GWJ Madden League 2.0 (XBox 360): Season I, Week 1

Hey, just like the Lions in real life, except they usually crumble in the second half.

I strongly suggest you delete that post, Zell.

I'm scheduled to play my game tonight. I'll be going onto Live around 7 p.m.

Good game onewild. I couldn't run to save my life and after you stopped me on the 1yd line and then went 99 yds on the next play for a TD, I thought I was done for. I need to practice some running plays. I was awful.

Zell, I'm all for a good debate/argument/flame war, but I would hate to see our Madden league thread degenerate into P&C. That said, I'd be happy to friend you on FB and join in, but we should definitely keep it out of here.

Open invitation to all - I'd like to have a Fable 3 LIVE party on Saturday and work on exchanging all of the multiplayer achievements. Is anyone interested? I know Xeknos thought it might be a good idea.

Until i know how to delete, this will do I hope

thats why I said it wasnt meant to start a fight or anything, just it was a humorous thing in that the responses were ignorant and overzealous in the FB thread. If someone will tell me how to delete posts though, I will. I made the post earlier in a sleep induced stupor.

Edit: I just changed it to something about nothing. So, should be good now.

What the hell did I miss?

Sorry guys, alamanium has to drop out.

Just started a new job and with this time of year, I just don't have the time.

Alamanium, sorry to see you go, let me know if you change your mind, you're always welcome back.

League has been rolled gentlemen, new thread to come by noon EST.

noon?!?!?!?! That's like, forever away, man.

Leroyog wrote:

noon?!?!?!?! That's like, forever away, man.

It's less than 3 hours away, and the league is rolled. It will be all right, you can come out of the fetal position, we are all here for you

And look at that, we have a shiny new thread!

That would explain why the cold sweats have stopped. whew