What are you playing this weekend?



Dragon Age 2

If I get any downtime, it'll probably be a sector or two of FTL.

Because I'm donating the rest of my time to New England GiveCamp. 120 volunteers, 23 non-profits, 45 hours - lots of code and changes for the better.

It's gonna be another Croft & Shepard weekend.

Golf. Porr fairy and warrnambool in windy conditions.

This weekend is looking quiet so:

Soul Hackers

I'm also going to be rehearsing magic for a possible performance on Sunday.

If I get time, I guess I would be starting Bioshock Infinite, I have such a back log it's crazy!!! LOL

Damn... I forgot... the kids are sleeping away saturday.... guess I wont be playing any video game then!!!

A variety of things this weekend. First, always some MLB The Show 13, then some Starcraft 2 HotS as I try and finish the campaign and going back in the time machine as I replay some RTS games of yore with Rise of Legends and Rise of Nations Gold.

Good times this weekend for sure!

I'm planning on playing Sleeping Dogs, which so far is getting the "best 2012 game first played in 2013" award. I may dabble in Guacamelee and Injustice as well. I might even work on the Soul Sacrifice demo, as I am still deciding whether to pick it up next week.

Tanglebones wrote:



Dragon Age 2

Sorry, but just had to quote that, those cosplays are simply amazing!! The amount of detail, the car and attention than went in them... Wow. Just wow. Enjoy DA2, I really, really liked it.

Myself, probably won't be playing much this weekend, with my mother staying with us (and her "games are evil" perspective). Hoping to play a bit of Guild Wars 2 or Borderlands 2 in the evenings, though.

Picked up Saint Row III last Sunday and I've been struggling to put it down to go to sleep since.

Man does that game's reputation hold up.

And agreed on those DA2 cosplayers. Those costumes are brilliant.

MrDeVil909 wrote:

And agreed on those DA2 cosplayers. Those costumes are brilliant.

I can just imagine how Isabela is pointing out to the blissfully naive Bethany exactly what is on the end of her staff. I love that game, the dialogue cracks me up.

Been playing Bioshock Infinite. I can't see the end to the game yet. I've been spoiled about the story and hard stinks about mid way through. Ive also been playing Dragon's Quarter. It feels foreign in a way. I want to go slowly but I still don't know when to use the give up feature or how to get more save tokens.

Probably checking out the two big patches in




Eclipse on the iPad, ToME4, DC:SS, prepping for a trip to Sao Luis, Brazil for work.

Good times.

I have overtime on Saturday, but when I finally get done there I will be hitting up Game Dev Tycoon, Mafia II (unless it makes me fall asleep) and maybe have a go at one of the Dirt franchise that I picked on Steam lately..

Time to sober up a troll and take out a Kayran in The Witcher 2

Gonna play some more EuroTruck sim2.

Might touch GuildWars2, but I don't know if I should look at nwn... Guess ill wait it is on steam, as all Runic's games end up there.

Finally finished my latest RamblePak video, and just in time for Amazon to have Bioshock Infinite on sale for $45.

I'll finally be playing my most anticipated game of the past couple years.

Got back into


last night, so probably that plus




Board games at Atras' on Saturday. Might & Magic Duel of Champions, Monaco, Android: Netrunner, Dominion, Pandora's Tower, or Mega Man 6 on Sunday.

Pandora's Tower and Bayonetta for as long as the kid will allow, then hitting up some board games on Sunday.

Board games and finishing the last games in Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Edit some more and some Demon's Souls where possible. Gotta finish the former before I can fully commit to the latter.

Some of this:

And this:

And of course this:

As I mentioned elsewhere I'm giving this WoW thing a try for the first time. After more recent games it feels and looks pretty dated, but I'm starting to get into the swing of it. I may actually sub after my free month.

ARAM queue came to League of Legends so that'll be my jam, hopefully continuing the trend of full GWJ 5v5 inhouses we've been swining recently.

Other than that, board games with the NC GWJ crew, and maybe some To the Moon with my morning coffee.

BlackSabre wrote:

And of course this:

I made a gif of that moment


Probably some

Plus a bit of

And, one way or the other, finishing

I'll be playing some Strike Suit Infinity, some Trek73, some StarDrive and hopefully some Euro Truck Simulator 2.





And this:



Unchained Blades, Liberation Maiden, and Mega Man IV, respectively.