What are you playing this weekend?

Act 3 of Kentucky route zero, some Online coop Overcooked 2 and probably some sonic mania with the kids.

I'm into chapter 6 of Red Dead Redemption 2, so getting towards the end and now I want to savour it by doing some side missions and challenges.

Act 3 and probably 4 of Kentucky Route Zero. Then I’m not sure. May return to the Witcher 3, may mess around with Horace since someone here said it was pretty good, or may start Endless Space 2.

Definitely this,
and this.
Probably this
and if I find the time, maybe this.


Escape From Tarkov, The Cycle, AC: Oddessy, Warframe, Division 2

Scourge Bringer. Love love lovely 2D hack and slash with some Dead Cells.

I will continue with The Evil Within 2, which, in case you didn't know, is AWESOME.

Give me the loot!

Division 2

In the typical manner of putting too much on my plate, I will continue with my playthrough of The Witcher II, while also - hopefully - putting the finishing touches on Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, getting some Little Nightmare joy, and perhaps a bit of the Resident Evil 2 Remake which I started a couple of days ago on a whim and am now pretty hooked.


UMOarsman wrote:


Same here

Wow, I didn't realize that Games Workshop had totally ripped off Wolcen's look. I thought they'd gotten it from Blizzard.

Games Workshop is funny that way...

Life is Strange 2 - Episode 4.
The Witcher 3.
Spider-Man DLC.
Probably something else from Game Pass!

Definitely continuing on in Skellige in The Witcher 3, and maybe something else as well. Probably either Monster Hunter World or The Division 2.


Same thing as last week:


It's a long weekend, too, so if I can remember what to do, I might even be able to finish it.

I replayed Kentucky Route Zero: Episode 1 Tv Edition today. I had played it and Episode 2 previously on a computer that hasn’t worked in years. Hopefully I can get into some of the context I haven’t played yet.

Continuing the final chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2, and getting shot a lot in Apex Legends.


Devil Crush

Sega Genesis goodness! Not a console I've had much experience with, but I'm loving this game in particular! I've been emulating a few of the classics but keep coming back to this absolute gem. The physics are absurdly good for its age, and the art is incredible.


Demon's Tilt

The reason I even checked out Devil Crush. It's a homage to the "Crush" series in every way. Much more modern, but plays very similarly. Bit of a retro-wave visual style and some cool influences from the bullet hell genre. It's a treat.



Just generally feeling like a miserable asshole but loving it. This game is very good and very unique. It's refreshing to play a post-apocalyptics game where big bad zombies aren't the enemy.

I'm slowly progressing in The Witcher III and doing some quick matches in Heroes of the Storm, but my favorite new toy is the new CCG from Riot, Legends of Runeterra. It's great. So great, that I even started a catch all thread for it. I highly recommend to check out the game, and this is coming from someone who has zero clue in LOL lore.


Some Rocket League couch co-op with the boy, it is the PS4s main duty these days.

Have downloaded Darkest Dungeon onto the Switch and Vita to compare before delving down properly for the first time.

I'll be playing at least some of The Political Process. I thought I had things figured out after a few terms as a State Rep. I first failed in two attempts at joining the school board (which is not so realistic for my area I think, as there doesn't tend to be a lot of interest in running for it). I think I had one more failed House run before pulling off a tight victory in the primary, which turned into a nearly guaranteed win in the general (I'm in Massachussets). The governor's house opened up thanks to term limits, and the game told me I had a good chance at winning if I ran for it. So I decided to forgo another election for my House seat.

The game was wrong. With ten weeks left in the primary, my opponent is vastly outearning me in campaign donations, and in a recent poll 13% of those asked said they intended to vote for me. I don't have things figure d out.

Once I'm out of politics, I'll play some more Book of Demons. This Diablo-alike is a lot of fun, and I hope others steal their 'pick your adventure-size' mechanic that makes it easier to setup a game that will match the amount of time you have to play.

I'd like to get some time in with >Observer and some more Zork time in (starting with 2), but that is probably pushing my actually available time.

Continuing with Hollow Knight. This game is huge!

Last weekend I


got my first win in the Colosseum of Fools. Shortly after that I earned the respect of the Mantis Lords.

This weekend I


got a pass for the tram system and hit 700 on the Soul meter.

Even though I played it a few weeks ago, I played Act I of Kentucky Route Zero again now that the PC version has been updated with achievements. Found a couple things I missed last time, so still worth it.

I also started on chapter 7 of Yakuza 0.

I dabbled in Dreams on PS4, and checked out some of the stuff people have made. I want to go through some of the building tutorials, and check out the Art's Dream campaign Mm included.

In preparation for tomorrow's 5.2 patch, I resubbed to to Final Fantasy XIV and did a few dailies while getting reacquainted with my Machinist.

And finally, I installed American Truck Simulator. Didn't do much than fiddle with the settings and get a profile set up, but I'd like to put some real time into this one. I'd like a game I can play while listening to podcasts or similar.



Mostly dungeon diving new & old school style.

Nabbed Stoneshard on a whim and have been quite smitten thus far. A bit early in development so far but most all the pieces are in place and it looks like it could be a classic if the devs follow through with the current foundation.

Randomly came across a YouTube vid highlighting ES2: Daggerfall Unity and was taken aback by how fresh it looked running in Unity and then doubly so when I realized that I could have the same experience up and running in 5 minutes with two small free downloads (guess Daggerfall is freeware now). It's been a kick playing this retro classic in 1080p @ 120fps and gobs of fan-made QoL modern touches. Feels super approachable yet vintage at the same time.

I don't have anywhere else to gush so...Oh my God Divinity Original Sin 2 is incredible. I've never played such a freeing, open-ended, and so well-crafted RPG. It's kicking my ass, but I adore it. I didn't expect it to be so punishing, but that's forcing me to explore everything to eke out every little advantage I can. I'm currently level 4 and I thiiink I'm about to escape Fort Joy, but we'll see....

While I'd like to say I'll be playing it all weekend, my partner has caught on and is constantly bugging me for my PC so she can play too. Gonna have to share this one!