What are you playing this weekend?

I started playing Sable this week and I like it quite a bit, but I've hit a few bugs already, and that makes me think I should shelve it for now and go back to it in a few months, once it's a bit more stable. Therefore, this weekend's game should be New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Switch) that I borrowed from a friend this week. It's OK so far.

Potentially Yakuza Like a Dragon, Psychonauts 2, World War Zombie, there are too many choices. Far Cry 6 I need to collect more.

As it's International Gamers With Jobs Day this weekend, I'll be joining in and running a number of games. For anyone interested in playing some multiplayer games with other Goodgers, follow the link to view the spreadsheet and sign up

Here are some of the games I'll be playing during IGWJD

Computer Games
* Splitgate
* Wreckfest
* Golf with your Friends
* Back 4 Blood
* Jackox Party Pack 8

Board Games
* The Castles of Burgundy (BGA)
* Lost Ruins of Arnak (BGA)
* Root (digital version)
* Terraforming Mars (digital version)

There's also some TTRPG planned and streaming via the GWJ Twitch channel

More Wandersong on Switch and Tales of Bersaria on my PS4 via remote play on my iPad using an Xbox Controller.

As I’ll be away from my rig and unable to join in IGWJD, I’ll be playing VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action. But not before diving deep, deep into Ikémen Vampire as my fave’s route FINALLY drops. Very exciting.

Going to see if I have time to start Life is Strange: True Colors.

I keep coming back to Far Cry 6, and I'm getting close to finishing the main story.

Finishing up the story in Hitman 3 and then going back and playing through the levels again. Maybe dipping into the Patient Zero stuff since I never played in. Also, Old World.

edit: Actually, think I'm going to install XCOM: Enemy Within tonight. I was feeling like playing an XCOM game, and the atmosphere in the first feels more appropriate (read: spookier) for this time of year.

I’ve finally been playing Imagine Earth, and kinda like it? I’m enjoying the basics of what the game does, but it has some flaws preventing me from really liking it. The biggest is that I find the map difficult to read. The next is that it’s got a bunch of techs, but nothing to really motivate me to care about my selections beyond - “well, I’m using natural gas for my main power source so I might as well research an upgrade for that”.

I’ve also played a ton of Gemcraft Frostborn Wrath, which is definitely not one of my favorite tower defense games. I’m nearing the end but I definitely burned out on it.

Dabbled in The Riftbreaker, but I don’t think it is for me, but there is something about it that wants me to collect more resources. I’m very bad at it. I made it through the prologue easily enough but the first map is starting to beat me down. I think I made a beeline to the objectives too quickly.

I’m really killing time waiting for my new PC to come and then I want to play something that will look great on the GTX 3080. It should come within a couple weeks. I'll probably look for some suggestions for games to wow my eyeballs.

Pretty much just Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. I'm deep into the game now (somewhere in Ch.5), and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

I picked up Moonlighter for Switch on sale and it's just my kind of simple roguelike. I've almost cleared the Forest Dungeon.

Finished up Metroid Dread (10/10!) the other night so I'm sinking my teeth back into Divinity Original Sin 2.

Never played the original, so I found the opening act hellishly difficult. 30 hours and a total restart later, I've finally left Fort Joy! This game is massive and just so special. I'm excited to see what happens when I finally unlock my source points.

I'm currently running

Main character - Elf poison bow build

Tank - Undead 2-handed warrior (goes nicely with the poison build, as poison heals undead)

DPS - Elf blood mage/necromancer. Big damage that strips armour

Support - summoner...jack of all trades? I'm going wide with skills on this guy. Not sure how it will work out, but it was definitely the "secret sauce" that pulled my game together for some of the harder fights I was stuck on. Having an extra body on the field from my summoning, then being able to flexibly cast whatever is needed (heal, buff, fire explosions) helps a lot.

Loving this game Only a little intimidated by how large is seems!

I've had a lot of fun streaming Sekiro this weekend. And I finally finished The Order: 1886 which I should have wrapped up years ago on the PS4!

Debating on dipping back into Cyberpunk 2077 or closing out the weekend parked in front of some scary movies on Netflix.

Ended up playing a fair bit of The Artful Escape. Not so much a game as an experience. I didn’t know what to expect but wow, just a wild wild thing. If you want something that is different and stress free, I love the art.

Gonna put Sekiro down for the weekend and do some spooky live streaming of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. When I'm not broadcasting I'm going to dip my toes back into Warframe on PS4: wanted to prep myself for the New War expansion and having things open up for cross-play and cross-save.

Maclintok wrote:

Warframe ... cross-play and cross-save.

What?! When?!

