What are you playing this weekend?

UpToIsomorphism wrote:

I’m playing move into my new house!

Still doing this: Moving Out IRL (or itsmaybe the Moving In expansion).

Hoping to get the TV and consoles set up this weekend.

Still having fun with Fallout 4. My Minuteman character, Nathaniel, has completed the main quest with three out of the four main factions still friendly (though one of them is griping that it should have been them and not the Minutemen who did the things.) Now he's starting to work more seriously on the settlements and currently working on getting the Castle turned into a true stronghold and living area rather than an oversized ruin and wreck of a place.

Earlier today I made another character, Viv, who is to be my raider character and will complete (and get all achievements) for Nuka World. Then after she does those things, I'll likely have her turn on the raiders and join the railroad and finally go and rescue a certain group of people from where they are holed up in Concord. Since she can't start Nuka World until level 30, I have no idea what she's going to do for 29 more levels (since I plan to avoid all the factions until after Nuka World) but she's currently set up in Red Rocket with Dogmeat.)

I have an Institute character I started a long while back and haven't decided if I'll just continue her at some later point or start completely over with her. She hasn't gotten far enough in the game to make it to the Institute to join them, so I may just start her over.

I've already completed the game with the Brotherhood of Steel with my very first character

Mortal Shell
I got it to play with the Steam Link. (I believe it is a Epic Store Exclusive timed). I want more soulslike games. It is pretty and plays well. The lack of variety in weapons and playstyles hurt it more than I care to admit.

Having a great time .

I beat Trials of Mana on the Switch.

It's ok. I actually like the SNES original/fan translation more. It's a beautiful game, but you can see the age in its flow - go to town, talk to people marked on their head so you can talk to the right person, go to woods and kill some stuff, come back. Get new spells. Go to new town.

Repeat above.

It got old after awhile.

A little Planet Zoo, very rewarding though. Gotta get into the swing of that again. But mostly CK3, which delivers like Amazon on Black Friday...


Just started playing Carrion this weekend after listening to a past podcast. SO GOOD!
Love playing as the big bad for a change and munching up some humans. Only thing that concerns me is I find myself toying with my prey a little too much, I'm enjoying watching them run from me in fear, before I pick them up and slam them into the ceiling....
Not sure what this says about me.....

I am determined to finish FFVII Remake
the rest will look something like this

Overcooked with the family
Trails of Cold Steel 2
Hopefully FFXIV

This weekend its metal gear solid 5: the phantom pain ...

Even 5 years ago it seemed like a world with different values, don't think Quiet (sniper NPC) would fly in todays norm's.

Otherwise great game (so far).

Also welcome to the weekend GWJ!

Probably more Moonlighter on switch, napping, and watching PAX streams.

I'm hoping I have enough time to at least finish Act II Part 3 of Trails of Cold Steel II (Vita). And maybe make some progress on Part 4. I might also do a mission or two in Assassin's Creed Revelations (PC).

Avengers and Wasteland 3, both on Xbox.

Primarily Morrowind. Not sure yet what else will grab me, but I've been playing some of the smaller games I got from the recent racial justice bundles, so I'll likely keep going through those as well.

Going to try to get through Ch. 3 of Trails from Zero, and fire up Crusader Kings 3 while doing more than the tutorial this time.

THPS 1+2
Wasteland 3

I've started another season with my franchise team in Super Mega Baseball 3. After some off-season wheeling and dealing we've made a strong start, going 6-2 with a 5 game streak. Go Pigs!

Also, the NFL red zone show on Sunday evening seems like the perfect opportunity to conduct my first long haul flight in MSFS 2020. Everything has been an hour or under so far due to time constraints, now it's time to test the range of my trusty Diamond DA62.

There's always Monster Train too, and new champions to try.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Probably finish up the first run on Resident Evil 2 (remake). But I am at the tale end of that, so I will need to figure out something else to start. I want a short break before playing as Claire in RE2.

Finish Uncharted 4, hopefully tonight.

Make a bit of progress in Wasteland 2 (already started on this goal), and, ideally, Psychonauts.

My thoughts keep drifting to Death Stranding though, which I have never played...

Seeing as I won't be near any of my home systems, and I don't want to travel with too much luggage, just my VITA will have to suffice; I'll be sticking to Ys: Memories of Celceta for the most part, and perhaps anything else I have downloaded on the device.

Playing will I leave my house in case of fire? game.

Life is strange. Also the game.

For Space Game Junkie, I'll be recording some Gronions. For myself, more invasion and admiral practice with Star Fleet II: Krellan Commander as well as a bunch of chakram-based murder in Kingdoms of Amalur. Should be a good weekend.

Planning to get out in the sunshine this weekend, Sunday evening I may dip into some Wargroove, Into the Breach and/or Bomber Crew.

I downloaded Spellbreak to see what's up with that. It's a battle royale so odds are I will get bored and wander off, but at least for now it's fun to hop around, hover, and throw fireballs.

Been a while since I showed my face around here. Seeing as how our moving prep had been going well I decided to treat myself to a little something on Steam.

So far so stylish.

I’ll also keep plugging away with Inquisitor: Martyr. I found a PS4 cabal on Reddit and joined a group of wholesome guys to trade tips with. I still can’t handle more than a couple missions a night with this one since nothing really changes very quickly progression-wise. I’m starting to collect my shards and psalms but don’t know what to do with them yet.

Wasteland 3

I look forward to gears tactics. I can only play a few missions before it becomes too much thinking for this year's brain. I will probably have to mix in a lighter game like a fps.

Gears tactics does have the best overwatch system I have played with so far.

Hades now that it's out on Switch, and a little more Ghost of Tsushima.

Sunday will be some MSFS 2020, hopefully with some form of head tracking this time. Other than that, maybe a bit of Fall Guys now that the cheating is hopefully largely eradicated.

Finishing up wintermoor tactics club, and slowly getting better at spelunky 2