What are you playing this weekend?

Poor Candle was pushed to the side as soon as I started Detroit: Become Human, so I'll continue with the latter, which I'm enjoying tremendously.

I'm going to take down Lady Butterfly in Sekiro. After I succeed, I'll likely play more Sekiro. Betrayal Legacy is also looming!

Wrapped up Prey: Mooncrash (PC) last weekend and Moonlighter (Switch) the weekend before. Really liked both a lot. Gotta a busy weekend but planning on starting Last Of Us Remastered (PS4) tonight or tomorrow. With some Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (Switch) levels sprinkled throughout.

It's been a crazy week, and the next ones promise to be even crazier, provided I find a new job which is 99.99% likely to require me to relocate. This weekend, however, will be relatively quiet, with some Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (Vita), some Gravity Rush 2, and possible some Path of Exile (PS4) (if the stars align).

This weekend, again, will be as much


as I can fit in. Past 40 hours now, not even close to bored or burnt out.

Plus, for Space Game Junkie, this just came out:


And unlike last week's travesty, I'm excited to cover this one. I should also be able to whip up regular entries of:



An awesome weekend, to be sure.

I'm excited to dig back into Arcanum for the CRPG club, now that I've restarted the game with a different character.


And of course, a little time travel to ancient Rome for some Imperator.


Looks like my weekend is Dragon's Dogma, Dark Souls II, and (hopefully) Final Fantasy XIV.


Since Joker's introduction, I've been pushing hard on the adventure mode in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I mostly alternate between him and the Inklings.

Still chewing on Assassin's Creed Odyssey but I'm starting to slow down. So many cultists to kill. And after picking up Anthem on sale, I'm averaging a mission per night on my way through the story.

brokenclavicle wrote:

I may be playing nothing but mobile games on my phone this weekend during commutes... I'll be in Jacksonville at "Welcome to Rockville" festival, so not much gaming will get done, if any.

I hope it was a good weekend and you enjoyed the city in which I live.

I played Medieval Pan Throwing Simulator


It's a lot of fun.
(When you can get on a server)

Mr Bismarck wrote:

I played Medieval Pan Throwing Simulator

I literally asked somebody the other day if you could use a frying pan as a weapon and they said they didn't think you could. This makes me so happy.

All your characters get 16 points to spend across armour, weapons and skills (the lighter armour and lesser weapons you take, the more points you have to spend on skills), and there's one skill called "Peasant." It costs eight points, which means that's half your ability gone right there, but it grants you access to special peasant-only equipment, like a tree branch, a wooden pitchfork, a long-handle shovel or frying pans.

You're essentially deliberately limiting your character for meme-ability, like hitting enemies in the face with a flying frying pan... SPANG!

Peasants have always been medieval hipsters.


Reinstalled The Witness on a whim and am in love all over again. It helps that I've had a PC upgrade since my last visit and am now enjoying the game visually maxed out with a buttery smooth 120fps G-sync display.


Still digging through Factorio's opening campaign/tutorial. It's funny 'cause there's currently two unique tutorials, the original 0.16 stable build and the completely revamped 0.17 test build branch. I've actually got the game installed on two laptops (old and new one) so I'm bouncing between the two tutorials trying to decide which one I enjoy more. Gotta admit I'm kinda nostalgic for the slower paced, more detailed original.


Diving back into Two Point this weekend. Man this game is such a joy to play. I keep rediscovering that whenever I pick it back up after a long break.


Debating picking up WTWTLW as it's -50% this weekend.

Been on my Wishlist for a long while but I've been hesitant 'cause I heard that while the stories, music & voice acting are all great, the gameplay itself can be kinda grindy & monotonous.

I'll be playing through the Space Marine campaign of Dawn of War II - Retribution. Debating whether or not to start something else as well. We'll see!

Once againgain, as much


as I can fit in. 50 hours in, not bored at all. This is something really special y'all.

Plus, for Space Game Junkie, I'll be doing a lot of one-off videos this weekend, such as:




Along with regular entries of:



Should be a really great weekend!

Inspired by my playthrough of Mortal Kombat X, I'm planning to play the story of the first Injustice on PS4 (I believe I got it through PS Plus at some point?). So far I'm enjoying it, even if it plays more awkwardly than MKX, I hate most of their character designs for the DC heroes, and was pained to hear that Adam Baldwin does a lot of the voice acting.

