What are you playing this weekend?

imbiginjapan wrote:

Whatever I get for my birthday today :)


World of Warcraft. D:

imbiginjapan wrote:
imbiginjapan wrote:

Whatever I get for my birthday today :)


I'm playing it now. It's very, very good.

Surprised myself and decided to play a game on the TV vs my usual PC habit. Started playing Eternal Darkness.

Mass Effect 2.

I have not played many games in a long time. Nothing has seemed interesting.

This image totally wraps up how I've been feeling about games lately:


I am very, very tired of heavily railed "experiences". I hate when I don't even have to engage my brain to navigate my surroundings. Mass Effect 2 has so far been a little too "railed" for me, but I hope some of the next areas have a little more freedom of movement.

Planescape: Torment. And maybe some Minecraft.

NCAA 11, which is like crack for me. I have some other games to play, as well as other stuff to do. so I started up a second GWJ Online Dynasty to fill the downtime while waiting for folks to get games in for the main league.

Super Meat Boy, which I got via my Secret Stanta. I put in a little time with it almost everyday. And my wife loves to show me up when I can't beat a level. The game is far more fun than i would have imagined.

I'm also playing a little BFBC2, as I just re-bought via Games on Demand. I love having a shooter that I can just boot-up whenever. It narrowly beat out Far Cry 2.

I've racked up 70million points in Beat Hazard since the Steam Treasure Hunt got me to buy it. I'm having a great time with it!

Played Metro 2033 to get the treasure hunt achievement and then some. So awesome!

Played Empire: Total War just long enough to get the T.H. achievement. Not blown away by it yet like previous iterations (I think it's gunpowder vs melee/arrows of the previous games), but at least it runs better on my new video card compared to earlier in the year.

A chapter in Ghostbusters (PC). I love this game, but I've encountered the first really annoying fight (4 possessors at once) on "experienced" difficulty. Took me a few tries to pass. Boy, the loading times can be long.

Played a map of Serious Sam HD and might do more tonight. About 1/3 to 1/2 through the game. Finished the non-HD versions years ago, and the fun is still there, only prettier now.

Arma 2: OA mulitplayer and the PMC add-on.
Jagged Alliance 2.

Little Big Planet

Civ V - going to try to finish the GotM this week. I hope that waiting for the new patch didn't grief me. I also have a one-city challenge I'd like to finish.

Elemental - trying out v1.1. So far I'm getting a much better vibe for it, but there's still a few rough edges. Only one CTD so far, but I'm seeing a bug with the new magic system. The intelligence requirement doesn't seem to work and I'm beginning to exploit it. I'll give it at least a few more hours.

Far Cry 2 - having fun, especially with the 3D glasses that came with my monitor.

Rock Band 3 - plugging away at the piano in both modes.

Sculptor - started a new sculpture today. 18" high figure. Hope to get it sculpted, molded and cast in wax before February. As this means getting all the mold-making, wax casting and wax chasing stuff together it's more work than you'd expect.

Enslaved - Think I'm about halfway through a hard playthrough. Would kind of like to finish it before Christmas.
Black Ops - Hadn't played in awhile. Thought I'd get some in before BC2 Vietnam takes over my MP gameplay. Also some Zombie mode.
Split/Second - Picked it up used from Gamefly recently for $13. The demo left me unimpressed, but I'm having fun with it so far (outside of the crappy helicopter missile attack mode)
Shatter - Thought I'd work on that Steam sale achievement for the Bonus Round. It seems to have my stymied.

Played 3D Dot Game Heroes and Resonance of Fate... got tired of both so said TO EBAY!

Then played some Dawn of War II.

We have discovered Flux. It is high on our list of things to play right now.

Nothing! I neglected to bring any gaming system with me on vacation. My laptop can't even play TF2. All I can do is occasionally visit the local video game store for a game of SSFIV. It's terrible.

My gaming weekend is gonna be a full helping of Mass Effect 2, a side of Ghostbusters: The Video Game multiplayer, and a dollop of Mega Man 10. And for desert, a little Lego Harry Potter with the girlfriend.

AUs_TBirD: What chapter are you on in Ghostbusters?

Jeff-66 wrote:

For me, it will be:

* Prince of Persia: TFS (at least a full chapter a day, the jumping puzzles have become repetitive late in the game)

* Batman AA, a 2nd playthrough. I beat it on the PS3 in 2009, but am playing it now on the 360.

* a tiny bit of Dead Space. I recently finished the game, but am going back to knock off a few more achievements.

* some Fallout New Vegas, though I'm not sure how much. It's been crashing (CTD's) on me about every 15 minutes or so. Loving the game, but the crashes are annoying.

* Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. This has become one of my favorite games of 2010.

* my quickie games will be Shatter, and Pinball FX2.

Looking back:

Prince of Persia: TFS: goal met. Played one or two more chapters than I had planned. Getting close to the end. Should wrap this up by mid-week.

Batman: actually have two games of this going simultaneously, PC & 360. (for the double achievements). Advanced both a good ways.

Dead Space: played as planned. Got all achievements that I'll realistically have a shot at, save for one, which I need many power nodes to get. I'll keep whittling away at that. Halfway thru a 2nd playthrough.

Fallout NV: did not play. CTD phobia. I did read quite a bit of the strat guide, however.

Lara Croft: finished the 4th level, toyed around a bit in the 5th.

Shatter: did not play

Pinball FX2: played about an hour total over the weekend.

TheCounselor wrote:

Well, I played some Fallout: New Vegas this morning, and some Forza 3 this afternoon. I just played some Flight Control HD for the Treasure Hunt.

I'll probably put some more time into Fallout and Forza, with a bit of WoW sprinkled in if I feel like it.

Also, I downloaded v1.1 for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, so some of that may be in the cards as well.

I'll follow Jeff's lead.

I played more Forza and Need for Speed. I never got around to WoW or Fallout again, but I plan on picking up Fallout this weekend after buying the DLC this morning.

Titan Quest and expansion are $5 on steam. I'll jump into that when not WoWed.

I have the next two weekends off work, meaning two four day weekends and two measly three day work weeks in between.

I'm planning two giant completely ridiculous Starcraft 2 binges.

This coming weekend I'll be playing the Tolerate the Holidays game. Seriously, I'd rather work.

Well, didn't get to Serious Sam HD anymore, but in its stead I got some good TF2 time in. I was also introduced to Lords of the Realm II by a friend ($2.99 on gog.com for Lords of the Realm I, II, and the Siege Pack for II).

Nicholaas wrote:

AUs_TBirD: What chapter are you on in Ghostbusters?

Just beginning chapter 5. Hope to wrap it up this week. How about you? I really like it despite the aforementioned PITA fight with the possessors and the graphics driver keeps crashing - not the fault of the game, but rather my PC, nvidia's drivers, and Vista/Win7 (probably combined).

The "nvlddmkm stopped responding and has recovered" error is a fairly widespread one for which there seems to be no definitive fix even years after it first appeared (with Vista). It's a problem I have in many games, but I've learned to live with the interruptions while the driver (usually) resets.

Whatever I want! It's Christmas holiday time, Female Doggoes!

But probably way too much WoW. And hopefully I'll finally be able to put some decent time into Demon's Souls, I just know that game is gonna click with me one of these days and I'll be lost in it.

I just picked up Lara Croft GOL, Defense Grid, Puzzle Quest, and the Witcher, and I was already planning to play some Starcraft 2 and LoTRO. And the Steam sale has just started.

I do not have enough time to play everything I'd like to play.

I brought quite a few games and my 360 home for the holidays.

Enslaved--started last night, finished tonight.

Madden--more football

RUSE--I've barely played any of it. I need to.

Fable 3--I mean to run through it again, I do.

Mass Effect 2--so good.

Bioshock 2--I need to try out Minerva's Den.

I also have several books to read.

I'll be playing the 'Don't be miserable because your loved ones are halfway round the world' game. This time of year cranks up the difficulty on it, too.

Well, that and Baldur's Gate.

Away from the main PC and PS3 this weekend. So laptop gaming on some Steam stuff mostly. Super Meat Boy, System Protocol One, Recettear, maybe some other stuff. Whatever I try and hooks me probably.

1.5 hours left of work, then it's going to be the 12 days of Christmas gaming: finish Oblivion, and keep playing Need of Speed Hot Pursuit, Rock Band 3, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, try not to be completely incompetent at Memoir '44, and then whatever Santa might bring.

This weekend will probably be just like last weekend: Demon's Souls. My god this game has annihilated my life. I love it, and the abusive affection that it heaps on me.

AnimeJ wrote:

I'll be playing the 'Don't be miserable because your loved ones are halfway round the world' game. This time of year cranks up the difficulty on it, too.

Well, that and Baldur's Gate.

Baldur's Gate get's more difficult the further you are from your family? I never knew...

As for me, I'm hoping the wife is feeling better because I'm wanting to get in some RB3 drums. Borderlands (360) will be my fallback game, unless someone throws me a Gears 2 invite.

Also, hopefully playing with a Kindle after Christmas is all said and done