What are you playing this weekend?

All this gaming goodness lays before me...





I'm not sure. Feel like I need a break from Red Dead. I started the Modern Warfare remaster last night, but don't think I have a strong urge to finish it. Maybe I'll return to God of War, if I can remember how the controls and combat work. Tempted to start something new, but I don't really want to have even more games on the fire at the moment.


It's early in the year, but Objects is fast becoming by Surprise Hit of 2019. So good.


Portia got a nice, beefy 2.0 update. Back down the rabbit hole.


Duck XCOM continues to impress.

A little more Spider-Man, hoping to unlock the fifth palace in Persona 5, and then maybe a bit of time with The Swapper and/or Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars (Director’s Cut).

Anthem. I've completed the story, now just working to get to level 30.
The Sims 4. My 7-year old love it, so I will be following her orders.
Pillars of the Earth. Hoping to start this for the Adventure Game Club, at least enough to get a sense of whether I want to complete it or not.

I have a house guest this weekend, so not a ton of gaming, but I'll definitely be playing more of this for Space Game Junkie:


And if I have time for myself, definitely more of these:



Dark Souls... Just Dark Souls...

I'm in deep now.


Stevintendo wrote:

Dark Souls... Just Dark Souls...

I'm in deep now.

I played that for the first time last month and LOVED it. I liked BB and DS3 when I played them, but I had a better time with DS1 Remastered, probably because I played as a caster for the first time, which really suited me.


Not sure yet. I'm about to give up on Dishonored 2, which isn't grabbing me. Now I have to choose between Steamworld Heist, The Surge or Nioh.

Leaning toward Heist since I just played DS.

I'm close to the end of the Xenoblade 2: Torna DLC, so I'm looking to finish that up and put it on the shelf this weekend. Might also play some Splatoon 2. And getting with some friends to do some tabletop Iron Kingdoms on Saturday.

Chipping away at the campaign in Northgard but am a little underwhelmed so far. I also have Civilization VI waiting in the wings, and a hankering for some ARPG gameplay. Maybe that will be Diablo 3, or maybe a long overdue first foray into Path of Exile.

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 with the family.

edit* I never want to shorten :family" with "the fam". I apologize for doing that.

I'm continuing my kingdom-building adventures in Ni no kuni 2,
continuing my offbeat investigations in Thimbleweed Park,
and probably trying out one or both of Lara Croft's isometric adventures (GO and The Temple of Osiris), which I just got for super cheap on the current PS store sale.

Apex Legends and Wargroove.

My tother half, who it's fair to say is not as into gaming as me by a fair distance, has organised friends over for a board game night round ours tomorrow. A pleasant surprise. So some or all of Azul (the stained glass one), Junk Art, Skull, Barenpark and if it's going well maybe Reykholt or Pandemic Iberia.

This weekend:

  • Persona 5 (PS4) - I might finish the seventh Palace, with a bit of luck, and work on social links
  • Some more progress in Bastion (PC)
  • Start inventory of my comic book collection before figuring out how to sell it
  • Check how much it will cost to have my N64 fixed and see if it's worth it considering my plan is to sell it
  • See if I can configure a DS4 on my PC, or if I should just go out and get an Xbox One controller.

So, yeah, pretty packed weekend.

I'm hoping to make some progress on Yakuza 0 and probably I'll get sucked into a little bit of Factorio as well. I also figure I'll finish up the campaign missions in vanilla Destiny 2 so I can decide whether I want to start the endgame grind or not (probably not).

Wargroove's latest patch fixes my main two issues with the game - 1) Difficulty and 2) skipping of enemy turns. Thanks to that, I'll likely be spending all of my gaming time with that this weekend.

I'm going to hopefully get some more time with Horizon: Zero Dawn this weekend. I'm digging what I've played so far. That and, for some reason, Stardew Valley has been on my mind a lot lately.

I just beat A Hat in Time.

What a wonderful, delightful, upbeat, great game.

5/5. Go play it.

Vrikk wrote:

I just beat A Hat in Time.