I'm also going to try out the Morrowind expansion for Elder Scrolls Online. I played the main story via Game Pass last summer and was thinking about how much I enjoyed that, so I got the expansion cheap from Amazon.

I will probably do a little more work towards completing The Division 2, if matchmaking is more cooperative than it has been lately...

I started Assassin's Creed: Syndicate a couple of days ago, about a year after finishing Unity. I know it is supposed to be great, and I do enjoy AC games, but so far I'm not really feeling it (granted, I've only played for about three hours). I hope it grabs me soon, or it's back to Candle for a while.

Wiped my saves of a ~ lvl 6/7 team in Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark earlier in the week. Going to rebuild 'em all over the weekend because, yeah, I deleted them ; but also, the game is cheerily begging me to 'abuse' the job system...

Grinding in a few ranger (and prereq classes) so you can place that one AOE multishot skill on a melee, because "range" is atypically defined on that one skill as "weapon" instead of [n] squares? YES!

Making a dual wield gunner knight but circle back to knight as primary class so you can still use "one for all" to wrack up 3x the usual shots vs sword swings? YES!

Snag smart casting on a non-primary mage because the tooltip is tagged "abilities" (should therefore include skills AND spells). YES!

Crush reaver and vamp together for some hail Mary bouncebacks, via bloodsuck, for when my reaver runs out of health due to her frenzying nature? YES!

Can we find a way to make that plague doctor not be sh*tty? MAYBE!

Getting both sturdy grip and dual wield classes because you're-not-my-supervisor and I'll use two scythes if I want to! Yes, you heard me, two scythes if I WANT TO. YES-and-YES!

Or maybe have that mender dip assassin too, for two staves, and that sweet doubledown on the caster bonuses. YES!

Finding 'da way to make those classes that burn MP for weapon damage still have enough to cast 2nd class spells? YES WE CAN!

Optimizing versatile to get crits on spells too? Uh, YES! And if it kills me for lack of sleep trying, still YES!

Ok, this is borderline embarrassing so Ima shut up and just ride the swing set now like a happy 2 year old

In my defense, the proverbial candy store is huge and IT.IS.BEAUTIFUL.

... dagnabbit, why isn't this on the Switch already.

I've finished my first season of F1 2018 (racing for Williams because I hate myself) and have finished the Australian GP in season 2. I'm still having fun - raised the difficulty and raised the race length to 50%.

But F1 2019 comes out at the end of July, and I don't know if I should do an entire 2nd season so close to the next game... 'cause I'm going to want to play that.

But the Spanish GP is this weekend so I'm gonna be in an F1 mood. Decisions, decisions.

If I have time to play anything this weekend (still an unknown), it will probably be Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (Vita). And maybe some Gravity Rush 2 (PS4).

Picking Wolfenstein: The New Order back up.

Beyond that, I hope to get some time with Beat Saber and Resident Evil (Gamecube).

Some possible time in AC Odyssey is also a good bet.

Of my precious gaming time this weekend:

85% to The Division 2
10% to Path of Exile (PS4 version)
5% to Mortal Kombat 11

Mostly working on Assassin's Creed Rogue. I'm in Ch. 5 now, so I may get close to the end sometime this weekend. And if I can find 2-3 straight hours to rub together, I may take a run at going through What Remains of Edith Finch.

Slay the Spire and Steamworld Quest.

Vampyr: Sekiro spoiled me. I parried that stupid vampire's attack.

Main course will be Astro Bot Rescue Mission on PS VR, will try some samplers in VR if time allows. On flat screen Horizon Chase Turbo on PS4 and My Time in Portia on PC if time allows.

There will be a lot of The Division 2, some Borderlands 2 with a friend, & maybe a little Rise of the Tomb Raider if I can squeeze in the time.

Finished AC Odyssey and all its DLC. Randomly rolled Uncharted 4, which I played for about an hour when I got the PS4 and forgot to come back to.

My weekend looks like...

Persona 5
LoH: Trails of Cold Steel
The Cave
Axiom Verge
The Messenger

And some Persona 4 Golden on the Vita.

The Steamworld games have been praised quite a bit on the podcast, so when I saw Steamworld Dig 1 on Switch for $4.50, I had to get it! (Well, thanks to some friendly enablers on Twitter, too). I think I'll end up finishing it over the weekend, it's a lovely little game. I can't believe I dismissed it for so long.

Otherwise, probably some good ol' Pinball FX 3 as usual.