What are you playing this weekend?

Just picked up The Long Dark on PS4, so will be giving that a go, some Wargroove on Switch and maybe learning Food Chain Magnate online with board game group.

I got back into the swing of things with Ring Fit also, so I will be doing that. After knocking out Oxenfree last weekend, I hopped into Titanfall 2. Holy cow. What a great game. I might drop the difficulty down a bit, as it is getting in the way of enjoying things. I heard Jeff from Giant Bomb singing this game's praises for a while. I can see why.

AC:V for me and some Katamari Damacy Reroll and hanging Christmas lights if my wife has her say and it isn't too windy (being 15 foot up in the air on a ladder in 30+ MPH winds doesn't sound like much fun to me).

My wife demands that I play Ghost of Tsushima so she can watch. After an eye-opening experience with a mod-installer/manager, I'll also be diving back into Skyrim for what I hope will be an epic 100 hours or so.

Assassin's Creed - Not that one, nor that one. Origins

Yakuza Like a Dragoon.

What am I playing this weekend? It's Yakuza. If there's a new game released, and I haven't wrung every drop from it yet, it's always going to be Yakuza.

Currently playing the Follow-the-UPS-truck-delivery-map-to-deliver-my-PS5. It is the wooorst loading screen / minigame ever. Wrong turn, again, UPS truck!!

Garth wrote:

I got back into the swing of things with Ring Fit also, so I will be doing that. After knocking out Oxenfree last weekend, I hopped into Titanfall 2. Holy cow. What a great game. I might drop the difficulty down a bit, as it is getting in the way of enjoying things. I heard Jeff from Giant Bomb singing this game's praises for a while. I can see why.

Excellent!!! I hope you're enjoying the amazing campaign.

Will I finally finish Mass Effect 2 this weekend? Probably not.

Will I get a good bit closer to doing so? Probably!

Also maybe some Loom and Pokemon: Let's go Pikachu! I introduced my oldest to this game last weekend (it's the first Pokemon experience for both of us), and he's been harassing me for more (meaning he watches and directs while I play) much of the week.

I would love to get an hour to play Miles Morales... but I don't see that happening.

Been working on filling out the Pokedex in the Crown Tundra in Pokemon Sword, so that's probably priority number one. After that, it's back into the Banner Saga trilogy with Banner Saga 3.

Hades!!! Can't get enough of this game....

PowerBeatsVR just hit v1.0, so I'll be getting my sweat on with that.

For Space Game Junkie, I'm returning to Interstellar Space: Genesis as it just got a new expansion and I'm eager to return to it, as it's really one of the standout space 4X games of the last several years.

For myself, This Land is My Land is on sale and I'm VERY intrigued by it, so I'm gonna bite on it and try it out. I'll also definitely be doing more Bloody Rally Show, and I've been meaning to try Ancestors Legacy as well, so I'll try to fit that in.

Should be a good weekend!

JohnKillo wrote:

Assassin's Creed - Not that one, nor that one. Origins

It's Origins for me as well.

A little bit o dis, a little bit o dat:

Getting the itch to swing around some more in Marvel's Spider-Man. I think I will also poke at Darkest Dungeon a bit but currently making very slow progress there.

I'll be logging in a bunch of time in Raid: Shadow Legends building a new team and leveling up a new Legendary champ. Other mobile games I'm semi-addicted to now: X-Hero and Realm of Champions

And a final ditch effort to get into Control.

Well, I am finally having some downtime from work, so I'm going to the beach for a week to work from there. It's work, sure, but at the beach.

I'm leaving all of my consoles and portables behind, and am taking two books.Unicorn Variations by Roger Zelazny, which is my favorite short story collection ever, and The Institute by some hack what calls himself Stephen King. I will also try and get to writing all the stuff I haven't written by should have, like a play I've been working on, a script for a feature length film, and just the crappy crap I like to create.

Tonight, though, I shall play some Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II.

Was going to continue playing the new D3 season but I took pee break and now the servers are slammed

I've been playing a lot of Demon's Souls. The remake is pretty fantastic.

I have been playing some bad north to relax so it will be that plus whatever the children fancy.

Continuing my career as manager of the mighty Stoke City in Football Manager 21.... and I got Elite: Dangerous for free on the Epic store, so I quite fancy taking a look at that.

I swore off MOBAs totally after Dota 2's toxicity and addictiveness. I lost 1k+ hours to that game, and I didn't like what it did to me. I'd play for whole days and feel angry the entire time.

But recently some friends asked me to join them for some League of Legends. Despite some (in hindsight, foolish) elitism-borne resistance, I caved and...guys, I gotta say, I'm having so much fun. I really love it.

Perhaps I've just learned to taper my emotional reaction to these games, or perhaps I just jive with LoL a lot better. I'm enjoying the differences in design a lot, and the characters are fascinating! Just a matter of finding out what I want to main and take into ranked eventually

I'd advise caution. It may just be the newness and that shimmer could wear off. The fact that you haven't gotten into ranked play might mean that you will find similar toxicity.

I have no experience with League of Legends and I am glad you broke out of a toxic addiction. But I do know that multiplayer competitive games and toxicity go hand in hand. And doubly so as you climb up the ranks.


I'm very wary of the addiction and anger seeping in again, but this time I've got some great buddies I'm playing with and know myself a lot better. It's been about 5 years since I've played Dota 2 seriously, and feel like I'm much more in control these days. Even with my buddies, I'll log out at the first signs of frustration.

And something Overwatch taught me, is that I can just /mute all and enjoy myself just fine with pings.

We'll see how long it lasts, but for now, it's been nice having a game I can play with friends after work/study. I haven't really played anything social for a long time so it's refreshing.

Some good ol' fashioned mindless grinding in Season 22 for Diablo 3. I still need to get back into the groove of Marvel's Spider-Man. I also recently picked up Nioh 2 thinking I was in the mood again for a hard game but... maybe not? It's in the rotation but doubt I'll make too much progress with it just yet.

Demon's Souls
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Assassin's Creed Valhalla

With new episodes of my favorite podcast finally out after a year, I look forward to listening to them while going around collecting stuff in Assassin's Creed Liberation (PC) which, so far, is kinda sh*tty. Once I'm done with the podcasts, I will probably go back to Ring Fit Adventure (SW) for a quick session, followed by a long session of Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero (PC) and possibly some Tomb Raider II (PC).

Mostly Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. Not sure what else I'll be in the mood for.

Time for season 3 of my career save in Football Manager 2021. I've finally convinced enough extended family members to try Among Us too. If time allows I need to get back into Hades.

I just started Fury Unleashed, so more of that.