What are you playing this weekend?

AUs_TBirD wrote:

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (PC) - So very good. The voices and atmosphere are just perfect to evoke all the nostalgia feels! The gameplay is pretty tight, too!

Still on this. Made good progress last night at the expense of sleep. Also:

Shatterhand (NES) - one of the few games of its type on the sytem that I own but never completed. It's very good with a cool "make your own combat drone helper" system. I'm just a bit annoyed at the stages as they feature several "gotcha" spots where taking damage seems unavoidable without the correct drone.

I also loaded my game in Fire Emblem (GBA) for the first time in probably 5 years. I've been working on that save since 2003. Actually began making good, safe progress, and then the game locked up 30 minutes in. So much for that

I've got on the Metro Exodus train and likely won't exit before it reaches its final stop. It's my first shooter in a looong while and it's really getting its hooks in me.

I’m going to be trying to make a push in Dead Cells to finish off the last level. If that doesn’t eat up all of my days off, I might start attempting a perfect run on normal for the last achievements.

Lofty goals.

Other than that I’ll be dragging the team down in Overwatch as usual.

Weekend time. IMAGE(https://i.imgur.com/0qKxBwS.jpg)
Playing this and traveling.


Pokemon Sun Utra and Fire Emblem Tres Houses.

Visiting friends and family out of town. When I get home on Monday, more Grandia III (PS2). It's fine.

So so much Classic WoW.

Well, I've been hitting some Free-to-play Neverwinter on the PS4 and inching closer to the end of Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. I've found that the former's almost mindless grind with minimal lore in the Forgotten Realms setting soothes my mind, so that will get some time invested, while the latter will see me finishing off the story. I intend to hit a little bit of the open beta for MHW: Iceborne as well.

If I have any time left from that, I'll see about setting up my September pile picks and whatnot.

For the long weekend, I'm planning to drop a bunch more time into Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I'd also like to put a bit more time into Fallout 4 since I kinda stopped in the middle to get on the FE bandwagon, but I may not be able to pull myself away.

Lots of stuff:
Dark Pictures: Man of Medan
Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Yoku's Island Express: No Subtitle

Ys VIII - Switch


Closing in on the end, looking like it'll take me around 50 hours. I'm playing on hard, and doing pretty much every side-quest and optional reputation activities. Personally, I think it's the best RPG on the Switch, and one of the best action RPGs I've ever played. I'll be sad when it's over.

The story starts off pretty basic, and it's tropey in a really comforting way, it also twists and turns constantly in a satisfying way. Y'all gotta play this!

Dragon Quest VIII - 3DS


Still a bit weird playing this straight after DQXI, but it remains a charming game. It's obviously a lot simpler, but it's just...nice. It's cozy. I especially love the photography quests they added to the 3DS release. I've probably spend more time trying to take good photos of the requested scenes/items/people than I have fighting monsters!

JohnKillo wrote:

Weekend time. IMAGE(https://i.imgur.com/0qKxBwS.jpg)
Playing this and traveling.


Pokemon Sun Utra and Fire Emblem Tres Houses.

This is such an under appreciated Zelda game, and a personal favourite. I've always preferred the 2D games, and this one just felt right. It brought a smile to my face seeing it pop up here!

Tesla vs. Lovecraft, which is amazing, and Zombie Vikings, which is amusing.

Remember Me. It's like a combination of Assassin's Creed: Unity, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Alita: Battle Angel, and Deus Ex.

The game is flawed in places but it's trying so hard to be a good game that it's endearing. The art style of Neo-Paris is amazing, the main character Nillin is easy on the eyes and ears, there's some novel mechanics in the combat and I'm enjoying the silly story. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a fun diversion.

Played doubles tennis today for 6ish hours then played singles for another 1.5 - most fun way to get exercise!

Getting reacquainted with God of War.

Well I installed the new Blair witch game this weekend, hoping for a new jump scare game. Only to uninstall 10 min later.

The controls are terrible and I was unable to interact with key items right at the begining of the game. Hmmm is there anyway to change controls, let's go into the menu to find out. Amazing it defaults 4:3 format and you can't see half of the options.

Even though this is included in xbox for pc game pass thingy, I want my bandwidth back

For Space Game Junkie, I’m playing tons of Freespace 2 with mods, as part of a month-long celebration of its 20th birthday, as well as the new Resurrection campaign in Battlestar Galactica Deadlock.

For myself, probably more Far Cry 5 and Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Should be a very busy weekend.

I played and finished Gris yesterday. Today will be more Elder Scrolls Online, finishing up the Elsweyr expansion quests I hadn't completed yet.

Thanks to Xbox Game Pass for PC, fired up Wolfenstein 2 and am blown away. I bounced off the first remakes b/c they never really ran right on my system. This game is phenomenal and some heavy stuff already!

Been struggling with Option Paralysis lately, but I think this one is gonna stick.

Probably going to buy Astral Chains today. About to head out on vacation so it will be plenty of Switch games on planes, trains, and so on.

Thanks to the boy I've been sucked back into Rocket League.

Maybe some Division 2.

Still working through AssCreed Origins but I also just fired up Metro 2033: Redux. Only played a bit but I’m loving the atmosphere so far. I needed something smaller and linear to balance the openness of Egypt.

A Little Conan Exiles and a little 7 Days to Die.

Some Saints Row 3. I love the series so much from 3 on.

And I have been wanting to start up Borderlands 1 again. All these new games I have, and I have lately only been wanting to play stuff I already know.

WoW Classic, Remnant: From the Ashes and any Switch games that talk me into buying them, lol.

Finished up and enjoyed a quality XCOM-like that was free on Epic Games a few weeks back: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (link).

That had interrupted my run through of Journey which I bought on Epic Games when the PC version released. Finished that one, too.

I just beat Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on Steam.

Great game! The only complaint I have is I got lost easily and there's a lot of backtracking, but all the PS1/DS/3DS Castlevania games are like that, so... it's as close to a spiritual successor as you can get!

Way more Warframe than I expected. I haven't liked a grindy game this much since Diablo 3 - it just feels so good to play that I forget I'm technically just grinding.

Also dipped back into Tales of Vesperia. It's very charming, but too way too long for its own good.

I decided to dip into No Man's Sky. I didn't get more than 6 hrs in last year, so after the Beyond update, I just started a new game. So far so good, it's been a great chill game and I hope to have it keep me entertained to avoid buying new games that I don't really have time for (of course Detroit Become Human and Assassin's Creed Odyssey are still waiting for me on the PS4).

Couldn't really bring myself to race the Belgian GP in F1 2019 this weekend after the horrible tragedy on Saturday. So I didn't. I did finish it on Monday, though, so now I'm ready to tackle Italy.

Ended up buying Control even though I had planned to wait. Seems really good so far.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is here, so that's what I'm going to be playing this weekend. Maybe a bit of Grandia III if I feel like it (I want to finish it before the beginning of the next JRPG game club).

Most gaming time will go into Fire Emblem: Three Houses. But I may also mess around with the Daemon X Machina demo, plus Super Metroid, since it's on the Switch now. So it's a Switch kind of weekend.

I’ll still peck away a bit at AssCreed Origins. (Good gravy it’s a big game!) I also have Metro 2033 installed and I want to play a SNES game on my Switch: either Super Mario World or A Link to the Past.