What are you playing this weekend?

misplacedbravado wrote:

Cross-Country Move 2020.

I also played the 2019 edition. Not only am I getting really tired of this series, but every change from last year's version that I've run into so far has been for the worse.

Did you get the downsized DLC?

JohnKillo wrote:

Did you get the downsized DLC?

Fortunately, no.

My wife is in a degree program that involves a year-long internship and then a final year of classes, and I’m the trailing spouse. I’ve been able to keep my job and work remotely for the past year and now it’s time to head back... so my wife can take her classes online and I can work remotely from close to the office, for no one knows how long. These are confusing times.

Looks like Battle chasers, Wasteland 2, Witcher 3 and a bit of Rocket League this weekend

It's been a bit of a busy day so not much gaming so far except for my current asynchronous multiplayer games of Through the Ages, Istanbul and Targi. Perhaps a bit of Hardspace: Shipbreaker tonight.

Tomorrow I'm going to dive in to Subnautica and jump into Battletech

Might be bouncing between a few games this weekend:

  • Chrono Trigger
  • The Turing Test
  • American Truck Simulator

I kinda want to go back to the third generation of Monster Hunter, so I expect I will fire up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U) and possibly Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP). In both cases, I think I will want to start from scratch.

Since this weekend is a long weekend here in Ontario, I expect to get close to the end of Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PC) (which, so far, has been my favorite of the most recent trilogy) and continue my playthrough of Trails of Cold Steel II (Vita).

Been busy around here so not much gaming.

Made some more progress on Beat Saber campaign. I've got 3 more at the end and a handful of levels I skipped on the way up. I'm having trouble getting the hang of some of the super fast sections and it's very frustrating spending 1-3 minutes getting there and just failing each time. I did practice one section in the training mode for a while and managed to power through it in the campaign, so that's a really cool tool. Overall still very impressed with it and hoping to wrap up the campaign in the next week or two? I'm dreading some of those campaign levels I skipped... Oh and thinking of setting up a fan because even my cold basement isn't enough to keep me cool during the 1.7 km flailing level haha.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is still a lot of fun. My 6 year old is reading most of the dialogue with minimal help from me (besides helping point along with a laser pointer). It goes veeeeery slowly with this method though. (: Still, it's adorable so far, although I haven't even gotten to the first boss yet. We'll definitely keep playing this.

Assassin's Creed: Origins, if I have any time at all. I don't think I've put in more than five hours over the past three weeks, but I really like the game!

I find that when I'm really excited for an upcoming game, I tend not to play much of anything, or I skip from one game to another with very little play time in each. That game at the moment is Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 and I've still got more than two weeks to wait. I've tried some Hardspace Shipbreaker but have found it a bit buggy for my patience level at the moment. I may have another look at the weekend to see if I can get past it.

My and my new-ish alt will be back in Lord of the Rings Online. Currently lvl 37, so my LM and pet grizzly (Cuddles) are currently helping depopulate Evendim of tomb raiders and assorted ne'er-do-wells. Oh, and helping reforge some sword that this scruffy bloke in Rivendell asked us to help him with.

Hello guys!!

Hope to fire up some

2. Trails of Cold Steel 2. (Vita)
3. Overcooked 2
4. Lost Odyssey

*Continues to nibble on games*

At least Japan '45, Logistical 3: Earth, and Five Dimensional Chess with Multiverse Time Travel. Maybe check in with Phoenix Point's new update, and of course, getting close to the Season finish for Diablo 3.

Cold rainy weekend with nothing to do... Mainly Assassins Creed: Rogue with a side order of Legend of Grimrock 2, and a sprinkling (with family) of A Short Hike and Katamari Damacy Reroll.

"The Feud: Wild West Tactics" has taken a sudden lurch into view, and it's quite fun.

Hey Redherring, you know Logistical 3 starts out in New Zealand, right? Rare in-game respect lol.

Robear wrote:

Hey Redherring, you know Logistical 3 starts out in New Zealand, right? Rare in-game respect lol.

