What are you playing this weekend?





This weekend I'll definitely be looking for a Goodjer team to jump into Remnant: From the Ashes to root out and fight some big bad bosses.

I played my first game of Among Us last night with a group of friends, it's a lot of silly fun, so I might squeeze a game or two in over the weekend

For solo, I'll be playing more Battlestar Galactica Deadlock (it's currently 80% off on Steam btw). It's a really great turn based tactical space battler, with some strategic planning. DasTactic has just released a new three part introduction to the game on his YouTube channel, some handy tips in there.

More Hades. Every run is so fun.

I’ll be splitting my time between Morrowind and Disco Elysium.

In a bit of a holding pattern, since I'm waiting to see what the game clubs are going to select for the next quarter, since it's plausible if not likely I'll be in on multiple games that way. In the meantime, I'm messing around a bit with Hades and Crusader Kings 3.

I want to rededicate myself to Wasteland 3. I fell off a little bit after getting into The Bizarre, but I was really liking it, just need to re-focus. I'm really frustrated it doesn't have cross-save with PC, because I assumed it would at first and put 10+ hours in on Xbox before realizing I'd rather play on PC. Oh well!

I may spend some time with Fortnite working on the Battlepass, which I have fallen behind on, but I want my Marvel stuff.

Maybe some Crusader Kings 3 or getting into Episode 2 of Tell Me Why.

For Space Game Junkie, videos of Interstellar Rift and maybe of of Ostranauts if I have the time and energy. For myself, more Star Fleet II: Krellan Commander practice in demo mode, which is really helping me a better commander in my actual career. SO FUN. Also more Soldat 2 and, shockingly, some No Man's Sky as well, most likely. Gonna be a great weekend!

Possily sticking to Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II, The Last Campfire, and Ys: Memories of Celceta.

This weekend, I am finishing the Very Definitely Final* dungeon in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II.

*It's not the final dungeon, of course. Not even close. Using Return of the King as a guidepost, I'd say the final dungeon represents the Eagles saving Frodo and Sam, but not the return to the Shire, and definitely not sailing into the west. Those would be the "Divertissement" and Epilogue chapters, respectively.

Depending on how our JRPG Club voting goes, I may be playing a second game: Find and Test my Old SNES Chrono Trigger Cartridge!

We should get a few Among Us groups together this weekend.

Wasteland 3 (Really enjoying it)
Remnant (if anyone is interested in Coop)

Rain... Rain... Stay a while

The Last of Us 2


Tales of Xillia 2 with an arcade stick


Agathos wrote:

Started a Master Mode run of Breath of the Wild. We'll see how long this lasts.

Apparently I'm hooked. That may be because I've been away from the TV, keeping an eye on a cat while she recovers from her spay surgery, so an engrossing Switch game is ideal right now.

Synthetik: Legion Rising has been pretty fun. It’s a slower paced Hotline Miami with loot and a progression system. The rogueliking has me making eyes at Hades as well but I told myself to go easy on the multiple games thing until I can get some more time back.

Plan for the weekend is finishing Soma..

Hoping to finish Psychonauts, but that won't likely be until early next week.

Already played way more Super Mario Sunshine in the 90 minutes I spent with Mario 3D All Stars than I ever did with the original Gamecube disc.

Spent a bit of time with Q-Yo Blaster as well, which is just goofy simple shoot-em-up fun.

Might work on Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Remember Me, Death Stranding, or Captain Spirit if circumstances permit.

Stuck at a boss in Trails of Cold Steel II's epilogue. If I can get over it, I think I can make some progress and get closer to the end...

I also want to experiment with the SteamLink app running on my brand new Raspberry Pi 4, which will determine what form my next gaming rig is going to take (early in 2021, most likely).

Also, more Chrono Trigger.

There are a ton of games I want to play this weekend.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars
Elite: Dangerous
Yakuza 0
Assetto Corsa Competizione

..but I just can't seem to stop playing Hades.

Weekend, you say?

Not sure I'll be playing anything at all. If I do, though?

Ys: Memories of Celceta on the Vita

Way too much
Chrono Trigger DS
Mario and Luigi Dream Team
Spelunky 1 vita and Spelunky 2 PC
Fossil Fighters DS
Deadly Premonitions PS3
Soul Hackers 3DS

I'll be trying to juggle three big RPGs: Disco Elysium, Morrowind, and Final Fantasy XIII.

I shall mostly be dying repeatedly in spelunky 2.

I'm going to say Hades, but really know I am not going to have time to look sideways at a video game.

Got Chrono Trigger and Banner Saga both going on, and might do some Hades for a change of pace.

I am thinking of picking up the BL3 season pass. I only found it discounted on Fanatical but it was the steam version. It was a decent markdown too (25%) so it would have been a done deal

For me, it'll likely be a lot of Star Wars Squadrons this weekend, both for Space Game Junkie and myself. I also plan to take a sloop out in Sea of Thieves by myself and practice sailing. We've been getting addicted to that game and I wanna be more useful. Might also fit some Soldat 2 and Bloody Rally Show matches in as well. Should be a good weekend.

I have been pretty stuck to Ghost of Tsushima and Mario 64 recently, so likely more of that. I do need to get back to Last of Us 2 and try and finish that up before the end of the month. Also tempted to grab Bastion on Switch as it's currently on sale.

For me, probably more Monster Train, I'm stuck on Covenant 11 at the moment. It's one of my favourite games of the year, so much personality. If I can sort out why I'm suddenly experiencing a load of bugs in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 then I'll do a longer flight than usual on Sunday evening.

Hope to finish Sanitarium. Halfway through in 3 sittings, so it's possible. Might blow through The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit as well.

On the other hand, I might need some action instead, so maybe Far Cry 2 or Remember Me.

Quite likely some Mario game or other on the Switch with the kiddo. Guessing it'll be Super Mario Sunshine.

I've only just jumped into Rocket League for the first time (except for a free weekend on Steam last year). Played a game with a couple of friends... I know now why some people have 100's of hours in this game! I may be playing a bit more over the weekend.

If I can get a Goodjer team together, some Remnant from the Ashes.

Starting up a game of The Banner Saga for the latest round of The GWJ CRPG Club

I have a couple of async game going on Root digital edition, I need to practice some more against the AI!

Bouncing between Hacknet and Borderlands 2. Neither is really grabbing my attention, one of them is way too much like work.