What are you playing this weekend?

I've had Lego City Undercover in my Steam wishlist forever. It is currently on sale, but when I looked at my Steam library, I noticed that I still haven't played Lego The Ninjago Movie Videogame, so I installed that instead of buying a new game. Don't ask me when I bought it, I don't remember, and a quick search through my Gmail invoices didn't reveal anything. So far, so good! The game is surprisingly fun and funny. And it's apparently also pretty short, so I might be able to beat it this weekend.

And also continue The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure (PC). I might be able to finish the first chapter this weekend.

More Persona 5 Royal for me.

Probably focusing hard on Dragon Quest XI S to see if I can finally complete Act II. Other than that, not sure.

Hopefully finishing up Witcher 2.

I grabbed Witcher 3 on sale and am itching to play that. I messed around in the first couple hours and can’t wait to really dig in to it.

I picked up a flash cart for my Genesis, so I've been going through some games I never got the chance to play before. Right now I'm playing Magical Tarurūto-kun which is a really cute and colourful platformer that was only released in Japan based on some manga I never heard of. No translation patch, but it's just a platformer. I should finish it this weekend. Interestingly enough, the game was developed by Game Freak. It's easy to forget that this company does in fact occasionally make games other than Pokemon.

Picked up Alien Isolation on sale with all the extras so maybe give that a go. Trying to start Witcher 3 again, ran out of time last week.

Well, I could work on my declared pile games:
Batman: Arkham Asylum and Heavy Rain, neither of which I have a chance of finishing this month - I'm closer to the end of Heavy Rain than Batman though.

But I also have a hankering for:
Streets of Rage 4 - restarted on a whim right before bed two nights ago, made it to stage 3, and really want to play more.
R-Type Final 2 - I want to dive into this more than 10 minutes at a time, but that's all I get during the day, and don't have the energy to concentrate at night.
Forgotton Anne - start this for the adventure game club.
Travis Strikes Again (No More Heroes) - I played a it of this about a year ago and haven't gotten back to it. Hasn't stopped me from thinking about it frequently, so perhaps it's time to resume (or more likely, start over).
I also wouldn't mind seeing what Paper Beast is all about...and then there's Panzer Dragoon Remake which I can't get off of my mind.

Decisions, decisions...

Kid will almost certainly want to play Luigi's Mansion 3 again, which I am getting really sick of. With any luck, maybe I can at least divert him to some Mario game we haven't bled dry yet.

I'm back to playing Monster Hunter Rise, and I'm chipping away the story, now up to the 6 star hub missions. I don't think I'm in love with this one like some are, but I'm having a good enough time that I'll probably still try to beat whatever the game considers a final boss. Not really interested in any sort of late game grind, though, so if that becomes necessary later, I may fall off again.

And like bobbywatson, I'm also going to try to finish Ch. 1 of The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure this weekend.

I wanted to have a go at Enter the Gungeon but didn’t expect to get very far. Bullet hell games aren’t my thing. Well, I always presumed they weren’t. I’ve never played any outside arcade cabinets. Also, rogue-likes always frustrated me. If I tried them I always left unsatisfied but I may have actually found a game that is a combination of both genres and that I completely gel with.

I found myself making zero progress but still returning every day to do runs. Just tonight the Gungeon gods blessed me with a devastating load out and I powered through three levels and three bosses. It was a nerve wracking joy.

My brother and I have started a multiplayer Satisfactory game, so I'll get some of that in, but probably not much else this weekend.

I've got a long weekend so maybe just maybe video games.

Trails in the Sky SC. Chapter 3
Probably one of the longest games I'm still probably playing. I've bought this digitally since the English release on PSN. Been bouncing the save between my phone and the PSP.

Yakuza 0 with an arcade stick is surprisingly fun and tacticile .

Blood Fresh Supply. I live again.

I'm becoming obsessed with Synthetik: Legion Rising. It's the best feeling roguelike ever, maybe only topped by Hades. I'd like to stream it soon. Don't even care if it's got a following of 2 people. It's awesome.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition needs more lovin'. I should be heading over to Virmire or Feros next.

