What are you playing this weekend?

For some reason, computer games aren't doing it for me at the moment, so I'm taking to the seas.


(The Hunters, for those still reading..)

Darkest Dungeon

And probably a handful of mobile games. I’ve got less than a week to max out the battle pass on CoD Mobile, another couple days of bonus XP to use to grind up a new 6-star in Raid: Shadow Legends and need more time with Marvel Realm of Champions while it’s still in beta (a bit of self promotion on that last one).


The party returns to The Eye of the All Father to deliver a Giant Relic in exchange for answers from the Oracle!

Working my way through the second half of Mass Effect 2 for the first time. On the main story I'm most of the way through at level 16, but I have at least half of the side content left.

...and now the remaster has officially been announced, so I feel a bit silly doing this now.

Feeling a tab bit unfocused, so I can't say for sure what I'll be playing. Possibly some light platforming of some sort on some device hehehe.

mrwynd wrote:


The party returns to The Eye of the All Father to deliver a Giant Relic in exchange for answers from the Oracle!

What game is that ?

Hardek wrote:
mrwynd wrote:


The party returns to The Eye of the All Father to deliver a Giant Relic in exchange for answers from the Oracle!

What game is that ?

It's the Fantasy Grounds Classic client. I'm running the Dungeons and Dragons 5e adventure Storm King's Thunder.

I'm a huge fan of the software, will probably buy the new Unity client that just left early access.

Had no idea what to play this weekend, so I booted Gran Turismo 3, and did a few license tests. Then I booted Mega Man X and played through the whole thing (it only took about 2 hours). Now, I'm not sure sure.


Spider-Man. This is one of my favourite screenshots using the comic book filter.

That is so cool! I never remember seeing airplanes in the game, but maybe I missed them.

Thanks. I only tended To notice them when moving the camera about in the screenshot mode.

I've really been digging Darkest Dungeon on the PS4. I'm making slow progress grinding money in the starter dungeon and getting familiar with all the hero classes but I've been enjoying my every moment so far.

I'll try to put more time in Control despite not fully enjoying the experience or understanding exactly what the intended experience is supposed to be. The style has already worn off so I'm looking for more from the game now. Hope it can deliver in the next hour or so of the campaign.

And the usual poking at the mobile games I'm currently engaged with.

I'm in one of those funks where nothing sounds good to play at the moment. I installed Shadow Tactics, so maybe I'll start that? Or try to make progress in KOTOR II? Who can say.

I can say that my weekend will be all Yakuza: Like a Dragon, all the time.

And with the way the narrative seems to be going - well. Unless it f*cks things up, this will so be my game of the year.

Steam streaming was working fine last weekend, but now it isn't for some reason I can't figure out yet. I will run some tests this weekend.

Other than that, I plan to spend some time with The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero (PC), which I bought earlier this week and patched with the fan translation. And also keep following tutorials on the Godot engine.

For me it will be

1. Trails of Cold Steel 2
2. FFVII Remake
3. Overcooked! 2

The last Spider-Man DLC. I’m so into this game. It’s so fun just swinging around the city. After that I want to try and pick X-Com 2 back up. Also, probably, some more Dying Light co-op And maybe some Uncharted multiplayer.

I started up Oxenfree. I played a bit of this a year or two ago. And, I liked it, but didn't love it and eventually got tired of the backtracking and frustrated with not knowing where to go. This time it couldn't be further from that. I am all in and thinking about it when I am not playing it (always the sign of an excellent game in my opinion).

Pokemon (GBA and 3DS) and Yakuza:Like a Dragon

Well, going to do a little bit of TLoH: Trails of Cold Steel II, some Chrono Trigger, a bit of The Banner Saga, some Wasteland 2, and likely taking a stab at Virginia as a bit of a palate cleanser between apparently heavy RPG jamming.

Probably Matterfall (I'm stuck on the last boss) and Flat Heroes (not stuck, so there's a good chance this one will see more play time).

I'm always excited when a new state is released, so I'll be mostly...

Definitely more Vox Machinae, and back to some Outer Wilds with the NomaiVR mod after listening to the latest conference call.

And back to morning coffee and Guild Wars 2 with the wife.

Demon's Souls on PS5 until my wife threatens to divorce me.

Started and finished The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which featured some tough subject matter, wasn't much of a game, but was still a beautiful, if difficult, experience.

The plan for the rest of the weekend? Keep working on Mass Effect 2 and Loom. Maybe some Tembo the Badass Elephant with the kids.

I've fallen off the wagon and bought Football Manager again, first time in 3 years. That, and some Crusader Kings 3 probably.

I've been enjoying Crying Suns, a tactical rogue-lite with some similarities to FTL, so some more of that.

Perhaps finish up with Bastion so I can move onto Transistor (then Pyre, then Hades!).

I'll hopefully finish Loom for the GWJ Adventure Club

Continue with The Banner Saga

I'll also be playing some Tabletop Simulator with a game of Pax Pamir 2nd Edition with other Goodjers.

Might be time to dig into the Desperados III expansions.

Hey it's Friday!

I'll primarily be conquering England in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. If I get time for anything else, it'll be either starting Layers of Fear 2 or heading to Nar Shaddaa in KOTOR 2.

Demon's Souls
Astro's Playroom - Might actually make this my 3rd Platinum, it's so good.
Miles Morales
Maybe AC:V and WD:L if they have fixed the save-losing bugs in those games.

Aside from reading grammar books and watching videos on Japanese particles, most of my play time should be spent with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (PS4), with some Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero (PC) thrown in. I expect to do one or two sessions of Ring Fit Adventure (SW) as well.