What are you playing this weekend?

I am working on by backlog of PS4 games before hopping into PS5 games; I'll be chipping away at Far Cry 5.

I abandoned Planet Zoo as the building was clunky and the rest of the game felt like busywork. It had a ton of charm and was beautiful so I kept trying to like it. Instead I started playing Per Aspera and so far it seems pretty good. I'm playing the campaign. So far it seems mostly about balancing your resources, supporting more colonists so you can speed up research and follow the story goals.

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JohnKillo wrote:

Vey on the SegaCD. Feels pretty crusty compared to its peers. Glad for the skip function so far.

Oh, hey, I'm playing Vay myself right now too! I just beat the Supermantis boss. Although the bullsh*t difficulty changes Working Designs made to the game is making it hard to play. There's just so much level grinding. There's a patch that keeps the translation, but restores the game to its original Japanese difficulty. I think I'm going to restart the game with that patch.

I like that they call those patches Unworking designs.


Playing on Fantasy Grounds Unity

Started with 'Session 0' today, characters created and backgrounds figured out. We spent about 45 minutes role playing the characters meeting each other on the road to Waterdeep.

Going old school wargaming with tabletop Sherman Leader...


When I first played DOOM Eternal, I hated it. Too damned much platforming, way harder than DOOM 2016, no way was I buying this one.

Then Microsoft acquired id and put their catalog on Game Pass. I replayed DOOM 2016 and started DOOM Eternal. Several hours in, the "combat puzzle" pieces finally fell into place and now I am slaying demons like the Slayer God I was always meant to be. And I bought the Season One pass—two DLCs.

Never say never, I guess. There's still too much damned platforming, though.

Trying to survive the depths in Subnautica.

The hold that Deep Rock Galactic has on me will not break.

I said about 3 weeks ago that I was petering off on the game.

That was a lie. I play a lot of "oh just one game today" sessions.

Three maps later... it's dark out... wife is wondering why I'm not in bed...

Recently hooked up my N64 again and I'm going through some games in my collection I never finished. Playing Blast Corps right now.

Djinn wrote:

Recently hooked up my N64 again and I'm going through some games in my collection I never finished. Playing Blast Corps right now.

That was a weird game. I can't think of anything else quite like it. It is part of Rare Replay I should fire it up.

Will be playing Resident Evil 8 at some point this weekend. Have it all loaded up and ready to go. But between work, cleaning, cooking, and watching Joe Bob Briggs tonight probably won't be able to fit it in till tomorrow.

Am also still playing the DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising. I finished the first DLC which was all challenges and a minor continuation of the main story. I actually really enjoyed it even though most of the challenges were not on the same league as the ones from the main game. 100% it so took 17.5hrs to complete.

Moved on to the second DLC which is the Chinese mythology one. That plays like the a mini version of the main game with it's own story, environment, and some minor reskinning. I'm not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. There are some new puzzle elements but the puzzles themselves are not as well put together I feel. The character you are given is also not as photogenic as the one I created, So I'm not using the photo mode which I loved in the main game and first DLC. I'll still play through it but feels more like a duty than having fun.

More Dyson Sphere Program. I'm up to green science but have some other things to do before then. I want to massively increase my production of processors and then add some of the upper-level items to my mall so that I can transition a lot of my logistics stuff to the planetary and interplanetary logistics stations.

Hunting robot dinosaurs in Horizon Zero Dawn.

I'm going to finish Hitchhiker: A Mystery Game, and maybe starting something on switch. Mostly palate cleansing before Mass Effect.

I'm back to Final Fantasy XIV this weekend, grinding out my Resistance weapon. I'll be streaming Disco Elysium as well.

More Persona 5 Royal. 25 hours in, forever to go.

More Subnautica and the Cane & Rinse podcast has inspired a new Stardew Valley farm. Maybe this time I'll make it into the second year.

I finished Tomb Raider I earlier this week, so now it's time for Tomb Raider II. Also The Legend of Zelda: Oracles of Ages (GBC). I might look up an FAQ for the latter, I'm getting close to the end and I'm kinda tired of it.

A little bit of Dragon Quest XI S, some MGS 4, and some Tyranny.

Chippoing away at Far Cry 5. I'm not sure what this game says about me (that I keep playing it, I mean), but it has a real mean streak. I mostly have been using it to decompress and listen to podcasts, but it still is kinda gross. Again, I don't know what that says about me.

It’s been a gruelling week. My relaxation has been The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4. Now let’s just see if I can keep the eyelids open long enough to get in a few good gaming sessions!

Hanging in the Zen zone with Dysmantle, taking the island apart piece by piece.

Mixing it up a bit with Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 demo.


Mario_Alba wrote:

More Persona 5 Royal. 25 hours in, forever to go.

Same except I'm still into the intro. I've played a decent amount of the original release so replaying Royal.

Imma start up Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

What's a way to break the hold that Deep Rock Galactic has on me? By starting up another game that is loot and run-based! To break an addiction you just add another possible problem, right?

I think DARE taught me that in elementary school.

Also Shipbreaker. I love this game. Going to work has never been this much fun.

I'm going to be pushing ahead in The Alliance Alive, and hopefully get the whole band together! Also working through Sid Meier's Civilization VI, in an attempt to actually finish a game. Maybe a little Pikmin 3 Deluxe on the side.

Just finished Mad Max... it was kind of an anticlimactic ending. It was a good game mechanically, but the plot needed a lot more work.

As a consequence, I seem to have been sucked back into Horizon Zero Dawn, a similar game, but one I enjoyed a lot more. I'm working through my New Game Plus run, which I didn't finish the first time. The much lower difficulty level is good, because I'm rusty and because my hands are still used to Mad Max. I keep doing the wrong thing.

After a Nier: Replicant sized detour, I'm back to playing Monster Hunter Rise, working on the 4-star hub quests. I'm also chipping away at Disco Elysium for the CRPG club. I love the writing in this game so much.

Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Update Let's Goooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!