Whisky and Scotch Recommendations

Yep and it is tasty! I mentioned Uncle Nearest earlier in this thread and my wife and I had scheduled a tour of their distillery here in TN, but had to cancel because of the pandemic. I hope we get a chance to go this summer or fall.

Luckily, since I do currently reside in TN, it's not difficult to get most of their releases close to home.

Wandered into Costco a few weeks ago and hit the liquor store on the way out, and found Kirkland-branded Islay Scotch. $40, gave it a shot; being there are a limited number of distilleries on the island, it's not real hard to narrow down who they sourced it from, and it very much tastes like a Lagavulin product. Really nice stuff, smoky, meaty, a bit heavy. Certainly not the quality of the 16, but still really good. Went back and bought two more bottles and then they were almost immediately gone after that.

New bourbon glasses arrived just in time for the weekend.


...on that note - picked up a bottle of Kirkland's single barrel at Costco and tapped into it last night. Pretty good! 19$ for a liter, and it is really just 1792. Recommended! I'll be looking out for the bonded and cask strength, which haven't made it to my market yet.

My wife and I went to Nelson's Green Brier Distillery (oldest distillery in TN) in downtown Nashville last weekend. Tasty stuff!


This is my wife and I right after a tasting last weekend at Green Brier.


I have been there and it is a hoot! Hope you had a great time!

I've been to Nashville a million times but not there. Hm...

Shout out to Monell's At The Manor, if you ever get a little time around the airport in BNA. Fantastic Southern food served family style at shared tables (masks required).

Had post wedding breakfast at Monell's with the bridal party, many moons ago. Love that place.

It's the main reason I miss Nashville, to be honest. Although the people there are very nice.


Oh yeah I got some Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve bourbon this weekend. Good bit of rye, I liked it. On sale at NC ABC stores. Not sure how long that lasts, but all the Wild Turkey was on sale.

Russell's Reserve is good stuff. The ABC store down in Angier got their own barrel of it bottled at one point and that was DELICIOUS.

Two days of whisk(e)y in a row for SMBC. I've spoilered this one because some might consider it sacrilicious.



As for actual whisky, I've currently got an empty bottle of Redbreast 12 (!!), and almost-empty bottle of Woodford Reserve, and a quarter-full bottle of Aberlour A'bunadh Alba. Looks like it's time for a trip to the store to see if they have anything from my "to try" list in stock.