ingenious" for a reason. The game is sneaky.)

Icarus (the latest survival/building/crafting) game is having its last(?) beta weekend before launch. This is the first one I've jumped in. So far its great. We dropped down from orbit, still somehow needed to gather twigs and berries because for ... reasons we don't have any tools. We hunted some things, got hunted by some things, accidentally set each other on fire. A great time was had by all.

The main unique thing about this one is that instead of having one big persistent world, you have these temporary (hours/days) sessions and isolated maps to explore, get resources, accomplish objectives, then make it back to the launch vehicle to return to orbit.

I believe you do have a permanent space to build in but it only has the most basic resources, which behooves you to go drop into the deeper territories.

Also it has the best storms I've seen in a game in a while.

Mario_Alba wrote:

Going back to Zombie Army 4 for a little while, because even though I'm enjoying Days Gone quite a bit, I've been playing it for way too long and I'm not even halfway through.

But I got Guardians of the Galaxy today, so I might just have to play that tomorrow...

I'm pretty much done with another run through of MW4:Mercs. I was also inspired to get further along in my MW5:Mercs campaign playthrough. The former is so good and the latter is so scattered.

My lance currently consists of 1 behemoth, 5 behemoth 2s, and 3 marauders 2s. I pilot the behemoth because I stacked 2 CUAC20s in it for a staggering combined 72 damage. The behemoth 2s come stock with railguns that dish out 56 damage at 1200m.

Since this latest run is with Grey Death Legion, the boon to lostech ended up stalling my lance build up. Sure I got a lot of atlases early, but atlases are just mediocre in any of the MW4 games. So the path was awesome + atlas -> haupman -> daishi -> a rare lone kodiak -> behemoth 2 + marauder 2.

I used x-pulse lasers a lot more this time. But that is because they aren't really pulse lasers. They have more similar stats towards standard IS lasers. They just have a hair less damage, significantly more heat and a fire rate that sits halfway between a standard and pulse lasers.

I bought some plasma cannons as they seemed devastating. But then I never used one because it just wasn't a good weapon to find compliments for with the slots I had on my lance's mechs. Continuous beam laser was a bust too as dealing with the heat prevented getting a feel for how damaging they were. Another bust is the AGL log tom type weapons since I just know I am going to damage friendlies way too much.

Forza Horizon 5 is GOTY material as long as it is not crashing my PC.

Vigilantes turns out to be great fun. Good tactical shooter with strategy game attached, akin to the old control-the-block city takeover games of the 80's and 90's, but with a dark neo-Noir story attached. Also got into Demon, by our own Ferret. Check the Roguelike thread for more info on that; it's three thumbs up.

Jumped onto the Inscryption hype train

Fired up this month's PS plus freebie, Kingdoms of Amalur: Rereckoning. I know it's a decade old game, but damn, this game feels *old*. I forgot how it was already a bit of a throwback when it first came out, and this remaster is not doing it any favours.

But I have fond memories of it from back then, and sure enough, it's got its hooks into me once again.

ComfortZone wrote:

Fired up this month's PS plus freebie, Kingdoms of Amalur: Rereckoning. I know it's a decade old game, but damn, this game feels *old*. I forgot how it was already a bit of a throwback when it first came out, and this remaster is not doing it any favours.

But I have fond memories of it from back then, and sure enough, it's got its hooks into me once again.

I really enjoyed KoAR back a million years ago. I need to get on PSN and find this. Thanks for the heads up CZ.

Goonch wrote:

Jumped onto the Inscryption hype train :)

Let's talk about it! I want to talk about this game!

It's so good! Someone please indulge my need to be nerdy on the Internet with others!

Day 2 of my long weekend. So far been going at it with:

Bright Memory: Infinite - nonsensical indie Unreal engine FPS made mostly by one developer
Iratus: Lord of the Dead - a more generic and much friendlier version of Darkest Dungeon
Darkest Dungeon - yup, enjoying Iratus made me dip back into DD on the PS4

Still to come:

Sekiro - gotta keep streaming this bad boy
...and probably more Iratus, maybe some Huntdown