No, I’d never heard of it. The first screenshot I found is even centred on my town, with a picture of our maritime museum. it would be even better if we actually had a maritime museum

Sacada does take liberties, but if you have a better name for it, he'd probably be willing to change it in-game. He's also soliciting pics for the various towns. (Museums in game cover any kind of memorial, many tourist attractions, and so forth, in one category for convenience.) They often have multiple goods required to "finish" them, but don't have a population to consume the goods while they are coming in, so they tend to be smaller requirements. There's a mechanic where each town area can have an ecosystem of businesses and museums and such to complete, to "finish" the "cluster" that includes the town (and possibly in an urban area, multiple towns and cities). Sometimes that will then open up new vehicles or areas.

It's an amazing game, with a weird way of introducing new features and puzzles that range from easy to wtf, but there's an active Discord channel and a Steam discussion group, so it's easy to find support and get questions answered.

It's going to be a good weekend for gaming! First up is Disco Elysium, thanks to all of you enablers. I'm really loving this game so far. Until now, I had a very clear pick for GOTY, but Disco Elysium is threatening that spot. It's way too hard to describe briefly just how great it is and why, but just the writing alone has to be close to the best gaming has to offer.

Next up is Links Awakening Switch remake. I'm also really loving this one, but for entirely different reasons. It's just so fun and joyful, and the art is just adorable. The design is obviously pretty old-school, but given enough modern conveniences to avoid frustration. A really nice balance. Although the side-scrolling sections make me wish Nintendo cared enough about 2D Mario to do something similar for say SMB 2 or 3.

I want to say that I will finish Shadow of the Tomb Raider this weekend, but in reality, I will probably get sucked into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate again, just like last week.

It's the British Silverstone F1 Grand Prix this weekend and here in the UK we are having a weekend heatwave (it's currently 35 deg c/95 deg f!!), so probably not much time for gaming.

Having said that I do have a plan for a game of Root on Tabletop Simulator (first time playing) with three other Goodjers.

If I find some more time for gaming, I'll play some Sigma Theory of which I've played about an hour of so far.

If it's too hot to sleep then I may try and cool off with a dive into the waters of Subnautica

Logistical: Planet Earth has me at around 50 towns completed and a bit stuck in Australia. Approaching Infinity just showed up on Steam; I backed it years ago and it's a fun space-based Roguelike. I'll probably continue with my Diablo 3 questing, try to finish the season (I sidetracked into a third character lol). And The Feud: Wild West Tactics should get a few more rounds in before Monday.

Making progress on Beat Saber. Finished the end of the campaign but I need to go back and complete a handful of levels I skipped.

Paper Mario: The Origami King. Finished the first boss. This game is so ridiculously charming. 6 year old still enjoying reading the story.

Picked up a year of PS+ (~$30 on CDKeys btw) so I could download Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout as the current free game to keep. Got that loaded last night so I hope to try it out this weekend.

I did try out Dreams on PS4 too. I’d been hoping to jump into the VR stuff, but it has a lot of mandatory tutorials to get there. Haven’t gotten to it yet. I love the idea of creative software like this, going back to things like Mario Paint. But I’ve never had the creative willpower to actually make something. I feel like the same thing will happen here.

For me it will be something like this

2.FFVII - Remake
3. Trails of Cold Steel 2
4. Overcooked! 2

I'll be resubbing to Final Fantasy XIV, going back to the future in Chrono Trigger, and questioning my humanity in The Turing Test.

Sundered Eldritch Edition

Going to hug my PS4.

Last of Us 2
Ghost of Tsushima
Sakura Wars

Gonna get back to Approaching Infinity & see how it goes. I'm hoping the core loop expands a little as right now it's kind of grindy, but I know there's a lot more in there. Probably I'll try the new ships in Hardspace: Shipbreaker a few times, and maybe some Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Against my better judgement, more Red Dead Online. It's a buggy mess when it's bad, but when it's good, it's good.

Maybe a little Warframe to get back in the mood before the big patch.

I'm trying to take breaks from Trails of Cold Steel 2, after each section of the story, to play something shorter. This week, I've been getting back into Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, which I almost finished last year but either burned out, or stopped playing in favor of something shinier. I'm right near the end of the last dungeon (main story, not post-game), so I'll probably finish that up. If I finish that, maybe Islanders or Moonlighter, both of which I'm looking to finish this month.