Whisky and Scotch Recommendations

Robear wrote:

It's true. I still have some of the port finished AE Rye from a few years back. The Port flavor is even more pronounced with the Rye than with the Bourbon, so if you enjoy Port, it will really knock you over.

High West, I think it is, went one step further and actually mixed Port into one of their Rye blends. It's fantastic.

Isn't that Basil Hayden's?

Here's an old 2015 review of angels envy. And it mentions high West, Jeffersons ocean, and a couple other finishes.

Could be, Natus. My memory is not what it was.

just catching up on the thread...

JC wrote:

I’ve never developed a taste for peaty scotch. Especially after lagavulin. Really enjoy the other types though!

What’s a good peaty style that won’t make me feel like I’m drinking from an ashtray?

Talisker was suggested, it's a good one, a little salty and a little peaty.
Also highland park, is delicious and has a light bit of peat.

Also if you can find it, take a look at Longrow, it's the lightly peated line from Springbank. I've found Springbank is mostly just OK until you get into the expensive fancy bottlings, but I haven't met a Longrow I didn't absolutely love. They hit on the magic formula with a touch of peat added in.

d4m0 wrote:

Funny how different everyone's tastes are. Back real quick on the Octomore, I have a bottle of the 20.3 version and I would say it's one of the best things I've ever tasted. I think it's amazing, well beyond any other scotch I have tried. It's certainly the most expensive individual bottle I've purchased by far but it was at the height of the initial pandemic quarantine and I figured I'd splurge. I'm really glad I did!

Hell yeah. I'm a huge fan of Bruichladdich and especially Port Charlotte and Octomore. Jim McEwan recently retired (from Bruichladdich) and he has a whole bunch of barrels of his own that he's slowly been doling out through DramFool. Strongly recommend getting on their mailing list, they are a tiny independent bottler who have put out some truly amazing stuff.

I also really like pretty much all ryes, but I have to say, I was just not all that excited by Angel's Envy. Not sure why, it just didn't grab me. It makes a good cocktail whisky though.