What are you playing this weekend?

Ultimate Frisbee, first outdoor tournament of 2013. It's a game. I'll be looking to wrap up Infinite on Sunday. I'll also be spending 10 hours in the car, I'm debating bringing my DS and Chrono Trigger but I don't want to be rude towards the driver.

More LEGO CITY - Finished the story at around 36% (!) Still plenty to do in that game before I hit 100%.

I'll finish up Evoland, which is cute (seems a fairly short thing anyway) and I've a hankering for more Torchlight 2 now mods are starting to appear. Also Panda bear pet :3

Also downloading my prepurchased copy of AoE2 HD Edition right now, so I'll give that a whirl at some point. And finally still slowly plugging away at Etrian Odyssey...which is really starting to drag at the moment, but I'm slowly grinding it down.

Board games and Bioshock: Infinite.

Hopefully trying out my brother's Stark Trek TNG Deck Building Game, teaching my friends Mall of Horror, and naturally, Luigi's Mansion.

ccesarano wrote:

Hopefully trying out my brother's Stark Trek TNG Deck Building Game

Winter is coming. Resistance is futile.

ccesarano wrote:

and naturally, Luigi's Mansion.

Legendary tales will be retold of this weekend.

I'll be playing Tomb Raider, and if I finish that some Darksiders.


And finally getting around to playing


Bioshock Infinite tonight.
Magic Online tomorrow.
Various board/card games tomorrow night.

Tonight: Hopefully Figure Out What Is Screwy With My PC
Tomorrow: Bioshock: Infinite
Sunday: Boston 5 mile MS Walk (hey, if you'd like to donate...), followed by Finally Picking Up My Motorcycle


Clean and Pack and maybe some Skyrim.

Skyrim and TIE Fighter definitely, and if I have time, StarDrive and X3: Albion Prelude.

Savoring every moment in ...


Heartlessly slaughtering everything in sight in ...


And relaxing by ...


Hopefully I will finish up with Bioshock Infinite, and then get back into Far Cry 3 and Tomb Raider.

Good gaming there...



Hopefully seeing a lot of screens like this:


But also seeing a lot of screens like this:


Mass Effect 3 MP, Bioshock Infinite, and Medieval Fair.

Hopefully getting closer to finishing

And probably a bit of

Coaster Creator
Pokemon Black 2


No magic this weekend & only a little open mic comedy on Sunday night. Oh, blessed sleep. I'm looking forward to it.

Rykin wrote:

Mass Effect 3 MP, Bioshock Infinite, and Medieval Fair.

Me too! Except without the Medieval Fair, because I only wear my 12th century pantaloons at home.

Same thing I'm playing EVERY DAY: World of Warcraft.

I may need an intervention.


If I manage to have any time, Infamous and Morrowind.

If the postman turns up (and the servers are up) - Defiance.

If not, then Bioshock Infinite, Eve Online or completing my latest Dragons Age 2 run.

Gravey wrote:

Hopefully seeing a lot of screens like this:


You missed a rune AND the Sokolov painting in that mission!?

Forget that tax nonsense - you've got a mission to replay!

I admitted to myself yesterday that I really and truly lost my latest Civ V game, and have been playing Orcs Must Die!, a little at a time, since then.

Veloxi's latest podcast reminded me that I haven't properly tried either Sword of the Stars I or II yet, but I've spent the last two weeks in a mental space in which starting an unfamiliar 4X game (much less one that expects me to read the manual first) seems excessively difficult.

Aristophan wrote:

Slowly, ever so slowly, I am playing Bioshock Infinite.

This again.

I'm introducing RedPanda to Bioshock Infinite, but for myself I'm loading up some mod-community IWADs with GZDoom.

Dark Souls, because I hate myself. Over and over again.

I'm supposed to be playing Company of Heroes for my pile commitment... but instead I'm playing Evoland, because it's fricking brilliant.