What a wonderful, delightful, upbeat, great game.

5/5. Go play it.

Bought it a bit ago. It's on my "must get to it" list. It certainly looks charming to boot.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey. People need to die. Oh they have options to take people out without killing them. No no. They need to die. They need to add a option so I take their souls and delivery them personally to the underworld.

Just beat Thimbleweed Park. It is a lovely homage to Adventure games of old. Going to play through it again to get the handful of trophies I missed, but this baby is cooked.


Cheap cheap cheap right now. I got it for under $10, regional pricing may differ.

Honestly, this game gets a lot of sh*t from the gaming community but I'm having a blast with it. It's nowhere near a serious shooter, but I like that. It's not competitive, but it doesn't need to be. It's just good, wholesome fun that I can chill out with. I can't think of any other multiplayer games that are just relaxing like this.

It's beautiful, the theme and sound design is spot on and I really can't complain at that price. Loving it.


With everything going on in my life right now, Stardew Valley has been my go-to relaxation game. I actually didn't like it at first, I found it directionless and too slow. Now that I need something stress free and time-consuming, it's perfect. I'm playing it almost every day when I feel shaky or like I'm going to break down. Coming up to Winter, which should be something different!

Also, Green Lantern mug from GWJ's very own m0nk3yboy. Thanks!


Well, I'm going to be poor very soon. The local pub has this installed and it's very quickly become my favourite pinball table. I love Iron Maiden, and goddamn it's just so perfectly designed. Help me.

Honestly, the idea of finally earning enough cash to buy this machine for home use is what's getting me through honours. In the meantime, anyone got a spare $10k they want to give me?

The DLC pack for Beat Saber on PSVR drops today, so some of that for sure. It's a big hit around our house. Aside from that questing on my old MUD (3k.org port 3000 if you're interested, I'm Inago), and likely some Diablo 3 and Mutant Year Zero, which has totally surprised me on the Xbone.

Probably gonna continue God of War. But, a really good (and spoilery) article the other day on Red Dead Redemption 2's ending has me wanting to push through the main story, so I'll probably put some time into that as well.

More Wargroove! My enthusiasm for this game has gone up and down I over the past week or so, mostly due to difficulty spikes. It's still an awesome game, just interspersed with less awesome moments.

And Two Point Hospital is having a free weekend, so I'll be diving into that too.

The Division 2. I really enjoyed my time with the first game and, as a life-long resident of the DC area until, well, an increasingly long time ago now, I loved seeing familiar sights while running around in the beta a few weeks back. I am psyched to jump in to this, and hope I remember to pop the disc in my Xbox as soon as I get home this evening so that the zillion GB of updates will be installed by the time my kids are asleep

Anthem. I'm mostly on a hiatus with this, having hit the endgame and not really caring about the grind, but I do like the gameplay enough that I'll probably still do a legendary contract a night for 30 minutes of fun and a piece of high tier loot.

Thimbleweed Park. I want to play this for the GWJ Adventure Game Club, but my current life situation with a 3 month old doesn't usually see me heading to the basement where my PC lives (I got the game free from the Epic store). But now that Xbox supports streaming from PC, I'm going to see if I can set things up so I can play this from the comfort of my livingroom, streamed from my PC. Maybe it'll work?

This weekend, I'll be playing a bit of...


With a healthy helping of commute with my Vita in...


And chipping away at the platinum trophy for...




Aaron D. wrote:

Duck XCOM continues to impress.

More like DuxCom am I right?

I just restarted several times due to iron man mode.

Also more Trails in Cold Steel 2

I feel so changeable at the moment, and whatever I say I'm going to play in these threads never gets played. In fact I haven't played many games at all these past couple of weeks. I can't remember a time when I last felt this apathetic about my main hobby.

kergguz wrote:

I feel so changeable at the moment, and whatever I say I'm going to play in these threads never gets played. In fact I haven't played many games at all these past couple of weeks. I can't remember a time when I last felt this apathetic about my main hobby.

Take some time off. Do something different. Don't force it. Take care of yourself. You will find your mojo back.