Maybe I will finally play again. Switch was nice but I couldn't stay connected and go into sleep, got to be a pain. Wished I could switch to PC for a while but not lose my stuff.

I seem to have settled on Tales of Phantasia (PS1) as my current JRPG, so more of that (I think I'm about 3 hours in so far). Probably some New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Switch) as well.

Probably finishing up the campaign of MW4:Mercs.
Yes, thats right, an almost 20 year old game...

I've reached the Shadowbringers expansion in Final Fantasy XIV, so I'll be playing a bunch of that. I've also returned to Assassin's Creed Valhalla, so I'll keep poking at that.

Undernauts: Labyrinth of Yomi Going to go dungeon crawling. I hope to get out alive.

More Stranded Deep, which is a janky ass game, (the most dangerous thing you can do is look through you binoculars whilst on a moving raft because when you stop looking through them you’ll realise, Wile E. Coyote style, that the raft has sailed out from under you and you’ll plummet into the water then you have the terrifying prospect of trying to get back on the raft, which there is no reliable way to do in deep water, whilst the ominous ‘there is a shark in your immediate vacinity’ music is playing. Gah!)

Still, despite all it’s flaws, the game is extremely satisfying in co-op once you start to feel you have a foothold and are eating and drinking adequately whilst improving your raft, building a home, etc.

Also, more Orcs Must Die 3. We’re still working out way through on Rift Lord difficulty trying to get five skulls on each map. Today we finished one level dead on the time we needed to complete it in in order to get the last skull, which was fairly exciting.

And, more God of War. It’s a fantastic refresher course in preparation for part two and experiencing Kratos and Atreus’ evolving relationship a second time round still has the same impact. I feel like I have a tendency to keep my head down and power through with a big game like this and I don’t tend to have the patience to explore and solve all the little puzzles, etc. Now I’m a bit more relaxed and the game is a known quantity I can enjoy all those side activities.

More Days Gone for me.

Ys Lacrimosa of Dana
Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin
Civ VI


Working on Va-11 Hall-A. About halfway through now.
More Quake Champions, as always.
Hoping to return to Silent Hill 2, but Va11 Hall-A has priority.

My oldest finished Lego Movie 2 mostly by himself, which I'm really impressed by. He's either going to continue with it or want to return to Lego City Undercover again. I've been playing with him split-screen at times.

I am giving Afterparty a whirl. I loved Oxenfree, so I hopped into this one happily, but these characters and the environment are shaping up to be much more annoying. The dialogue comes fast and furious, so I don't have a chance to keep up on much of it. But maybe it will settle in.

Going to finish up Life is Strange: True Colors: Wavelengths, and then try to dig into something else.

Guardians of the Galaxy for me. Might poke on some JRPGs as well.

Moonglow Bay is just eating up my time.

And done! (MW4:Mercs) Long Live Davion.
at least until the word of blake demolishes

Crazy playing this game in 1080p and having 15 assault mechs to choose from:
5 behemoth 2's
3-4 Marauder 2's
4 Kodiaks (had 5 but one was destroyed along with the pilot, boo)
Daishi (at one point I had 5 but replaced them all with mars and behs)
Haupmaun (my mainstay in the unmodded game, I had 5 but again replaced them with kods and behs)
Blood Asp (could have had 3 but they are have armor that is too flimsy - 525 vs 750)
Madcat 2 (sadly so flimsy that I lost her on her maiden mission and never saw another)
3-4 Gladiators that were replaced quickly
5 Awesomes at one point (sad to see them go as they got me through the middle of the campaign quite well)

I never played a round of Solaris, which is very unfortunate. I will have to rectify that. I remember at launch having to play several rounds to build up cash because the salvaging was more miserly than scrooge's eviler twin. The mod tweaked it a bit and just getting a few more mechs over several missions makes a much more enjoyable experience.

Missions seemed to play out faster. But that could be just that I am used to more modern and sophisticated mission design. But I am leaning towards having more cash leading to deadlier weapon options. I did refrain from the modded in weapons aside from the railguns on my behemoths on the final mission.

I remember relying on Heavy Gauss a lot when the game launched. I chose SMRMs and heavy lasers and a variety of AC20s this go around. If heavy lasers weren't in the original game, then I don't think they are a cheat since they are in line with the variety of PPCs available. And their better recycle times weren't as much of a boon as you would expect since it is very hard to keep the mech cool.

The funny thing is I remember hating MRMs in the launch game. But after seeing how powerful they are in MWO, I found I loved them now. It is just hard to keep enough ammo for them. And while they are better at pin point than in MWO, that doesn't mean they are good at pin point by a wide margin.

Mario_Alba wrote:

More Days Gone for me.

One of the best games that I have played this year. Enjoy the ride!