I bought Skyrim Special Edition for the cheap on PS4, just because. Think I'll do some wandering around in that game. Building a sneaky stabby Khajit.

Mark of the Ninja on Switch -- Man, what a fun stealth game that doesn't make me feel like a complete dunce. Stealth games can make me feel like a real dummy for not figuring out the puzzle of how to get past enemies or accomplish tasks. This game gives room for error and a sense of accomplishment when you pull off a great sequence. I am still struggling with the controls. But I think that is a me issue, not the game.

Resident Evil 3 on PS4 -- Off to a good start. I have heard this is lackluster in comparison to RE2. But I am just down for more zombie action. If it is a short playthrough, I'm alright with that.

I think I'm going to try to finish Resident Evil Village this weekend.

Side note: my son has been playing horror games with a friend of his online (he's playing, the friend is watching). He started playing Village and is having a blast. This afternoon, they ran into a jump scare, and they both screamed and then laughed.

I'm replaying Celeste, and this weekend, I reach the summit. Then maybe tackle some B-sides or other optional content.

The other big one is The Alliance Alive for the JRPG Club. I don't think I'll finish, but I'd like to press on towards the end.

Continue on with Days Gone. This is my "go to and unwind from work game".

I reinstalled the original Sins of a Solar Empire. Just going through the tutorials again. It has been awhile.
I think that it still holds up quite well.

Maybe doing some questing in Morrowind.

So the Space Tea Party just resurrected me to Make Humanity Great Again. Guess I’m going to fill their ship with aliens and tell them to f*ck off.


More Persona 5 Royal for me.

beanman101283 wrote:



Mass Effect 2

Just started Mass Effect and... Sekiro? That can't be right. I already gave up on FromSoftware games.

This week, it's all about finishing The Alliance Alive for the JRPG Club. Then, if I have more time, getting back into Tyrany for the CRPG Club!

The plan for this weekend is to make some progress in (not sure in which proportion):

  • Lego The Ninjago Movie Videogame (PC) - Maybe do a level or two
  • Xenogears (*cough*RetroPie*cough*) - Hopefully I can complete Operation Aveh
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure (PC) - Definitely not finishing chapter 2

After 70 hours, I thought I was done with Dysmantle for a while. But a new content update pulled me back in like it was my first time picking it up. This damn game, man.

Gonna kick the tires on the latest RimWorld-like, the oddly titled Going Medieval. Seems quite promising at first blush. It sure is a looker.

Likely get some short-burst action with Galactic Mining Corp, an intoxicating incremental mining tycoon joint. The 2 1/2 hr. D&B soundtrack from DJ Injekted absolutely shreds.

UpToIsomorphism wrote:
beanman101283 wrote:



Mass Effect 2

I should have known

I'll be grinding stuff out in Final Fantasy XIV and streaming Disco Elysium.

It'll mostly be a bit of the ol' ultra violence in Necromunda: Hired Gun for me.

Finishing off Mass Effect 1, then, hmm, let's see.....oh yes, on to Mass Effect 2.

Maybe have a game of Slipways, if I can turn myself away from Shepherd for long enough.

Working on Ch.2 of Trails to Azure, where I have no real idea where I am in the length of that chapter. I'm also going to start messing around with Into the Breach for the Strategy game club.

davet010 wrote:

Maybe have a game of Slipways, if I can turn myself away from Shepherd for long enough.

Super-curious about Slipways.

Grand strat-lite sounds inviting, but all the talk of 60 minute campaigns makes me worried it might be a bit too lite. :p

Days Gone. Really enjoying this game. It's the perfect game to pop off a mission or two a night and be satisfied.

And having some really neat organic encounters. For instance I was assaulting a militia base and having a hard go of it. I start hearing some zombie noises and look back and a mini-hoard of about 30 zombies are coming right at me. I run right in to the militia camp all the while being shot at. I take out two guys using focus (slows time) and then run as deep in to the camp as I can get.

The militia are not paying attention to me at this point. They're fighting the hoard. I find a safe spot and watch the militia get overcome. Then wait as the hoard leaves and collect the loot.

Great stuff.