Whisky and Scotch Recommendations


December is going to be fun! It's going to be hard waiting 2 weeks to start popping these open.

I just... bought 2 different advent calendars.

Gonna save the other one for January though.

Looking forward to the list and your thoughts.


I'm sure it is sh*t whiskey by itself, but it is awesome in coffee!



I just got back from the liquor store, and it looks like High West's winter seasonal, A Midwinter Night's Dram, is out. I plan to not get caught flat footed when they switch it out this season. Keep an eye out for it.

That is a *good* dram. I have part of a bottle from... 2018, I think? Almost gone. Thanks for the heads-up.

So, I don't plan on posting all 24 days, but figured I'd show Day 1 from the calendar for the curious. I'll probably keep a list and post it at the end.


I'd never heard of Monkey Shoulder before, but after Googling it seems it's pretty popular. Checking my local stores it's also on the reasonably priced side. I don't have a fancy palate or anything so this won't really be a review other than to say it was pretty good. I didn't feel the need to put any ice in it and drank it neat. For comparison, my typical "goto" is JW Black and that I normally put in half a cube. My favorites that I drink neat are JW Blue (when given the chance) and Balvenie Caribbean Cask (and honestly I prefer Balvenie even though it's cheaper).

23 more to go!

I don't drink a lot of blended Scotch Whiskys, but I do like Monkey Shoulder.

I'm also a fan of Balvenie. Their doublewood 12 was one of the first bottles of Scotch I bought.

Monkey Shoulder and Compass Box Great King St are both great options for reasonably priced blends that punch above their weight.

Agreed. I am more a bourbon guy but I do pick up Monkey Shoulder from time to time. I also prefer JW black, but MS is a good buy.

Monkey Shoulder is definitely a great deal, and I've liked most everything Compass Box has done.

I've got this advent calendar this year:


I'll be tweeting about it each day in this thread as has become tradition.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

It's so good. And it's not even the expensive Four Roses. But I don't think I'll get it again unless it's a special occasion.

I have a bottle of Four Roses that I've almost finished. My go-to recently has been mixing a shot of that into some tea. Usually something rooibos or herbal, as I drink it in the evening.